Ruby Rose suffers backlash following Paris post

Ruby Rose suffers backlash following Paris post

Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose is getting abuse – after asking fans to “pray for the entire world” following atrocities in Paris.

A series of attacks took place in the French capital on Friday night, with coordinated bomb and gun attacks claiming the lives of about 128 people. Attacks also took place in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria on the same day.

Gender-fluid actor Ruby Rose reflected on the media’s focus on the Paris disaster, by encouraging people to pray for all of humanity across all of the disasters.

Referencing the #PrayforParis hashtag, she wrote: “Let’s be honest… Pray for humanity. What is happening in the world. Today has been devastating. #lebanon #paris #syria and everywhere under attack right now. this is not a blanket post this is a post for today’s horrific news which spans many countries.”rubyrose

However, the comments did not go down well with everyone, with fans complaining she was “disrespectful”, comparing it to responding to ‘Black Lives Matter’ with ‘All Lives Matter’.

Some told her to “please shut the fuck up” and to “stop erasing what happened”.

However, the star hit back, writing: “Wow! Guys my pray for the world post is not taking away from Paris. It’s about the other incidents today #paris #syria #lebanon

“There were bombings in Lebanon and Paris today. I am saying the world is in trouble. Terrorism is at large.

“Please stop comparing my prayer for the world today as an ‘all lives matter’ blanket post. It’s about the terrorist attacks today.

She added: “Love breeds love. Hate breeds hate.. My heart and my love goes to Paris and everywhere in state of emergency right now. Heartbreaking day.”

The actor later shared a post from President Obama, who said: “This is not just an attack on Paris, not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity.”

She wrote: “Literally what I said and stand by earlier. Yet [I] receive hate and horrible comments.”

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  1. ken
    November 15, 06:07 Reply

    Well in the grand scale of priority the west dont really care for much else than themselves. So suddenly facebook just realised that its possible to commisserate with victims by creating flag colours over profile pic.
    There are countries that have suffered the death of hundreds of thousands, but of course the west couldnt be bothered since we are the “3rd world” as so easily negligible

    • Chuck
      November 15, 06:57 Reply

      Why should the West care more for you than you do for yourself? Do you expect your neighbor to feed you before feeding himself?

      • ken
        November 15, 07:20 Reply

        Well mostly because we are all humans. One race shouldnt be more important than the other.

        Does that answer your rhetorics??

        • Chuck
          November 15, 07:41 Reply

          No, it doesn’t. You and the street beggars you pass everyday are equally humans.

          • ken
            November 15, 07:55 Reply

            Puhleese dont be a scrooge! And what has beggars got to do with bombings and terrorism and death??

            The two issues are practically unrelated, what you simply doing is an appeal to emotions which has no bearing whatsoever with the double standards being talked about. Face the issue and stop dreaming up excuses that have no relevance to the topic!

            • ken
              November 15, 07:58 Reply

              And FYI I live in abuja, there are no beggars on my street and I certainly dont look down on them, seeing as I have begged once too.

  2. pete
    November 15, 06:44 Reply

    Is praying (with religious connotation) what is really needed to fight a group of people who feel they are doing a religious work?

  3. Mandy
    November 15, 07:08 Reply

    For every grieving soul
    For every broken heart
    For every pain and hurt
    May our world find healing.

  4. Sinnex
    November 15, 07:46 Reply

    Okay, so I don’t know her but I am already falling in love with her.

    My facebook page has become so colourful that I am left in awe. I never knew Nigerians were this compassionate #PrayforParis

    It is not as if I don’t feel for the families of the departed. My heart goes out to them and to all other families experiencing the same thing. In some countries, Terrorism have become a way of life and people are used to the sight of blood and flesh on the road. There are a lot of problems in the world and what gives some people the right to decide which is more important. What happened in Paris is what happens in North East Nigeria daily. Is it because France is a developed country? Nigerians did not pray for those women who were freed from Boko Haram enclaves and it was discovered that half of them were pregnant and infected with HIV. Nigerians did not pray for those who were killed in Nyanya and Kuje bombings. I even heard some Nigerians lit candles for departed. All I am saying is that if you pray, don’t pray for Paris alone because they have the means to control and contain the crisis; pray for every other crisis ridden countries in the world.

    • Chuck
      November 15, 07:54 Reply

      This is not a suffering Olympics. Let people decide what they want to grieve about.

      • pete
        November 15, 08:02 Reply

        It’s not. There is a difference between sincere grieving & latching onto fads. Before you ask me how I know they are not sincere, I don’t.

  5. Sheldon Cooper
    November 15, 10:02 Reply

    Some were just following the trend. #prayforParis was trending so they better not be left out.

  6. Chizzie
    November 15, 10:21 Reply

    Actually I don’t see what she did wrong here, the world actually needs prayers. If this can happen in Paris it can happen anywhere. Most times when I walk into ICM I’m amazed at the complete lack of security, I often think what if I had a bomb or a gun and were feeling trigger happy. So she’s right, lets stop sucking cocks for a moment and pray.

    Secondly lets also maybe have an honest conversation about Islam. I went into a Twitter rant on the day this happened tweeting my honest observations about Islam and my mentions blew up with mostly people threatening to kill me.

    Every religion has its extremists. We’ve seen Christianity with KKK, and now some Buddhist extremists are out on a killing spree in Myanmar. But what is it about Islam that inspires so much violent fanatism and extremism more than other religions? We have atleast 3 Islamic extremist groups that are making the news now, Boko Haram, ISIS, Al Queda, not only do they outnumber the other religious extremist groups at the moment, but they are also the most violent and destructive

    I am really puzzled and pained, is there a problem with Islam?

    Also, yes what happened in Paris is the norm in some third world countries. But u can’t blame people for being overly sympathetic about what happened in Paris because first world countries tend to value the lives of their citizens more.

    During the Charlie Hedbo killings in France where 18 people died, and the Boston Marathon Bombings in the USA where 3 people were killed, both nations held elaborate ceremonies for those slain

    Third world countries, Nigeria being a perfect example do not do that when the lives of thier citizens are lost during senseless acts of terrorism, citizens they ought to have protected. So there you go, how then are we and the world at large supposed to elicit sympathy when our leaders clearly lack it.

    • Chuck
      November 15, 19:22 Reply

      Chizzie, repression breeds terrorism, not religion. Extremist groups show up when the state strangles the development of civil society.

      It’s not an Islam thing. It’s an imperialism/authoritarianism thing. How many Indonesian or Mongolian Muslims are traveling to NA/ Europe to blow themselves up?

  7. Teflondon
    November 15, 10:29 Reply

    To me it smacks of hypocrisy and sheer stupidity #PrayForParis Blah blah! It’s more like a trend to be followed. People are just doing it for the sake of Doing it. How many people actually PRAYED while posting the hashtag around.
    I hate the human race really, esp Nigerians. Something like this happens in our backyard every now and then but not a single person created a hashtag #PrayFor??
    We pretend a lot and it’s sickenen. I wish I could just go to Jupiter (or whereever) and live with aliens for the rest of my life (pun-intended or maybe not) and watch how human-race stupidity continue to unfold.


    • Mandy
      November 15, 14:20 Reply

      Lol. And that’s how Jupiter came under the threat of stupidity germs.

  8. Delle
    November 15, 10:38 Reply

    That awkward moment when a comment is longer than the post itself. Oh well…

    This France attack is becoming overblown. Granted, they were attacked and scores of lives were lost, it’s something to be sad over but not to this extent. Why was this girl attacked? Because she didn’t shine the light on France alone? Because it seemed like she was sharing the spotlight France probably wanted for themselves alone? I’m not trying to be a hater but I can’t seem to forgo the possibility of this overflogged issue being as a result of France being amongst the world powers. Even facebook has decided to alter the pictures of individuals (both willing and unwilling) all in the light of what happened to the French.
    I wonder why all of these unnecessary upheavals are happening because France is involved seeing as Nigeria has been under persistent tragedy from our very own miscreants (the Bokos). A tragedy enough to wipe out a whole state (Bornu esp)! It’s so annoying that up until now I didn’t even know Lebanon and some other countries where involved…it’s all about France, France, France!!! Mtcheew!

    • Chizzie
      November 15, 14:28 Reply

      Well yes…I guess I got too carried away.

  9. Jon Snow
    November 15, 14:17 Reply

    The whole fad of change your picture to France flag is just a subtle way of saying some lives are more worthy of note than others. Colonialism of the mind.

    My sympathy goes out to France but I will not fly the French flag. What about other nations suffering worse fate??? More people died in Beirut, Pakistan, Lebanon and etcetera.

    I should fly the flag of France to show my support… You think your facebook will give a flying fuck if France was a third world country???

  10. Stranger
    November 15, 18:40 Reply

    Chuck, are you @TheBlackHermit on twitter?

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