I never thought my best friend, Paschal, was gay – or even remotely into men. God knows I’ve got a very active gaydar, but when it came to Paschal, my gaydar never picked up any signals. Never let on to me that I had a “brother” right in front of me the whole time I thought I was best friends with a straight guy.

Paschal and I had been friends since my first year in the university. We were the definition of birds of a feather flocking together. He was a very outgoing friendly person who everyone loved to be acquainted with, and I was a charismatic guy who was often able to talk the class into following my lead. So, when it came to becoming friends with him, that was easy.

Our friendship was so tight that any departmental position I vied for, Paschal was almost always in an assisting position. Among other executive roles I played in school, I was also a course rep and he was my assistant.

Even though Paschal was a good-looking guy, the thought of ever getting sexual with him never crossed my mind. It wasn’t that kind of friendship where the gay guy would find himself pining for the “straight” friend he knows he can’t – and shouldn’t – have. I was getting my freak on in school through 2go. Because of my popularity in school, I was very down-low with my sexuality, always coded with my runs. I had an image to protect. And so, even though we were best friends, any issue regarding sexuality wasn’t something Paschal and I got into.

That all changed when we got to fourth year.

I was in the same school with my elder brother, older than me by two years. We got admission into the university at the same time, and roomed together. Of course, Paschal and I often visited each other’s rooms and crashed at each other’s places whenever we felt like it.

That day, he followed me home from school, even though his house was just a two-minute walk from mine. We got to my place and I prepared something for us to eat. There was no light, but there was juice in my laptop. So, after eating, we put together the two mattresses in the room, laid down and began watching a movie on my computer.

Halfway through, my brother and his coursemate came in at about the same time that NEPA brought back the light. The two of them went straight to my brother’s Play Station and began playing a game of soccer. And that was how the four of us passed the time until it was nighttime, and both my bestie and my brother’s coursemate decided to sleep over.

We made the bed, with the mattresses still together, and while I slept on one bed with Paschal, my brother slept on the other with his friend.

In the middle of the night, I woke up to turn my body on the bed. I was positioned between Paschal and my brother. As I got comfortable enough to drift off to sleep again, I felt the warm breath of someone on my face. Somewhere in my consciousness came the awareness that this was Paschal’s breath.

Following that awareness was a thought. I found myself oddly wondering what his lips would taste like. This was not something a rational and fully-awake me would do. But I guess, when your mind is addled with slumber, you find yourself thinking things you wouldn’t ordinarily think.

Thinking them and acting on them too.

Immediately after I thought about the taste of Paschal’s lips, I wanted to find out for myself. So, I slowly inched my head closer and closer in the direction of the source of the breathing fanning my face. There was total darkness in the room, but I could tell from his scent that the person breathing on my face was my bestie.

As I drew my head closer to his, my body seemed to react to my intention and I found my dick hardening. My lips soon found his and a breathless second or two passed before Paschal reacted.

The guy who I thought was sleeping shocked me when he kissed me back!

Immediately our lips met, he began kissing me. Hard. My head exploded. Was this a dream? Could I be dreaming this? But… fuck it! Even if it was a dream, I was loving it.

But I had to be sure this wasn’t my bestie sleep-kissing. I had to be sure he was fully aware of what he was doing. So, I moved my hand forward, to his crotch, and encountered his very alive hard-on. I felt both shock and exhilaration as my fingers closed around that hard dick. Those feelings heightened when I felt his own hand move and reach for my groin, where he grasped and held on to my own erection.

Sweet Lord Jesus! I couldn’t believe this was happening.

Feeling encouraged, I moved my hand over his thigh to his derriere, moving my body close to his so I could brush my hand over the inside of his ass. He reacted by moving his buttocks downward, welcoming the intrusion. I smiled then, as I realized this was going to be yet another position with me at the top and he at the bottom.

I was feeling so jacked up, I wanted to fuck him. I wanted to fuck my best friend of four years who I hadn’t known was into guys in anyway until that night.

It was surreal.

Even more surreal was the fact that we were getting this hot and heavy on a bed we were sharing with two other sleeping boys, one of them my brother. These two other guys were literally inches away from us.

But when konji has taken over, there is no pumping the brakes. I had to fuck, and judging from the way Paschal was reacting to my touch, he wanted it too.

Using my hands to communicate, I managed to convey to him my desire for him to turn around. He shifted and moved until he was backing me, his rump nestled on my groin, and I was spooning him. The cosmetic rack was not far away from the bed; I was able to stretch my hand and retrieve the bottle of lotion from it. I squirted some cream onto my hand and took it to his dick, working his dick until it was extra hard and he was panting and bucking his body against mine. (Regrettably, there was no time to think condoms, so, do not try this at home. For many other reasons other than this.)

I creamed my dick also, and making sure that I’d moved my body far enough away from my brother’s slumbering body so that my motions wouldn’t push him into wakefulness, I tried to slide into Paschal’s asshole. He jerked his body from the pain of my penetration and I immediately held him tight to me, all the while going in my mind, like: Please don’t make a sound, please don’t make a sound.

I began working his dick again, intending to fill him with more pleasure that’d numb the pain of my penetration. And it worked. As I wanked him, I began sliding in. And out. In and out. I had to be careful not to touch my brother, whose snores behind me was enough assurance that he was still blissfully asleep and unaware of the sin going on on the bed next to him. I could also hear his friend snoring.

And so, Paschal and I fucked. With me wanking his dick while I thrust into him from behind. It wasn’t long before he came, and as he spurted his jizz all over my hand, he reflexively pushed my dick out of his ass. I realized, quite sadly, that that was it. I was not going to cum, and I couldn’t push it because the circumstances surrounding what we had already gotten away with were high-risk.

I slowly removed the singlet I was wearing and used it to wipe his dick and mine. After a few moments however, he got up from the bed and went to the toilet to further clean up.

That night marked a change in the dynamics of our friendship. We both went back to sleep. I woke up early the next morning and went into the toilet-cum-bathroom to do some laundry. While I was washing, I heard someone moving around in the room and soon, I heard the front door open. I stepped out in time to see Paschal hurrying out of the room, clearly on his way home. He was walking really fast.

We never talked about what happened. We started having sex after that night. Sometimes I topped him and some other times, he topped me. And still, we never talked about how we were clearly no longer straight best friends. I wanted to. I wanted us to talk, but I soon learned, from the way he shut down after each time we hooked up, that this wasn’t something he wanted to talk about. I would go to his place in the evening, and after sex, he would quickly shower and tell me he was going for choir practice. And that was it. Even when I tried to bring up the topic in moments when we had not just had sex or about to have sex, he would act in a way that told me he wasn’t here for that.

I’d hoped for us to date. He was already my best friend and got me as much as I got him. We would have the perfect relationship, I imagined. I even fantasized about dating him. But he was always clear, albeit with more action than words, that we were never going to address what we were doing. It soon became clear to me that he hadn’t dealt with his closet issues as much as I had.

Sometimes though, I revisit that night in my mind, and I marvel at our audacity. I try to imagine what would have happened in my brother or his friend had suddenly woken up to take a pee or put on a torchlight to investigate the stifled sounds of our sex.

And then, I shrug and think: Well, life would be no fun without some risk.

Written by I_Am_Hope aka Jake

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  1. No
    March 26, 07:48 Reply

    Y’all have some big ass brass balls..

  2. Delle
    March 26, 09:41 Reply

    So much Alpha Male shii going on in this story

    *yawns marvelously*

  3. Kvng
    March 26, 12:48 Reply

    This story is intense, mehn i wish i had half the balls to pull up something like that.
    Back to pascal, mayb he likes the sex part but doesn’t want to acknowledge what he is doing, deny him some sugar, and demand u guys talk about it, if not it will really have effect on ur frndship if he decides to stop or u guys are apart. U guys have a wonderful thing going on and not talking about things only worsen them. Pls pass me some courage to take some sugar for myself jake ??

    • I_am_Hope
      March 28, 01:26 Reply

      Lol… we’ll for now the distance is quite far between myself and Pascal. We graduated school and moved on. Life pretty much continues.

  4. Micheal Charles
    March 26, 12:54 Reply

    Reminds me of the time, a supposed straight guy in my class sat next to me and fingered my ass while I had head on the desk… Secondary school was crazy as hell, I’ve had several guys touch me inappropriately you would think I was sex worker not mention how people react when they shake hands and tell me how remarkably soft it is but that all changed when I…

    • Higwe
      March 26, 14:08 Reply

      Why do I feel I know you…..
      Did you study in the East ?

      • Micheal Charles
        March 26, 15:48 Reply

        Imagine thinking you might know someone from just his name in a country of over 200 million people

        • Higwe
          March 26, 19:43 Reply

          I just a knew a guy in secondary school that experienced all the things you said you experienced in secondary school .
          Of course ,I know your pseudonym is most probably not your real name.

        • Keredim
          March 26, 19:55 Reply

          Maybe he is the one who fingered you.

          I just hope he washed his hands afterwards…

  5. Audrey
    March 26, 23:52 Reply

    This story definitely has to be another season of Me and Jake back then In school…Just that the drama from that night still put a strain on our friendship.

    Jake wasn’t so much a guy I’d refer to as a friend but because he was a coursemate and friend of Bestie we had no choice but to become friends.(Dude is a nice guy though)

    I had known Jake for 5years but had this encounter with him in my finals. Was staying with my Bestie who was at the time an student and living with bestie was a friend who had finished service but jobs weren’t forthcoming(more like a squatter) and A roommate who was also besties coursemate in his undergraduate days so it was a room that had 4guys who had to stay together because the original owner of the room was extra nice.

    I had always known Jake to be Geek and heard he was always unlucky with women but being that Bestie and the Other guy who finished service had their Stance on what Morality should be (but not in an annoying way) we never pushed the discussion when we were all together. It was mostly talks about Architectural innovations,Soccer,Movies or other random stuffs so when i came into the room and joined I had to respect boundaries(Even though I was already out to Bestie).

    Now the main Gist….
    It happened that one time Jake who was a serving corps member at the time came into town to pick up something from the department and had to spend about Two days at besties so on his arrival we sha cooked,Had a few drinks(Nothing Alcoholic oh) and gisted till we all drifted to sleep until suddenly In a room filled with 5 able bodied Men I started noticing someone feeling me up. I turned Lo and behold it was Jake.dude was sweating under the fan and had his eyes tightly closed(Dude even sleeps with his glasses)…I took out his hand at intervals but the more I did the stronger his comeback was.

    Dude was practically squeezing my chest,Licking my ears,Dragging my hands to his already Hardened Member but the funny thing was that his eyes were still tightly shut all this time.I tried all I could to control my desires because I know bestie was a light sleeper but the more I tried the harder it seemed so after about 40minutes of Control struggle I gave in,Turned facing Jake,Took off his glasses and took his lips in mine(Dude sure as hell is a great kisser) then I went down on him and gave him a BJ to remember but funny thing that still baffles me is that dudes eyes were still shut.

    After the whole foreplay thang I turned my back to him shooting out my ass and Uncle spooned me immediately,Lubbed me up with his Saliva(Gross right) and dived into my honey Pot. He went on it for about 15-20mins had his Big O and zipped back his trouser eyes still shut. I immediately stood up and went to clean up and on returning after about 30mins of lying close to him again Nigga started fondling my chest again like I had boobs eyes still shut(That was it oh).I stood up and tapped bestie,asked him to meet me outside and told him I wanted us to swap sleeping positions.when he insisted on Why I did i had to let him on the know that Jake was touching me inappropriately and I was getting aroused and wouldn’t want to do anything with him(Jake) that will reflect poorly on bestie should anyone wake up and see us.i even went ahead to show bestie his glasses I took off in the heat of passion(Everyone knows he sleeps with his glasses on) and told him I removed it when he tried kissing me(Couldn’t let bestie in on the fact that round one had already gone down but didn’t fail to make emphasis on the fact that his eyes were shut all through the time) So bestie took my space and that was how we slept till morning .

    The next day when the others stepped out to use the ATM I confronted Jake about what went down the previous night and nigga swore that nothing like that ever happened(Mogbe) I went further to ask where he picked his glasses in the morning and he boldly told me it was on the speaker and he himself was wondering how it got there.I got really pissed that he could play me like that and even had bestie ask him about the version I told him but dude insisted that all those were figment of my imagination(I still feel bad till date).

    I left there to my place for the remaining days he stayed but anytime we probably meet up on any cyber space nigga doesn’t fail to remind me about how I almost made his friend(My Bestie) believe he was gay for something I probably dreamt about.I know bestie believes me because the proof was there but funny thing is that I’ve really been using other people from the community to oust him to know if he’s still in the closet but nigga has never fallen for any of them and it leaves me wondering if it’s possible to do things in your sleep and don’t remember it when you wake up.

    Sorry for the Epistle but I’m still in confusion as a type sef.

    • Higwe
      March 27, 00:30 Reply

      Maybe he’s a sleep fucker ?

    • Delle
      March 27, 08:35 Reply

      My head is turnioniown. Hilarical!

      Or he is the definition of a GOOD LIAR

  6. Weird bitch
    March 29, 19:09 Reply

    I had the same experience….lol….we never spoke of what happened till after a year

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