Purchase this image at http://www.stocksy.com/185456Even as Jide pumped into Dapo, he knew this would be the last time they would have sex. As horny as he was, he was listening to the whirring of the ceiling fan above him than the moans below him. Dapo was amazingly sexy, hot as they come – 6 feet 2 inches, 6 packs, light skinned, nipples like raisins that make you just want to suckle, full six-seater lips that you would always want around your dick and a bubble butt to crown all of that. Every man’s dream – well, every gay man at least. He was amazing in bed, a great top and a hot bottom too, always ready to take a dick up his ass without any reluctance, his full ass quivering with every thrust and his moans rending the air with just the slightest touch, making Jide’s hard-on even harder. Dapo was amazing, horny for Jide’s dick all the time, and probably some other guys’… but who cared anyway?

He was perfect by all standards. But he was no Emeka. Jide knew his heart wasn’t in this anymore. All he had to do was close his eyes, and he could imagine Emeka below him, and he jammed Dapo full with his nine incher, every thrust taking him closer to the finish line, skewing Dapo’s moans to Emeka’s, making Jide go on and on like his life depended on it. And then he saw the light; throwing his head back, he climaxed with the kind of ferocity that startled even him.

“Damn Jide!” Dapo gasped when he was done shaking off his orgasm. “You nearly split me in two back there. I came without even jerking off. What got into you tonight?’

Jide smiled in response. Dapo always loved to have a rehash after sex, and usually he was game to listening, but for now he just wanted to think of Emeka. Sweet Emeka. How could anyone even possess his mind with such completeness? Jide felt bad that he was thinking of Emeka while he and Dapo were going at it, but he knew what he wanted, and right now, it wasn’t Dapo. It was Emeka.

He knew Dapo would make a big deal of them ending their relationship, but he wasn’t going to fool himself anymore. Things had been waning between them lately. There was only so much a hot bod could do for you, and he had had enough of this hot bod. Well, almost. It was only 11pm, so he knew Dapo would want to go another round before they fell asleep, and he was horny from just thinking of Emeka

Emeka…Emeka…Emeka… The thought of his name alone made Jide’s heart beat faster. They had met two weeks ago at his friend, Kanmi’s birthday party. As always, Kanmi had gone out of his way to have another one of his weird get-togethers. This time it was pizza and drinks while sitting on bean bags. The sitting room was cleared of all furniture and the bean bags were strewn all over the place.

As soon as Jide got in, his first thought was, Here we go again, Kanmi and his madness.

Kanmi came to the door to greet him. “Hey Jay, what’s up? Ah-ahn! You no bring your wife? Where Dapo?”

“Abeg na everywhere person dey go wey person dey carry wife? I’m flying solo today o,” Jide answered with a smile.

“Which kain dirty solo? You wan chase all these small, small girls, abi? No be for my party where dem go hear say three years marriage don end o! Seriously, I’m watching you!” Kanmi said while squinting at Jide.

Jide laughed, shook his head, and pushed him aside.

As soon as Jide got in, he sat on the bean bag closest to the door. It was best to sit closest to the door at Kanmi’s parties; you never knew when you would have had enough and be forced to leave, things got weird sometimes. He began to survey the few guys that came before him. There were a few faces he recognized, he smiled politely at them. And then he saw his best friend Tomi, who was waving him over. Oh gosh! Now he would have to move from this bailer’s spot to go and sit with Tomi.

He loved Tomi, but the brother could be a little too much sometimes. Jide and Tomi had been friends for twelve years, from their wide-eyed innocent days in UNILAG. Everyone always wondered why they were so close, seeing as Jide was extremely macho and Tomi was a huge queen. Rumours about them being in a relationship had run rife for years, but they didn’t care. Jide knew that when the chips were down, Tomi was the only person who would be there for him. Tomi had seen him through his first huge break-up with ‘he who must never be mentioned’, that had him in bed for a week; Tomi had also been his solid rock when his mum died, saw him through his retrenchment from his job, and had always been there for him through thick and thin. Adding to their outward differences, they were the exact opposites inside. Despite being so effeminate, Tomi didn’t believe in love, he felt love was for dim-wits who had nothing better to do with their lives, but if his best friend was one of them, so be it. Jide believed in love, he was a die-hard romantic and knew that whatever the case may be, he would find that perfect person for himself.

As Jide walked over to meet Tomi, Tomi started shouting “Ore mi toh quality!” over and over again. This was something that always embarrassed Jide; Tomi had no compulsion whatsoever to hold back. He saw no reason not to scream and shout when he felt like, even in the midst of straight people.

“Tomi, what’s up na? How was your week?”

“It was good o jaré! My foolish boss wanted to kill me with work till I made it clear to him that this girl needs to party this weekend, so there was no way I was going to that office today Saturday, never!” Tomi said in his usual feisty manner.

Jide smiled. Tomi’s stories about his dealings with his boss, although exaggerated, could fill up the bible. No joke!

As they stood together, Chidi, a guy they knew, came over and started dancing with Tomi. Of course, Tomi began to back it up to Chidi before long, leaving Jide to watch them, slightly embarrassed but enjoying the show nonetheless.

“Your friend is so funny,” said a voice on his other side. As he turned with a ready smile, as he did every time anyone had a comment concerning Tomi, he noticed a really nice looking dude at his side.

“Yeah he is, he’s always the life of the party,” Jide said. “There ain’t no party unless Tomi is rocking it.” At the other guy’s answering chuckle, he added, “Seriously, that was his slogan when we were in the university.”

“Oh! You’ve known him that long? Interesting!”

“Yeah, twelve years and counting. He’s my best friend,” Jide said.

He was wondering why he was volunteering all this information. Usually he just smiled at the comments about Tomi and looked away. But here he was, spellbound. This had to be perfection!


Written by Lothario

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  1. Micky
    November 19, 04:41 Reply

    Nice write up. Since I can’t, I appreciate those who do. But I have no respect for guys for fall out of love with some1 they’ve been with for a long time simply because they see some1 who they think is better and they’re “SPELLBOUND”. Expect there is something wrong with ur ongoing relationship, I see no reason why u should fall so deeply for a new person that you even think about him in order to help u make love to ur partner. U can have a crush, its alright. But deciding to break up with ur partner because of u were “SPELLBOUND” by a new guy just won’t cut it for me. I hope the future episodes will clarify things for me.

    • chestnut
      November 19, 07:14 Reply

      Wow! U and I think alike! If ur bf is not doing anything wrong (in ALL aspects of ur relationship), why would u leave him cos u met someone else? Anyway, I guess it’s normal to get bored with d old, and crave new things,but is it really worth it? Although,I will say that it’s better to let someone go than to stay and make them (and urself) miserable.

    • trystham
      November 19, 08:14 Reply

      True. I can not stand cheats. If you cannot maintain a relationship, don’t venture into one. Better called ‘unattached whore’ than ‘hooked-up cheat’ in my books.

      • Dennis Macauley
        November 19, 08:29 Reply

        See you get to a point and cheating is no longer a deal breaker for you. You can move forward from it!

        Humans are by their very nature flawed! If you want a perfect man, wait for Jesus, he is coming soon.

        I will not leave someone I care about and love deeply because they cheated! Its a small bump on the road!

      • chestnut
        November 19, 08:40 Reply

        So,have u ever cheated on the other Mr. Macaulay, dennis? Or has d other mr.M cheated on u b4? *sips budweiser*

      • chestnut
        November 19, 08:50 Reply

        “You get to a point where cheating is no longer a deal-breaker for you…” When I hear ppl saying this kind of things,I cringe! What kind of relationship is that then, where cheating is no longer a deal-breaker? An unserious one? Of course if I love someone who previously promised loyalty, and he cheats once or twice, I might forgive,because I love him,but d 3rd time shows he’s unrepentant and I can’t stand for that because I’ve always thought it’s stupid to think “he’s cheating,so I can cheat to, but we’re still goin to remain in dis commited relationship,since we’re both allowed to cheat”. That’s not a relationship to me; that’s INSANITY!

      • Dennis Macauley
        November 19, 09:26 Reply

        @chestnut sweetheart don’t get me wrong, I don’t advocate open relationships or serial cheating. What I am saying is be realistic! Boyfriends go on business trips and end up having someone in their hotel, good men do bad things sometimes. I am willing to forgive if it’s a one-off thing, and we move forward. There are so many messed up men out there, if you find a good man don’t throw him away because of a few “indiscretions”.

        Have I ever cheated on the other macauley?

        *thinking really hard*

        I plead the fifth on this one!

      • Mrs Macaulay
        November 19, 09:31 Reply

        Why are you pleading the fifth?

        Answer his question! Its a YES or NO question!

        Don’t speak nkponkpo oyibo

    • gad
      November 19, 17:33 Reply

      Nna, are you new to the world of gays?

  2. Kryss S
    November 19, 05:19 Reply

    Hmmn! That awkward moment when you meet someone new nd u suddenly feel u’ve never loved b4. Jide should b subtle in breaking Dapo’s heart biko.
    Nice write up Lothario nd thanks for d early morning wank session!

  3. Just James
    November 19, 05:50 Reply

    Well I like this. I can smell the drama already. If this were real I’d say the jide guy should calm down. All that glitters isn’t gold.

  4. Masked Man
    November 19, 05:54 Reply

    Nice one. The ending tho, you cut me short there. There’s no info about Emeka. Nothing like what he looked like. This Emeka that can. Steal Jide from Dapo. Ah!

    • pinkpanthertb
      November 19, 06:24 Reply

      That is why you should stay tuned to the next episode lol

      • Dimkpa
        November 19, 19:22 Reply

        Good story. I hope the episode comes soon. Whatever happened to ‘Life as he knows it’?

    • chestnut
      November 19, 07:20 Reply

      Well, he did say Emeka was “very nice-looking”; I don’t know whether he means “handsome” or “looks like he’s a nice guy”; something tells me he won’t be your quintessential ‘pretty-boy-hunk’ tho; his appeal might be his brains and personality (see as I just collect story from Lothario hand,begin write am…Lothario, I’m sorry o!lol)

      • Lothario
        November 19, 08:23 Reply

        Lmao! Chestie….it’s allowed! Stay tuned

  5. Dennis Macauley
    November 19, 06:06 Reply

    I think sometimes the thought of starting over again is daunting. You just make whatever you have work!

    Meanwhile I think we all know a Tomi!
    “Ore mi toh bad” LOL, my friend actually screams that often! You are reading this

  6. Masked Man
    November 19, 06:46 Reply

    Okay! Didn’t know there was gonna be a next episode.
    If Jide is gonna drop Dapo, pls can I have him?

  7. Brian Collins
    November 19, 06:49 Reply

    Spellbound just like that? Seems a little farfetched to me. More clarification in subsequent episodes please as to if they had a rocky relationship and seeing as dapo is a very hot guy i guess it is not the case of meeting someone who’s a lot more attractive.
    ‘Ore mi to quality’ is just precious.
    I don’t even want to think about what the Tomi in my life calls me.

  8. JArch
    November 19, 07:20 Reply

    Is it just me or this Tomi character sounds alot like Khaleesi.

    *Hands Dennis Macaulay some coffee “cream”*

    Love this piece and looking forward to the next chapter. Somewhere somehow I think Dapo and Emeka will hook up and Jide will be left out in the cold.

    • Dennis Macauley
      November 19, 07:41 Reply

      *accepts coffee cream*

      Please sit down lemme order muffins! This coffee will not drink itself

      • JArch
        November 19, 10:18 Reply

        Hope am not too late for those muffins *gives Mrs M side eye*

      • JArch
        November 19, 10:11 Reply

        I know right. It would be an epic ending if karma makes a cameo appearance in her full regalia in aseobi and purple gele with gold slippers.

    • Mrs Macaulay
      November 19, 09:33 Reply

      *smiles sweetly*

      Can you make space for me on the coffee table

      *squeezes self in between Dennis and Jarch*

      • JArch
        November 19, 10:09 Reply

        Mrs M please calm your horses. I am not trying to send you back to the village

        I am married to Jesus biko.

  9. Ueze
    November 19, 07:46 Reply

    What in love’s name is wrong with y’all beautiful writers always ending the stories the moment I tuck myself in for a good read?

    • pinkpanthertb
      November 19, 07:55 Reply

      Lmao. On behalf of all of us, I apologize. Maybe you could untuck yourself now?

  10. Ray
    November 19, 08:45 Reply

    Welcome to the world of men(gay and straight).
    They crave the one that’s forbidden.
    When they finally get u, the ‘see finish’ syndrome sets in.
    I love this tomi character.

  11. Masked Man
    November 19, 09:25 Reply

    And this Chidi guy, just came and took away Tomi with dance. Wanted to hear more from Tomi.

  12. enigmous
    November 19, 10:00 Reply

    “And then he saw the light”…Is that what it is called now, Lothario? Hmmm…KD brushing me up from my old fashioned ways. Nice read, didn’t drop the level that is becoming synonymous with KD articles for quite sometime now, keep it up.

    P.S. Pinkie darl, check your inbox in a few, I will drop a bomb.

  13. Masked Man
    November 19, 11:01 Reply

    Ah! A bomb? Pinkie, you heard Enigmous, right? Hope its some ‘lines and paragraphs’ bomb and not some boko haram stuff. Lol!

      • enigmous
        November 19, 11:46 Reply

        Loooooooooooooool…Pinky you are evil for this. F-a-r-t-o-m-i-c you say? *dies with laughter and wakes again* Can’t deal. You are on another level today.

  14. ray ray
    November 19, 13:08 Reply

    *bite biscuit*…well nice story very kull…can’t wait 4 d next episode nd d dram tingy…well my opinion on d cheating issue is dat wat eva goes around comes around like d time wen I…..*covers mouth with both hands* am sorry don’t wanna spill my hot coffee yet it might just pour back on me

  15. Mr Kassy
    November 19, 15:21 Reply

    Emotions will always find a way to breakforth outta the light,

  16. Ace
    November 19, 15:43 Reply

    One of the major reservations i have about the gay community (maybe in Nigeria) is the inability to have one person you can firmly call your own. You hook up with someone professing heaven and earth to you and the next day, you discover he is saying the same thing to your friend. I think it is an issue with men generally. We get bored easily of the same partner and move to the next available thing. This has also formed my reservations about how workable same sex marriage between men are. It could work with women because they are emotional beings but men? The next biggest ass or dick is the enough reason to forget about their “lover”

    • Chuck
      November 19, 19:08 Reply

      Men do it because society tells them that men do it. Behavior is socially learned.

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