The Script

The Script

I own this narrative

I’m scripting my draft

I’ll be telling my story

‘Cos I alone will be both cast and crew

Just me on this stage

Upon which every word uttered and gesture made

Is in synchronism with life’s unending drama

My costume is all sewn and ready

A closet full of different fabrics and daring hues

The props and lights are set

Monologues, asides and soliloquies etched on paper

Sometimes it’s just my stream of consciousness

Where I get to ruminate with the watching world none the wiser

On this set, I am both director and actor

A bold venture that fills me with more than a sliver of apprehension

A little stage fright, yes

And anger too, at this audience whose unknowing interest

Wrought this play, the flashing vistas of my pain

The joy and laughter shall be the musical score

The sobs and wretched emotions the background soundtrack

Each crashing and crescendoing the further the story unfolds

This story which is rich with alternations between those moments

Of darkness and depression clutching at my heart in vice-like grip

And grudging light and relief buoying me up in the aftermath

And when the credits roll in, it will be me, both cast and crew

Curtsying before the ovation, the crowd and the lights

For no true performance can be given

Than when you stay true to your own script

Written by Andrevn

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  1. Mandy
    February 16, 07:06 Reply

    ‘A closet full of different fabrics and daring hues…’

    A simple definition of a closeted gay man. Closeted. Having to play different characters. And so fabulously rainbowed.

  2. petrified
    February 16, 07:55 Reply

    I digress…i am sorry…a boy from school just asked via text if I am gay…i told him I would see him today…i want to tell him buh I am scared of future drama…i think he is gay too and likes me…buh we just met…i don’t want to be “out there” in the gaybourhood…

    • petrified
      February 16, 07:57 Reply

      Especially since I just started school here…

    • Wayfaring Stranger
      February 16, 10:07 Reply

      You must be friends if you already have each others number. Be discreet in your conversations and be on your guard.

      • petrified
        February 16, 11:33 Reply

        Well…we have just been on “hello..hi” basis till he asked for my phone…i guess that’s where he got my number from…i only resumed last week…i have no friends

    • ambivalentone
      February 16, 10:14 Reply

      I’d rather u were petrified than pulverized. Guy, just keep it cool, act affronted and not say anything until u r sure he’s open minded enough and not just wanting to kito u. Oh, study his behaviour around his other friends. That shud help in ur decision making

      • petrified
        February 16, 11:37 Reply

        Well…he asked “are you tb?” I asked what he meant and he said its a term familiar with guys into guys…meaning he is…right?..even if he opens up to me…i still don’t want to tell him about me…buh in the gaybourhood…everyone knows everyone that has slept with everyone…lol…so I guess its only a matter of time…

        • ambivalentone
          February 16, 13:42 Reply

          WRONG! A straight guy unwittingly introduced me to the gay-date scene. Because he uses ‘tb’, ‘queer’, ‘sister’, ‘gurl’, ‘fairy’ don’t make no one gay.
          But seeing as u r saying u av slept with half of lagos, I guess it will be sooner than later he knows shey? Its cool. Sha be careful

          • prez
            February 16, 14:32 Reply

            Come on, “slept with half of lagos?” …. Pls be kind

          • Wayfaring Stranger
            February 16, 16:15 Reply

            “Everyone” is more than half of Lagos oh.
            Mr. Petrified, I’m assuming you’re in Unilag. If within just a week of resumption; someone is already asking this question and you don’t want to be “out in the hood”, you should do less of whatever you’re doing that’s arousing the suspicion.

            • petrified
              February 16, 16:30 Reply

              Hian…a boy cannot be gentle and cute again?,,,lol..thank you very much for everything…i spoke to him…he is gay and likes me…now we are cool and would be cool coursemates…nothing more….

              And no…i have not had sex with Lagos biko…lol…what I was saying is even if i don’t tell him…one way or the other , he would find out from other queer friends(no sex involved) …you get?..

              • chuck
                February 16, 16:49 Reply

                just be careful at Unilag. Remember that the rest of your life can be affected by decisions you make now

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