“I have never heard about lesbian set-up in this country. All I hear is about gay set-up – gay this, gay that… Seriously, women are more intelligent than men. Most men are just evil and selfish. I wish I was born a woman and a lesbian. I’m beginning to dislike men…” – J, Kito Diaries comments section.


I’d always thought I was straight.

All that however changed in 2015.

In that year, I was in final year in one of the state universities close to the FCT. A girl in my lodge was celebrating her birthday in Abuja, which was typical of the “big girls” in my school. Leaving school for Abuja to celebrate their birthdays.

I was invited, and while preparing to go to the city for this party, I asked what time it would end, so I would know if I should give my folks a heads-up that I would be home. I’m based in Abuja too.

Big Girl said there’d be no need, that her boyfriend would be booking accommodation for us in the hotel where the party would be taking place.

When I got to Abuja, she introduced me to another girl – let’s call her Sandra – and said we would be sharing a room. This was totally fine with me. Sandra was a pretty, dark-skinned, slender girl. And I make friends quite easily, and so, within a short time, we’d became acquainted since we were in the room from 4 pm till 9 pm when the party was scheduled to start. We both happened to love books, so we started talking about books and all that jazz. Nice girl, or so it seemed.

*party don finish*

On our way back to our room, Sandra offered me gum. If you know Superstar Chewing Gum, you’ll know how it’s wrapped in a foil-like paper after opening it. That’s the exact way this gum was; I thought it was Superstar Chewing Gum, even though I didn’t see her remove it from the main superstar pack. I thanked her, collected the gum and began chewing.

We got to our room, had our baths and went straight to bed.

Later in the middle of the night, I felt Sandra’s hands on my boobs. I’d never been with a girl, never thought of it, but when she touched me, I was more than interested. All of a sudden, it felt like a switch was turned on inside me. She gave me such good head, I was begging for more. She fingered me and worked all manner of magic to my body. I was just there on the bed, receiving all the sexual pleasure she had to give.

Morning came, and I was super embarrassed. I’m used to taking alcohol so I knew I couldn’t blame what happened and my willing participation on the alcohol from the party. However, we didn’t talk about what happened. We simply exchanged numbers and went our way.

Exactly 4 pm that same day, I got a WhatsApp message from Sandra. It was a video. A video of us making out on the bed in our hotel room. She’d set up her phone in the room so that her camera had caught a very good view of the bed on video. She’d also gotten someone to blur her face, and I was the horny bitch in plain sight, gasping and panting for more.

Sandra said I should send her 300 grand or else she would release the video. She also said that if I like, I should tell my neighbour, the Big Girl whose birthday we’d been in Abuja for.

I was stunned. I couldn’t believe that mind blowing sexual encounter had ended up into a cheap blackmail stunt. It was a struggle, but I had to open up to my neighbour. Oh, the embarrassment. Big Girl said she met Sandra once at the airport and they became friends, and started giving each other parole (runs). That they were not so deep as friends. She tried reaching out to the bitch with a phone call, Sandra didn’t answer. A few minutes later, we discovered that she had blocked my neighbour from being able to reach her anywhere online.

Shit was crazy.

I begged this girl. And then she agreed to collect 100 grand. So, I went about getting the money. I told my dad that my department had an excursion to go for in Obudu – which we did, but it was for recreational purposes and so was optional. He sent me the money, 70 grand, and I topped it off with 30 grand of my own, before sending the money to Sandra.

I am lucky she never bothered me after that first time. She blocked me after she got her money, but months later, she unblocked me just long enough to apologise to me before blocking me again. It was during this apology that she told me the gum she gave me back at the hotel was an aphrodisiac.

This incidence caused me pain, embarrassment and shame.

This incidence also left me with a hunger for women.

It was the beginning of my attraction for and fantasies about women.

But never have I tried being with a girl again. I would rather fuck a girl in my mind, touch myself and let it go. Maybe one day, just one day, I will meet someone and explore that part of me.

J is the reason I wrote this story. I read his comment on the What Goes Around Comes Around story, about not hearing stories of lesbians setting fellow women up, that all he’s heard about are the inhumanity of gay guys.

Human beings can be wicked irrespective of gender or sexual orientation. If you are a bad person, you are a bad person.

Hopefully I will be able to share something else I found out recently with you all soon.

Bye for now.

Your girl,


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  1. Phydell
    December 07, 05:54 Reply

    Wow.. Even girls don’t have it easy..

  2. trystham
    December 07, 07:34 Reply

    I have mixed feelings about this story. Why? Because an uncouth, unread straight would read this story and pounce on it as the validation of all the things he has been told – you have a choice/ one can be ‘initiated’ into homosexuality. I am sorry u had to go through a blackmail first to realize u love girls as well

    • Non-Conformist
      December 07, 08:16 Reply

      I get your point totally.
      The issue is, if I didn’t have it in me. I should be totally disgusted and irritated at myself.
      Prior to that incidence I would stare at girls, admire girls and all that. But you know all what we’ve been taught and made to believe about Bisexuality.

      A conversation with my best friend would later confirm to me that a lot of ladies are bi, just reluctant to try out that part of them because well, SOCIETY.

  3. Tristan
    December 07, 09:18 Reply

    Why does this story remind me of “Chidimma and the cucumber?” ??

  4. Vina
    December 07, 10:05 Reply

    So there is an aphrodisiac gum??? Hmmmmm.

    • Non-Conformist
      December 07, 10:19 Reply

      Yes there is. I found it on Jumia though not the exact one I was given.
      Even though I don’t know who I will be using it with, i want to order for it ? .

      • Dunder
        December 07, 20:31 Reply

        After such a bad experience, you are looking for problem chewing gum? I see you are not yet ready to give your life to Christ ??. I’ll advice that if there’s a next time, neither you nor the other person is under any influence but love or at least, attraction so you can really hear what your mind is saying.

  5. Anne
    December 07, 11:43 Reply

    how do i search for the gum though..asking for my pastor

    • Non-Conformist
      December 07, 11:56 Reply

      Just search aphrodisiac gum. Options will pop up. I have the screen shot but can’t post that here.

  6. Dickson Clement
    December 07, 12:17 Reply

    Aphrodisiac gum?

    My mind is going into it’s darkest spaces!!

    • Non-Conformist
      December 07, 16:17 Reply

      For men I would recommend Vigor Chocolate. It’s efficacy in men last for more than 24 hours sometimes up to 72 hours depending on the body of the person.
      Small touch like this, joy stick will stand .
      Don’t ask me how I know???.

      • Jinchuriki
        December 08, 23:30 Reply

        LMFAO this comment has me in tears. Just who have you become already? ??

  7. Dickson Clement
    December 07, 12:27 Reply

    So this first lady gum – the description suggests that it works for women alone?

    What of men- will it make them horny as well?

  8. Francis
    December 07, 12:38 Reply

    ? ? Don’t collect chewing gum from World people. *shuts notebook* ? ? ?

    • trystham
      December 07, 20:49 Reply

      You must be writing in the margins now as ur notebook is filled abi?

  9. Dickson Clement
    December 07, 17:04 Reply

    Finally a substitute to Arizona!!! *Runs off to get Vigor chocolate*

    If I offer you chocolate on a cold night- think twice before u eat it !
    But then again, some men cum literally through their ass so lady bird gum may be efficacious.

    • flame flame
      December 08, 22:43 Reply

      Arizonna? Sexual stimulant? That’s a first!
      Don’t I wish my cute af buddies would get excited on the numerous times we’d have a somke out!

  10. Eddie
    December 07, 21:05 Reply

    Why does it seem like Nigerians are criminally inclined by nature… A lot of Nigerians sha
    Blackmail, extortion, theft, credit card fraud, ritual killing, cyber fraud etc
    I know there are hardworking people out there but then there are the other types of scum… SMH

  11. Kay
    December 08, 08:18 Reply

    It’s so sad that lgbt in Nigeria has come to this. Stay safe young lady

  12. Delle
    December 08, 12:23 Reply

    Woah! I’m really sorry about this but thanks for sharing.

    And thanks also for the mega info dropped on here. Who would have thought chocolates and gum have other benefits?

    Vigor Chocolate, here I cum! ???

      • Dara
        February 17, 11:05 Reply

        I’ve checked and I’m yet to see the aphrodisiac gum, I need it badly

  13. Jinchuriki
    December 08, 23:25 Reply

    Hi young Girl. Can we be friends? I am a gay guy though.

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