That Piece About Transitioning Top to Bottom

That Piece About Transitioning Top to Bottom

FOREWORD: This is a follow-up on the idea of support proposed by Sensei. The official email address is And the support system is comprised of three categories: members of the gaybourhood who are struggling with their HIV positive status, those recovering from Kito attacks, and those suffering from bouts of depression.

If you intend to volunteer as a counselor, simply send a mail to the address above, indicating your interest and which category you want to play a part in.

And if you are a brother (or sister) suffering through any of these three phases, kindly send a mail to the address above, and we’ll do our best to get you the help you deserve.

Today’s post is a non fictional piece written by keredim69, and originally published on his blog,


A friend of mine commented that all I tend to share are shag stories about me being the Top and never the Bottom. A fair comment which I have sought to address a few times. Like most Tops out there, I am versatile when I am in a relationship. It is during these relationships that I have learned not only how to Bottom but also how to give Bottoms pleasure, and by so doing, be a good Top.

Sadly, my ass is high maintenance and accustomed to certain ways. It is not built for quick online hook-ups. To get into the mood, it requires cajoling by way of extended periods of pleasurable rimming and finger action to ease open the gates and pave the way for bigger things. (A bit like John the Baptist paving the way for Jesus Christ) And when the bigger thing comes, entry has to be slow and every inch considered. Once the entry is complete and the tool fully accommodated, then play can begin. The play level can range from mild to wild, depending on how durable the tool is. Getting to the play phase takes time and requires a lot of patience, and in the world of quick online hook-ups, ain’t nobody got time for that!

So sessions when I bottom on hook-ups are as rare as finding a Nigerian cabinet minister who has amassed untold wealth solely by using his/her salary. But I took my friend’s comment as a challenge and decided to take it on. I also thought I needed a refresher on how to bottom, so that I can be an even better Top.

A few days before a recent business trip to Houston, Texas last month, I set my online profiles to appear in Houston and exchanged messages with a few hot guys. I arranged to meet one of them, Shane, in my hotel one evening.

Before the meeting on the appointed evening, I showered and prepared myself for getting fucked later. If I expect Bottom guys to have clean asses, I should be the same when roles are reversed.  So I made sure my tunnel was clean!

According to his profile stats, Shane was black, 6’2″, muscular, 35 years old, weighed 95kg and a TOP with an 8 inch cut dick. According to his profile pics, he was light-skinned, handsome, bald-headed, with muscular arms and legs, a six-pack and a nice juicy thick cock. I met Shane in the bar in the lobby and his profile stats and pics checked out. (Except for the six-pack, which I would see later) From the way his crotch wore his tight jeans, I was sure his profile dick size would check out too.

We ordered drinks and chatted for about fifteen minutes, and decided we were both whom we had been chatting to online the last few days and went up to my room.

We got busy immediately. We started kissing as soon as we got into my room. Clothes came off. His six-pack matched the profile pic and his dick was as expected – 8 inches, cut, thick, straight and hard. I got on my knees and gave it a good seeing-to. I cupped a feel of his muscular buttocks as he held my head and gently thrust his dick into my mouth. I gently spread his ass cheeks and fingered around his asshole. He seemed to enjoy it as he thrust harder into my mouth. I had to stop myself, as I didn’t want him to think I wanted to flip him, seeing as he was meant to be the Top.

As if he read my mind, he pulled out of my mouth, guided me on my feet and towards the bed. He made me sit on the edge of the bed as he knelt on the floor and expertly sucked me off. He then pushed me back and lifted my legs so that he had access to rim me.

Then his tongue engaged. The man had skills.

According to our online conversations, he said he was going to do wonderful things to my ass. He was “gonna turn it out” every which way and would make it quiver and beg for more, and this would be before he gets to the play stage. This definitely checked out as well.

He used the tip of his tongue to slowly trace out the alphabet around the asshole. After every 5th or 6th alphabet, he would drive his tongue into my ass and suck on it and pull out again, and then he would continue the alphabet. Awesome!

I think after doing the alphabet, he started to spell out words, sentences, and paragraphs. I couldn’t take a full chapter. I was floating, my mind was free. It was En Vogue who sang, “Free your mind and your ass will follow…” (Or something along those lines) Yes, my ass was free. It was ready to be invaded.

I handed him a condom, which he put on his now-throbbing dick. I lubed myself up very well. (Can’t have enough lube up there) And even though he lubed his dick up, I added some more on his dick, just to make sure.

I made him lie on his back while I straddled him. I knew the initial entry would hurt and I had to control the insertion, so as to reduce the pain. This is an option I always give the guys I top. Few take it, most just get on all fours or lie on their back and want to be rammed like a soldier returning from battle. Me, I don’t like pain.

My legs on either side of his torso and in a kneeling position, I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. Like a spacecraft docking on the International Space station, I gently lowered myself onto his dick, while anticipating the contact with the top of this cock and the pain that would follow. Gently, ever-so gently, I lowered myself until I felt my bum touch his thighs. I was now sitting on him.

Wow! No pain!

Had I really wanted this so much that I blanked out the pain? Is this truly mind over matter? I suppose, where there is a will(y), there is a way.

Still, I didn’t feel anything inside me. Had I missed connecting with the dick completely?!? How could I? I opened my eyes to see Shane smiling sheepishly at me. Oh God, he must be laughing at my clumsiness.

I lifted myself up slightly and reached down to hold his dick to guide it inside me properly in order to attempt a successful re-entry. No hard dick to be found. It was resting flaccid between his spread muscular thighs. I looked at him again. So that sheepish smile wasn’t meant for me.

Me: What happened? Let me try and get you hard again. You not up to it anymore?

Shane: I am. Just that I am a Bottom. Sorry I misled you. Just that my ex complained that I never topped him and I am trying to prove that I can be a Top too. But I saw your dick and I so want you to fuck me.

Houston, we have a problem!

Well, with an ass like his, it would have been rude not to oblige.

As for me, I am still trying to enroll on a proper refresher course.


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  1. Ruby
    January 07, 06:22 Reply

    Oh no she didn’t!

  2. Khaleesi's King
    January 07, 06:26 Reply

    Hahaha.. The end was everything. And the puns inbetween had me smiling. Nice piece. First time I tried topping two years ago, I came in minutes and my partner had to cover my mouth cause I might attract attention with my grunts.. we were in the hostel.

    • Eros
      January 07, 06:28 Reply

      Since when did the Mother of Dragons have a consort? Is there some underground duty going on that we dont know about? You peepu should tell us ooooo

  3. Deola
    January 07, 06:31 Reply

    Free your mind and your ass will follow!!! That line killed me!!!!! ROTFL!!!

  4. chestnut
    January 07, 06:31 Reply

    Hahahaha! I choked with laughter! “…Houston,we have a pro’lem!” Muahaha! That Shane really tried it!

    • Mercury
      January 07, 07:56 Reply

      Funny story!!!!, Houston we have a problem…priceless.

  5. Dennis Macauley
    January 07, 06:35 Reply

    I am too holy to comment on this article
    ****leading praise and worship with gad and king, hands lifted high****

    • Mercury
      January 07, 07:53 Reply

      Really!!!!!, come on!!!!, you know you wanna.

    • Lord II
      January 07, 10:15 Reply

      Yes yes Dennis we are singing “Beautiful He is”….ahhhahhaha oh this piece was priceless!!! Every prose and sentence was well placed and wow.the ending!!!! Houston sorry no problem at all…..we gat things covered bo!!!!

    • gad
      January 07, 14:23 Reply

      Lmao. I wonder what carved the impression that I’m this type of clapping and jumping up and down church goer. I love hymns and chanted psalms. The band beating and all are not my thing cha cha. I love to listen to sound homilies,participate in interactive bible study sessions, meetings and synods. DM, the above for your guidance. You and your chicks

  6. simba
    January 07, 06:46 Reply

    Hahahahhahaha… nice piece.. well due to the kinda people I used to fuck with, I was mostly bottom.. but when I met my current heart wahala fever and more..i hardly bottomed again… I guess everybody could top,

  7. shuga chocolata
    January 07, 06:55 Reply

    Nice read, once I tried bottoming, the pain wasn’t here in africa, I felt it for days even bled daily. So experimenting just like the writer wrote, hook ups are all a quickie, I might also try bottoming if eventually I get engaged.

    • shuga chocolata
      January 07, 07:05 Reply

      And he laughed out loud and went back to hmmmmming,

      PS: nice been back here so many things on my shoulder am trying so hard to hang on and I know I will come out a success, to DM, james now KK, kaheeli, my dear chestie, peak, gad, simba, sensi, colossus, mrs M.and to PP. Happy new year to all new pseudonym here, will get to know better,

      *drops mic and exit*

      • Peak
        January 07, 07:58 Reply

        Why is everyone feeling down this year?
        @shugar chocolata, child!!! u better come and get ur feel-good-miracle-hug, I’m not about to ve y’all going depresso on us all.
        *Big warm fuzzy hug* u are almost there luv, u just need to push a lil further.

      • Colossus
        January 07, 17:10 Reply

        Happy New year to you too. Welcome back

        • gad
          January 07, 17:40 Reply

          Glad to have you back. Wishing you good success

  8. Chizzie
    January 07, 07:18 Reply

    You know this is what reallly irritates me these days, Bottoms suddenly deciding out of the blue that they are top. And it seems like a fad these days! Evry thing about them suggests they are bottom ( thier dramatic status updates, their obsessive need to change DPs every 5mins, their keeness in seeing a pic of ur dick) and yet they claim Top

    To all the sisters out there who suddenly like to be on the top bunk:

    Just because playing a btm hurts like mad sometimes doesn’t suddenly make you a Top. the bottom in u never dies. if at first it hurts…give urself a break,take a deep breath..add some more lube and take it again.
    You are bottom and will always be. Stop making a fool of urself by trying to top- its embarrassing reallly.

    Once a bottom,always a bottom

    and remember to always douche!

    • pinkpanthertb
      January 07, 07:22 Reply

      This statement is brought to you by Chizzie, secretary general of the Bottom LGBT Association. 😀

      • Peak
        January 07, 08:03 Reply

        Lol @ pinky, was gonna say the spokes person for the united front of bottoms

    • chestnut
      January 07, 07:27 Reply

      Lol…those dramatic status updates and the obssessive need to change dps every 5 mins are the worst! Its like they need EVERYBODY’s attention, ALL of the time!

      • Ace
        January 07, 17:24 Reply

        Dramatic updates kills me. Asin the way the bitch rage, asking for their role would be asking the obvious.

    • trystham
      January 07, 07:49 Reply

      Abeg, tell them. It is irritating. That and the fact that some ppl who because their biological clock is fast ticking n Mama’s eyes are stuck on them will suddenly change status from ‘gay’ to ‘bi’. News Flash! Because you get it up for Nene doesn’t mean you weren’t thinking Biodun. I bet they wear muzzles so they don’t scream his name when they cum. And before Pinky et al (2014) start talking ‘labels’, we know BISEXUALS are and it just aint some ppl.

      • Max
        January 07, 08:47 Reply

        This is pure stereotyping.. Aren’t we supposed to be against stereotyping on KD??.

      • Dennis Macauley
        January 07, 09:24 Reply

        Max this is why I love you!

        So only bottoms change DPs? Hilarious! I generally can use one DP for months, but that’s just me. It doesn’t have anything to do with sexual roles. Drama is not defined by sexual roles!

        This is my problem with labels and their expectations; we end up falling into gender archetypes.

        My friends say stupid stuff; tops are not supposed to be talkative, a man should be calm. Tops should have zero interest in fashion….yada yada yada All nonsense!

  9. trystham
    January 07, 07:32 Reply

    I had actually believed he had rimmed ur arse off literally till there were no more walls to hold dick…lol Was ready to say “Damn! He good”
    Nice one.

    • Mercury
      January 07, 07:51 Reply

      ROTFLMAO!!!!!, your mind is rotten.

  10. Peak
    January 07, 07:44 Reply

    Lol……this piece is what the doctor ordered for this weather. It had all the heat/humour in all the right places. Everything checked out except the role (after una go say there is no need 2 clarify roles *side eyes in Max’s direction).
    I still think everyone can take a dick but not everyone can give a dick

  11. chestnut
    January 07, 07:47 Reply

    OAN: I just checked out his blog (SagbaChronicles)…good stuff

  12. Mercury
    January 07, 07:49 Reply

    I used to think so too, when all was well with the world.

  13. KyrxxX
    January 07, 08:24 Reply

    Lmaooooooooooooooooo! The ending was super hilarious! I think I have been in a situation like this b4. Went to see this humanbeing, saw him nd sex flew to sambisa from my mind(not that intended to have it anyways), spoke for a while nd next thing he was all over me begging me to top him! Like seriously? Me? Top u? Not until Kim K heads a Deeper Life church! I declined! 1st, am no top, 2nd, U r way older, 3rdly, u have a larger tool nd 4th ……… HE DOESN’T APPEAL TO ME! There is no need pretending to b who u r not!

    OAN: well sculpted ass turns me on big time! U need to see me ogling guys on the streets even in banking halls! Am I normal?

    • Pete
      January 07, 12:02 Reply

      Perfectly normal. I ogle asses too

  14. Max
    January 07, 08:42 Reply

    This was a fun read… This part- ” Like a spacecraft docking on the International Space station” got me… Hahahahahahaha
    I’ve always said it , I hate the top & bottom labels.
    Roles are fluid, just like sexuality.. Its like a spectrum. No one is fully anything.
    I transitioned from one role to another before I realized one can enjoy both without labeling them self.

    Another thing is about keeping your tiny little butt clean!!!!!!!!! I’ve been hammering on this “butt cleaning ” issue for long… Even if I don’t wanna have penetrative sex with you, you gotta keep it clean cos my fingers always wander to those dark places and d good lord knows I don’t like that rancid smell… Also it interferes with giving a good head.. Cos I like to spread them chicks and run a finger or two while @it for maximum pleasure…

    Bikonu. For those that understand Igbo, sachaaaanu Ike unu!!!!!!!.. Put your hands up there and scrub it!!!!.. It doesn’t take time…

    • pinkpanthertb
      January 07, 08:47 Reply

      There’s something of a huge turn-on in this comment. 😀

      • Max
        January 07, 08:51 Reply

        Lol.. @Pinky, even the new coca cola bottle turns you on…*look’s @you with odu Anya***

      • Ace
        January 07, 17:29 Reply

        Max! Hahahahahahha thou art evil for this statement. Hahahahahahahhahaha.

    • Peak
      January 07, 09:00 Reply

      Mehn Maxxx that coke bottle line left me weak! Damn boy! How u gon do pinky like that?
      Chai ur bad mouth no be here
      @ pinky, Kpele lol

    • KryssS
      January 07, 09:07 Reply

      *screams* Max!!!!!!!!!! Oh well! Thank God for growing up in the north, the kettle is our friend after doing No. 2.
      @Pinky, u see urself! Everybody now know u!

      • chestnut
        January 07, 09:16 Reply

        Wait o…what’s dis I’m hearing abt pinky and coke bottle? Pls u ppl shuld explain everything to me, plsssss…

    • Dennis Macauley
      January 07, 09:27 Reply

      Use an enema pump! You can find it in any pharmacy! Fill it with distilled water (or just clean water) and use suction to clean up your business!


      • Brian Collins
        January 07, 10:23 Reply

        So, i used to preach enema until someone posted that they might not be so safe and recommended ear syringe. Lemme just say i sell ear syringes and quite cheap too. PH people have started benefitting, the testimonies are there.
        *runs off before pinky flogs me* #KDisnotbalogunnarket.

      • Max
        January 07, 10:29 Reply

        Dear Brian, good info… Some people don’t actually know where to get these stuff…

  15. Lord II
    January 07, 10:39 Reply

    Oooooh today wasn’t bad at all!!!!! Wow..just when I was starting to get bored with all the bottom side of viewing things (no pun intended biko)…I happen to open KD and read this lovely lovely piece… writer write me some more!!!….

    The part about the rimming and the alphabets tho…..blew my mind…now where did I drop that guys no…ah so good! encore..

  16. Peak
    January 07, 10:58 Reply

    This piece is a juicy-good read, but the title is a lil unfitting for me. Was expecting a clear cut narration of how a Top could transition into a bottom or at least be more fluid and flexible enough to want to buttom, especially when the object of interest is another a Top.
    Naija men are. Constantly screaming top up and down cos they think it makes them seem more masculine or cos they ve a Gf/wife and there is this big old “Ego” thing which has forced a great deal of naija gay population to identify as “Top” as far as roles goes.
    I strongly believe that every gay man can take a dick. Like the writer, I “Might” be incline to bottom if I am in a “Commited relationship” someday, either to make my guy happy or just to spice things up and make things less routine.

    @Pinky I would be needing something more concrete, I kinda ve a top-top situation on my hands, and this piece did nothing to help my case.

  17. Lothario
    January 07, 12:23 Reply

    Good story! Loved Every inch of it……literally!

  18. Mr Kassy
    January 07, 12:33 Reply

    I still maintain that Every gay guy can take a dick,its a problem of EGO and FEAr of pain.That the bottom guy’s dick went flaccid is because his psyche has long been inclined into bottoming.He was psychologically afraid and unsure whether he could do it right,and so his mind flew off:sex is a thing of the mind.CHIZZIE u are such a bitch with that ur senseless,stereotypical and childish assertions*feel like slapping u rt nw*

    • pinkpanthertb
      January 07, 12:48 Reply

      Every gay guy can take a dick.

      But does every gay guy want to?

      In this struggle against labels you guys are fighting, y’all should stop trampling on the freedom of choice. A Top can be exclusively Top, as can be a Bottom, without them being made to feel to like they’re either incomplete for not crossing over or too egotistic for not wanting to.

      I’m bottom because i chose to be. My boo’s Top because that’s what he’s comfortable doing. Y’all should stop sneezing on the labels biko. They’re there to lend some structure to the gaybourhood.

      • Max
        January 07, 14:53 Reply

        What structure!?? Mtchew… So if you’re presented with them nice cakes around, you’ll decline bcos ur weener will go limp?????
        You people make me laugh sha.. Labellers..
        ***Rolling eyes from Venus to Saturn***

        • pinkpanthertb
          January 07, 18:02 Reply

          Don’t scoff at what turns me on or what keeps me going in bed, Max. Its my individuality, not yours.

      • trystham
        January 07, 16:27 Reply

        Are your eyes back from space??? Now listen, my weiner does go limp when I think I may have to stick it into sumtin not the palm of my hand. The only time I ogle at arse is either in complete disgust or total jealousy. The labels are there and they function.

  19. Dom
    January 07, 13:12 Reply

    Lol. The bitch!

  20. gad
    January 07, 14:14 Reply

    “I’m trying to be a bottom”. Hmmmm… guys and guys

  21. Constant
    January 07, 15:20 Reply

    Well written….those punch lines killed me…..I’m not a fan of role stereotyping as well..but some clarifications need to be set in motion…..last time I checked I was Gay not a Lesbian

  22. Ace
    January 07, 17:36 Reply

    This work wins the most witty in a long while. Lol loved it.

  23. Paul
    January 07, 19:54 Reply

    I once had a chit chat wit a guy and he went how can I ever allow a guy put his Dick inside me? It would neva happen in my life time I’m d one to b doing dat.I’m d man.
    …….. We long stoppd talking. Stupidity is contagious. I cnt afford to reduce my IQ its not up whr I want it yet.

    • R.A
      January 13, 01:36 Reply

      Paul! Lol! Love this comment

  24. Reverend Hot
    January 07, 22:06 Reply

    Feel like my opinion doesn’t even matter here. Which is, as much as you guys say its wrong – There is nothing wrong about a top sayong he’ll never bottom or vice versa. Its what they feel comfortable doin’.

    If a guy says he’ll never let a guy shove his dick in him, why hate him? Its how he feels. Should he now make himself uncomfortable all in the name of sex.???

    • Paul
      January 08, 01:33 Reply

      U missd d point bro.
      He reeks of pride and his reason is jst d lamest tin dats bin heard of late.
      Roles can sometimes b a choice.
      But wen U c it as sometin dat emasculates U or confers dat “manness” upon U den that’s whr d problem lies.
      He acts like its his birthright. He shuld ask Jacob n Esau hw dat birthright story ended.

      • pinkpanthertb
        January 08, 03:30 Reply

        You’re right. I wouldn’t stomach someone who thinks bottoming is an emasculation either. I get your point. Its entirely different from the argument that some people just wanna stick to their roles

      • gad
        January 08, 04:03 Reply

        Paul, just free your mind please. Most times when people accuse people of feeling proud or bossy, they fail to show. The only evidence they seem to have is their feelings which feels that the other,s feeling is feeling bossy. Lol. Our feelings about others are mostly wrong

    • gad
      January 08, 03:53 Reply

      I think Pinky has said it earlier. Its funny how the same people that wants people to accept their sexuality because they feel their attraction to same sex is natural but sees the claim of others as being tops as a nauseating falsehood. Uncle Paul,the natural feeling that I have for anyone that attempts to top me after knowing my role is hatred. I don’t know how it comes. I just feel it. No one is under obligation to accept but simply respect it just the way I respect the fact that some btms can’t stand the taught of toping a guy

    • Mr Kassy
      January 08, 04:43 Reply

      This ur comment is meant for the ONITSHA(OBOSI) waste disposal site.Pinky see to that.*Sipping my LEMONADE in cheer disgust*

  25. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    January 07, 22:52 Reply

    Nice Read… Labels??? I strongly agree with the person that said something about structure in the gaybourhood.

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