It was the distant crow of a cock that roused Paul to the morning of Valentine’s Day.

He tried opening his eyes. It seemed like a huge task, absolutely impossible. He could feel himself mentally trying to lift his eyelids, but it still remained shut, felt like it was glued together. And then he realized with a start that they were glued shut – with a masking tape. He made to move his hands, to lift them up so he could tear away the tape from his eyes, but those too were immobile, strapped to his back by masking tape as well.

What is going on? he thought, feeling a niggling of uneasiness trickle down his spine.

Then he heard a sound – a whisper of a movement in the room, one which made him freeze. Was someone in the room? He turned his head around in the direction of the sound, his ears straining to make up for his enforced blindness. He didn’t hear the sound anymore. Was he imagining things? He tried to remember.

Of course, someone was in the room, he thought as recollections flooded his mind. He’d had a guy over from the club last night; quite the looker, and boy, was the sex amazing. What was his name again? Busola… Abbey… Kehinde – yes, Kehinde.

But what is going on? And where is Kehinde? He thought as he felt about the bed with his unbound legs, taking note of the fact that he was naked, his penis shrunken from the coolness of the temperature in the room. He struggled slightly to tear apart his shackled hands, but all he managed to do was cause the tape to tear at the skin of his wrists and bruise him.

He stopped straining and remained still, trying not to let panic overwhelm him in the darkness that shrouded him. But it was hard; his heart was starting to beat fast as his panic bloomed. Paul was startled to realize that he was becoming afraid. It just wasn’t a feeling he was familiar with – that came with the territory of being a big guy. Paul was heavily-built, visited the gym regularly, and did his best to look toned and fit, from the long runs he took around his gated community to his healthy diet. He was not a narcissist, but by God, he was a good-looking, buffed man, and there was no way he was going to be scared in his own home.

Wait – was he even home? Of course he was; he could perceive the familiar smells of his person and things in the room, and his body and bed still carried lingering scents of sex with Kehinde from last night.

Then he heard the sound again – the whisper of movement, much clearer now, as though someone was walking about on the parquet floor of the room.

“Who is there?” he choked out, feeling his heartbeat pick up a faster pace. “Who the hell is there?! Look, Kehinde if this is a joke, it is not funny. Come and untie me this instant. Kinky is not my thing!”

“Yes, I know. And I’m sorry to do this to you, but you promised.”

The voice that answered him wasn’t the husky drawl that belonged to Kehinde. It was however a voice he recognized, one that made his heart stop for a second, before picking up an even faster beat. It couldn’t be! He was not even supposed to be in Lagos. He’d travelled to some obscure town in Arondiziogu, in far away Imo state, and shouldn’t be back in town for another two weeks.

“Ikenna…” he said haltingly. “Is that you…? What is going on?”

“You promised, Paul…” The voice of the other man came to him from the darkness. The young man he’d been in the most volatile, off-and-on relationship with for the past year. “You promised, and I believed you. After everything, you still cheated on me.”

“It’s not as it seems, Iyke…” Paul said in protest, his tongue slipping out to moisten his suddenly dry lips. “It was just a onetime thing, and it meant absolutely nothing. Wait, what did you do with Kehinde? Where is he, Iyke…” His blood curdled as he reiterated, “Where is he?!”

He heard movement, the slap-slap sound of Ikenna’s feet on the floor as he walked toward him. Then, he felt his hand on his face as Ikenna picked up one end of the masking tape bound over his eyes and ripped it uncaringly from his face. Paul winced as the tape peeled off, taking with it follicles of his skin and hair. He blinked rapidly before opening his eyes, and letting his eyesight adjust to the soft light of the morning in the room.

And to the gruesome mess in the room. He gasped, recoiling inwardly when he took in, first and foremost, the blood. God, there was so much of it, splashed about on the floor and on some furniture. It seemed too much blood to be from one person, and for a millisecond, Paul thought some of it must have come from him as he mentally ran a quick check over his body. No, his body hadn’t been breached. All that blood must have been from –

“Kehinde…” he croaked, when he saw the body that lay on the ground beside an upturned chair. That body that had arched so energetically during their raunchy session last night now lay still, slashed and broken, arms flung out, head turned to an unnatural angle so that Paul could so the grotesque mask of death on the face.

“Kehinde…” he gasped. “Oh fuck! Shit, Ikenna – Shit! What the fuck have you done? What the fuck! You’ve gone way too far! How could you do this!”

“You promised!”

“I promised you nothing!” he yelled at the other man, anger suddenly blooming in his chest, battling for room with fear. “Yes, we were an item –!”

“An item!” Ikenna cut in with a shriek, his eyes blazing. “We were not an item, Paul! We were in love!”

“Fuck that!” Paul fired back. “Fuck your love! I told you it was over, you needy, crazy bastard!”

“You always tell me it’s over, and then we eventually work things out! It’s because of our love –”

“I don’t love you anymore, Ikenna!” Paul yelled, straining forward and against his bound hands. “When I told you it was over, this time I meant it. I’ve had it with you! You want things I cannot give! Not see my friends anymore? Who gives his boyfriend such an ultimatum? How could you ask such of me, Iyke? I might have loved you once, but I’m done being made to feel like shit whenever you fucking think that any guy I smile with, I immediately want to screw. You were the only one, you are the only one…”

“SHUT UP!” Ikenna screamed. “If I’m the only one, then who is this slut?!” He jabbed a finger at the dead body on the ground.

“I told you we were done –” Paul began, suddenly weary.

“And I told you to hold on, let us work things out one more time! I told you I’d be back soon from my hometown, that you should wait. And you promised, Paul! You promised! But you couldn’t keep your promise! You tell me I’m the only one, but who is this whore you have lying on my side of the bed? The side I have laid on for one year now. To always wake up right beside you, in your embrace, to your dick every morning. You ruined it all, Paul, you broke your promise. And now, this slut has paid for it. Look at him, Paul! He could not even put on his briefs after your romp. The slut wanted more. Well now, he has gotten more. Look at him, Paul! Is that ass better than mine? I SAID, LOOK AT HIM!”

Paul flinched away from the maniacal expression on his boyfriend’s face, and felt his gaze slide once again over to the lifeless body on the ground, to the immobile face with widely-staring eyes that spoke of the horror Kehinde had endured in the last moments of his life. And he felt a wave of guilt flood him. He brought this upon the guy. If only he had come home alone, if only Kehinde had not been dancing so seductively at the club, shimmying about in twists and turns that acted like a siren call to him, staring at him from across the crowded room with smokey invitation, with eyes that seem to bore into him and instantly give him a boner.

It was supposed to be a simple mission. Not to be lonely on Valentine day, to hit the club on the night before, have a few shots and maybe come home with a nubile body. A guy to fill the empty side of his bed, the side Ikenna filled up quite nicely. A guy to take home and fuck his brains out – nothing more. How could he know that there was a crazy boyfriend waiting in the wings?

Tears pricked his eyes as another deluge of guilt swept over him. His earlier rage dissipated, and he felt a huge wave of sadness and persistent fear. “Oh, Ikenna,” he began softly, “you have to know I never meant to hurt you. I am sorry. All this has nothing to do with us. It’s just… you were becoming too much, asking for too much… What was I supposed to do? I’m sorry, baby. Please untie me, and I promise I’ll make it right –”

“You can’t afford to make another promise now, Paul,” Ikenna cut in nastily. “Look where the last one got you. I may still love you, but it does not mean I’ll fall for all that bullshit again. You’re a liar, a filthy, cheating liar!” His face was contorted with his unrelenting rage, and spittle flew from his mouth as he screamed at Paul.

Paul knew in that instant that this Ikenna was not the Ikenna he once loved. This one was conflicted, murderous, and a psycho. Boy, he sure knew how to pick ‘em. “Look, Iyke…” he tried again, feeling the rising of his panic. “I still love you… Come sit here, look me in the eyes and believe what I’m saying…”

Ikenna advanced once more toward him, and Paul felt hope flare in his heart.

“I love you, baby…” he said softly. Untie me, you bitch! He snarled silently.

“You promised, Paul…” Ikenna responded, his resolve seeming to wilt.

“I know, and I’m deeply sorry. Just give me the chance to make it all up to you…”

He licked his lips one more time, and his gaze flickered from Ikenna to Kehinde’s lifeless figure on the floor. It was just an instant, but it was all Ikenna needed to understand the true intent of his seeming remorse. He suddenly lifted his left hand, the arm he’d kept behind him all through the time they’d been yelling at each other. And he swept it swiftly forward, the strike moving with deadly precision.

And Paul let out a bloodcurdling scream. The pain that speared into his groin, fountaining upward all over his body was indescribable. Ikenna had gone for his penis with the knife he’d kept concealed behind his back, and with one quick swipe, it was no more. His dick was gone! In its place was his blood, crimson and abundant, streaming out in small spurts over his thighs and onto the bed.

He screamed, “I’ll kill you, Ikenna! I’ll kill you. You’ll never get away with this! I’ll kill you! You’ll fucking pay!” He bucked forward, his bound hands and the pain buffeting his insides making his movements clumsy. “I’LL KILL YOU, YOU BASTARD!” he raged, meaning every word of it.

Bloody knife in one hand, dismembered dick in the other, Ikenna stared at his lover with eyes as cold as the Antarctica, and uttered the last words Paul would ever hear. “You promised, baby. Never break a promise. Here’s to the Valentine.” And he struck again.

Written by Colossus

Next Morning Humour XIII

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  1. Absalom
    February 14, 07:30 Reply

    Colossus, tufiakwa! On this holy day of obligation?

  2. Chizzie
    February 14, 07:46 Reply

    i think paul deserved what was coming to be honest, some tops need the occasional slash to the phallus to put them in order from tume to time. And there are days when the thought of impulsive homicide seems alluring but then can’t come up with effective ways to dispose of the body so I’m like, not today.

    and there should be a sequel! does Ikenna get caught? how.does he despose of the body or bodies? Does paul’s penis retain any erectile function?

    • jesuisnigeria
      February 14, 12:18 Reply

      Ok, now you scare me. I totally disagree with you on this. This is totally wrong. I know its fiction , but i’m sure maniacs like this do exist. But at the end of the day, na by force? prick plenty for town, abeg!

  3. Queen Blue fox
    February 14, 07:48 Reply

    Whoa! *running* the Ikennas of the gay community shall not see me

  4. Paul
    February 14, 08:08 Reply

    Dem dey break marrital vows wey dem tk in front of priest et al
    Talkless of promise made wen hormones r raging high.
    Biko Ikenna was an obsessive Psychotic
    Lemme jst calm my nerves with d fact dat ds is fiction. Bcos if I’m d “Paul” we’d continue d fight in hell.
    #colossus U n Me may need to talk on d choice d name “Paul” for such bizzare role
    U didn’t C Lord/King/Dennis or even Uti?

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 14, 08:20 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahahaaa!!! Paul o. Abeg take this story as a sign to stay away from all future Ikennas

      • Paul
        February 14, 08:25 Reply

        Prayer mode activated!
        Baba make traffic hold any ikenna coming my way!
        May netwrk disappear from my phone as he tries to call
        May I go offline as he comes online on MJ FB etc
        Pray with Holy madness sombody!
        Let him Die ,Die Die
        Wat are u waiting for o ye Ikennas Die
        Die by fire.

    • Lord II
      February 14, 08:38 Reply

      Paul haba just take it that you are well liked! Hehe

      • Paul
        February 14, 10:43 Reply

        I want Chizzie to b happy!

    • Colossus
      February 14, 11:39 Reply

      Hahahaha. When I was writing this, I was actually hoping we had a Paul, Ikenna and Kehinde. Fear not bro, you’re phallus is safe…..for now.

  5. Pete
    February 14, 08:16 Reply

    Some people can be so jealous. Relationship with a guy?i jump & pass. Judge me not

  6. JustJames
    February 14, 08:18 Reply

    I love this!!

    At first I thought it was surprise bandage sex in the spirit of 50 Shades being released but then there was murder and blood and I was like OMG! Lovely.

    • Mercury
      February 14, 08:36 Reply

      Psycho, that’s how you killed our beloved Tunde.

      • JustJames
        February 14, 08:46 Reply

        Tunde is not dead. He lives on forever in our hearts.

      • Mercury
        February 14, 08:59 Reply

        *burst into tears*, James you r wicked.

      • Colossus
        February 14, 11:41 Reply

        Hahahahaha. Oh I agree, James is worse than all the Ikennas’ in the world

  7. Gad
    February 14, 08:19 Reply

    As a man thinketh in his heart so he is

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 14, 08:22 Reply

      Writers thinketh a lot of things in their hearts that they are not.
      Ive always found this aphorism flawed.

      • Lord II
        February 14, 08:41 Reply

        That’s coz you simply can’t understand it can u….yet it’s so true you just can’t escape it…chuckle!

        • pinkpanthertb
          February 14, 08:48 Reply

          Look at this one. By those standards, you’d be a perv, not so? Abeg shift biko.

      • Deola
        February 14, 08:57 Reply

        ***muffled laughter***
        Aswear lord you make yourself such an easy target with ur yeye comments!

    • Lord II
      February 14, 10:26 Reply

      Yeah Deola and guess what it’s me and my comments if you haven’t noticed by where is Deola’s name anywhere there..? I wonder

      Pinky luv you still don’t get do u…? can’t until you acknowledge ok

      • Gad
        February 14, 11:37 Reply

        Please someone with Obi church should help solve this puzzle

    • Colossus
      February 14, 11:43 Reply

      Really? Oh well, I guess I got my eyes on you gad. Seeing as I’m a murderous stalker, I’m coming for you.

      • Gad
        February 14, 12:34 Reply

        That means you enjoy failure. Again,have you heard of a hunter becoming the hunted before?

  8. Mitch
    February 14, 08:30 Reply

    Colossus! Jesus H. Cripes!

    You are one twisted being Collie! And I fucking love that!

    To all them ne’er-shag-your-bf-only tops, just remember that an Ikenna awaits y’all.

  9. Mercury
    February 14, 08:31 Reply

    Colossus, you’re a sick, sick psycho……jeeewz man it Valentine’s every thing is supposed to be bubbles and cake. As bored as as I am this is so wrong.

  10. Deola
    February 14, 08:35 Reply

    This is Dark, sick, twisted, disturbing and bloody and i love it!!!!
    Well written Colossus!!

    • Ade
      February 14, 08:43 Reply

      Ikr…… It’s a priceless piece!

  11. Lord II
    February 14, 08:36 Reply

    Warped and dark! I wonder what’s come of KD biko!!! Colossus are you saying that Valentine is overrated and crappy? Hmm.

  12. Mercury
    February 14, 08:39 Reply

    Where is Dennis, still hung over from last night?

      • Kosi
        February 15, 20:45 Reply

        Hahaha….we ve our eyes on you

  13. Ade
    February 14, 08:42 Reply

    Damn!! This gave me a boner!!! The bloodbath! The Dick Amputation! Thanks Colossus for this early morning arousal.

    • Paul
      February 14, 08:51 Reply

      Ikenna is dat you?
      Bloodbath and dick amputation gave u a boner?
      Another alert- fear Ade

      • pinkpanthertb
        February 14, 08:52 Reply

        Hahahahahahaa!!! Paul, you’re very alert this morning.

      • Ade
        February 14, 09:15 Reply

        Paul honey, you wouldn’t want me for a stalker now, would you… *crosses leg and takes a sip of Chardonnay*

      • Gad
        February 14, 10:29 Reply

        Vampires on rampage

      • Paul
        February 14, 10:48 Reply

        Ade I won’t mind being stalked @least wuld give me d pseudo feel of a celeb.
        -dat I cn manage till I marry Joseph Benjamin!

        • xpressivejboy
          February 14, 11:07 Reply

          Dear Paul, trust you don’t wanna have me beat your scrotal to the bake of a Val Cake for Ma SugarPlum, Joseph Benjamin.


      • Paul
        February 14, 11:22 Reply

        Jboy lemme jst go razz n local on U!
        I no even get ur power, na juju I go use tk settle ur case bcos all ds grammer no go work.
        Baba make him turn to an “imbe”
        Let him b locked in ds bottle n jump in it till I marry my hearthrob.
        *sprinkles vodoo powder on U n walks away.

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 14, 08:51 Reply

      This gave you a boner?! Hah! KDians are quite the twisted lot o.

      • Ade
        February 14, 09:19 Reply

        I can’t help it! Bad bitches with no tolerance for bullshit turns me on…

  14. Team
    February 14, 08:44 Reply

    That picture tho…gave me quite a shock

  15. #TeamKizito
    February 14, 09:08 Reply


    Erectile function? Ikenna struck again..

    Colossus. Dear Colossus,

    *exhales. (Happy Die’lentine’ day)

    • Williams
      February 14, 10:21 Reply


      Been waiting for your entries/series

      Kilode? #askingforthesilentreaders

  16. xpressivejboy
    February 14, 09:15 Reply

    This is so depressing.

    Ikenna, needs help; there are more better ways to go ’bout such.

    Haba! He’s an animal, a wild one…such that deserves to be thrown to the deserts.

    This had better be fiction.

    • Gad
      February 14, 11:05 Reply

      If fiction is the imaginations of the author then this one is

  17. trystham
    February 14, 09:28 Reply

    *pops popcorn into mouth and sips fanta from branded bottle* Hian!!! Na wah. This is Friday the 13th quality sha

  18. tobby
    February 14, 09:31 Reply

    Ok, apparently some sick minded individual thought it would be cool to wake us all up to some grotesque, horror story on a Valentine’s morning..


  19. Metrosexual
    February 14, 09:48 Reply

    I think this would be one of my favorite piece ever read. Very Good read.
    And y do I find myself giving Ikenna a pat on the back for this.

    • Paul
      February 14, 10:52 Reply

      Nt surprised 1 bit.
      Aren’t u guys in d same coven?

  20. MacArdry
    February 14, 10:20 Reply

    Good Lord!
    Bloodthirsty ghouls all about KD.
    “From the Tartars,ghouls and things that go thump in the dark,dear Lord deliver us.”
    *crosses self*

    • MacArdry
      February 14, 10:26 Reply

      Must have been quite the communion with the Unseelie Court yesterday,Colossus.
      Definitely a Friday the 13th worthy piece,not Valentine day’s.

  21. Dashawn
    February 14, 10:46 Reply

    Wtf kind of sick ass story is this?? Jesus! Ewwwww!!!!!

    • Lord II
      February 14, 11:13 Reply

      I tire oooo and to think all the power bottoms in d house are relishing it…Pinky the kind of things ur doing for ratings is just appalling. Imagine posting this very ‘educating and inspiring’ STUFF especially when all the WWW is NOW reading this…ok ooo

      • pinkpanthertb
        February 14, 11:35 Reply

        I’m going to start ignoring you from now henceforth. Your comments, I wont read. Your presence on this blog, I’ll ignore. That’s my Valentine gift to myself. So please kindly fuck off.

        • Gad
          February 14, 12:25 Reply

          I regard most of the activities here as fun among like minded guys. Pinky that is uncalled for. I hope this is not a case of bad company corrupting good manners

          • pinkpanthertb
            February 14, 12:36 Reply

            Don’t dare scold me please, gad. I don’t need bad company to not like a person. So in the interest of peace, keep your opinions to yourself and ill keep to myself. This had nothing to do with u to begin with.

      • Colossus
        February 14, 11:36 Reply

        Things pinky is doing for ratings?

      • pinkpanthertb
        February 14, 11:37 Reply

        Look at you being sarcastic about intelligence. You. Whats next, Preacher Pat Robertson will declare that he loves gays? Ha.

      • Paul
        February 14, 12:35 Reply

        Once in a while tk a deep breathe,pause,proof read
        B4 u hit dat send button.

      • Max
        February 14, 17:40 Reply

        Can’t bliv ya’ll still reply his comments. He jumps from one new commenter to another.. Will write my own horror story too. Haven’t read this yet, but I think I love it already.

  22. Tony Odekunle-Brown
    February 14, 11:37 Reply

    This is the best work of fiction I have read on this blog. And I hope it is fiction sha…

    Awesome job!

  23. Vhar.
    February 14, 11:54 Reply

    “H-I-P, further e, further e-po-po… P-Oooo P-Oooooo further e po-po…. Aaaan T-A-M-U-S further e po-po tay mos… E PO PO TAY MOS!!!!”

    The only thing thicker than blood is the ink on the headline of a major newspaper.

    The looooooooove I have for this write-up can and will never be fathomed.


  24. Deola
    February 14, 12:04 Reply

    Damilare and Vhar both of you are power bottoms for relishing this piece. Dazzal.

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 14, 12:23 Reply

      Hahahahahahaa! Mercury is too. And Dennis. Oh and I’m the TV producer who served this up for all power bottoms on KD. Why? For the ratings baybee!

      • Vhar.
        February 14, 12:30 Reply


        Do you know what it means to be a POWER bottom?
        Do you know what it takes to be a POWER bottom?
        Do you know when to be a POWER bottom?
        Do you know how to be a POWER bottom?
        Do you know Where to be a POWER bottom?

        You don’t.
        RESPECT those that do.


      • Mercury
        February 14, 12:46 Reply

        Lol!!!!!, I know, I know a thousand ways to slay a dick.

    • Vhar.
      February 14, 12:25 Reply

      Dee, becaref yourself there now now.

      Power ni, Stronger kor.

  25. King Mufasa
    February 14, 12:10 Reply

    Hian, colossus… so much gore for valentine’s.

    *saying a silent prayer* Max may we never become this couple that would be cutting each other’s phalluses off.

  26. Khaleesi
    February 14, 12:34 Reply

    Nice piece but … #melodramatic much# …

  27. jesuisnigeria
    February 14, 12:36 Reply

    pinky abeg no fight o and no vex. one love in the house please.

  28. lluvmua
    February 14, 13:32 Reply

    Jeez !!! Ok this is dark, twisted nd scary…… colossus hmmmmmm. Nice tale…… and ikenna wah happened to torturing the whore ??? why must u kill kwa??? Killin isn’t the ansa oooo. This was not how I raised u ikenna ooo… ….. and pls ikenna come nd deposit that d in my room…. its needed for some experiments… (only if its big nd has erectile dysfunction)….. (Dennis and chizze whould have been better names though) * drops mic*

  29. #TeamKizito
    February 14, 14:08 Reply

    William dear, exercise patience.
    *side-eyeing Pinky*

    OAN: It’s Kizito, Lawv.

    • Williams
      February 14, 21:19 Reply

      Tx,Looking foward to it.

      Hmm,hope thats not some variant of dystexia @Kitizo……

      Its WilliamS tho.

  30. Max
    February 14, 18:06 Reply

    Dark and fun read… Love it…
    We should have more stuff like this on KD.

  31. olima
    February 14, 22:39 Reply

    Nah! This is too gruesome for me. Ikenna shld go get a life! Wats over is over. We all human n only God keeps his promises. Wish I could find d mofo n exact an acid douching revenge on behalf of Paul.

    • Colossus
      February 15, 05:47 Reply

      Acid douching? Hahaha. Perfect revenge for a bottom I guess

  32. Peaches
    February 27, 03:31 Reply

    Blad of jeysos!!!… Sae this now and i swear my skin crawled.

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