The Minority Report on the Decision to be Out and Away From Family

The Minority Report on the Decision to be Out and Away From Family

In this episode of #AskTMR, the hosts of The Minority Report have a word or two to say to the brave and the wise in the community.

It is good to be brave about who you are, to take a stand that lets the homophobes in your family know that you are not messing around when it comes to your sexuality. When you are out of the closet, it is very commendable to be very individualistic about your identity especially if you are surrounded by a family of people who refuse to acknowledge you.

But before you pack your bags and leave the comfort of your home because of the fight you had with family over their homophobia, as long as these issues are not a burden on your peace of mind, be smart. Be strategic. Be sure of your agency. Be certain that your sudden independence will not come at a price too high for you to pay.

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