Some years ago, when I was in Abuja, a white friend of mine was visiting from the States and wanted some big African wood to cement his African dream experience. I really didn’t know anyone who fit the description of his ideal man, so I started calling friends for referrals.

It happened that one day, I was in a taxi on my way to work, when I got a call from an acquaintance who told me that our mutual friend had informed him of the search. He knew someone who scored all the points for the ideal candidate but the only issue was that this someone was straight and because of that, would charge my white friend at least 70 thousand naira and he (the pimp) would have a commission of 20 thousand naira.

Da fuck!!! Was I hearing correctly? I didn’t waste any time in putting the dude in place.

“How the prick wan big reach wey you dey charge 70k?” I fired. I didn’t even let him complete his response before hanging up.

I was fuming as I alighted from the cab when we arrived at my destination. After I’d paid the fare, the taxi driver asked me what time I would close from work and offered me a discount if I let him pick me up. It wasn’t a bad idea, so I agreed.

It was in that instant that I actually took note of the driver’s looks. A very dark and good looking man he was. He asked for my number and I gave it to him.

At the close of work, he came to pick me up and as he drove, he started a conversation. He told me he’d overheard my conversation that morning and was interested. He didn’t beat about the bush. He said his dick was very big, so big in fact that when he squats to take a shit, it touches the ground. He said even women complain about it. I sat quietly and listened to him.

He went further to say he’d never been with a man as an adult, but as a kid, he and his male cousins played around with each other’s dicks. He told me he desperately needed money to pay for the taxi because he drove it on hire.

“Big bros, even if na 5k, I no mind… Market never move for me since two weeks and I dey owe the oga wey get this motor,” he begged.

“So how many inches and width are you?” I asked bluntly. Even though I sounded indifferent, my pulse was going mad with excitement.

“Boss, honestly I no know, but e fat like this.” He made a crescent shape with the fingers of his very large hand and I almost flipped.

“Wait! This your big hand cannot go round it?” I asked with eyes wide open.

“Boss, I dey tell you. I no go lie,” he replied.

“Length nko?” I asked.

He stretched his large hand and said, “Add another…let me say…add like that kain 3 or 4 inches join am.” He was referring to the distance from his thumb to his stretched middle finger.

“Na lie!” I said in disbelief.

“I swear with my papa name, Boss. I no go lie you.”

I looked at his hairy, strong-looking arms and his broad, solid chest that was visible through his shirt. I tried to figure out if my dick-o-meter reader would give me hints of an XXXL.

“So how will I know you’re saying the truth?” I asked, my curiosity taking possession of me.

“Haba, Boss, you be man like me nah. No be the same thing we get? Nothing dey dia. I go clear your doubt,” he said simply.

We agreed that he would show me what he was packing in his house when he ends his running around for the day. According to him, knowing where he lived was a step of trust and transparency.

I was home minding my business that night when my phone rang. It was him. I got dressed and got into his car. We first drove to get suya and some drinks (at his expense) before we drove all the way to his house in Suleja. I hadn’t told him I was gay and besides he was the one in need, so I had nothing to fear.

It was a long ride and thankfully it was a Friday, so I wasn’t worried about time.

We arrived at his one-bedroom flat and he went to have his shower while I went through his family album. Shortly afterwards, he reemerged with just his towel on. Broad solid chest covered with lush black hair, strong shoulders, and standing at nothing less than 6ft 3, this driver was a catch!

“E never rise,” he said as he dropped his towel. Even in repose, his dick was a trophy – big mushroom head and equally big shaft.

I had to squeeze my instant boner down in between my thighs as my mouth watered.

“Try make am stand,” I said.

He went for his electronic device at the corner of the sitting room and turned on a porn movie. This guy was totally un-self-conscious. As the movie started, he went into the room to grab a body lotion. He returned and right in front of me, he began stroking. And slowly his wood began to grow.

I always thought I was big and had seen it all until that day.


I couldn’t hold myself any longer. I let go of my hard-on and asked him to pass me the lotion. Instead of taking the lotion from his outstretched arm and getting back to my seat, I took it and got seated right next to him.

“Chairman, you carry weapon o,” he said as he glanced at my erection.

“Na your own confirm pass,” I said as I stared at his member like someone under some hypnosis.

He chuckled and said, “Abi you still dey doubt?”

“Make I touch am? This cannot be real,” I said, hoping that the clear sound of disbelief in my voice would make him give me permission to touch him.

“Feel am nah,” he said, eager to convince me that he was packing the real deal. “Hundred percent natural… I no take any drugs.”

As I reached for his dick, he let go of it. “Bloody hell…” was all I could say as I held his erection in my hand. I gently squeezed and it throbbed.

SHIT! My palm was almost fully stretched as I gripped it. I had to let go of my dick so my left hand could support my right. With both hands, I began to massage and stroke. He sank into his sofa and parted his thick thighs. He was feeling the sensation. As I looked at his handsome face, all I wanted to do was kiss him, but I restrained myself.

As I worked his dick, I told him some people would kill for an experience with it. He told me he’d been looking for a sugar mummy for years but was unlucky.

“I dey hear say man-to-man fun dey pay well-well,” he added.

“Before nko!” I quickly replied. I told him gay sex was such an incredible experience and that was why lots of guys indulged in it, and that even most straight guys would rather fuck a woman in the ass than the vagina.

“I dey see that one too. I never fuck nyash hole before,” he responded.

At this point, I had removed my shorts and was positioned in between his massive hairy thighs. His big balls hung down beautifully and as I touched them, all I was imagining was having the sac slap merrily at my behind while he fucked me from behind.

I concentrated my stroking game on his cock head with one hand while the other massaged his shaft. He slowly began thrusting into my hands and I leaned over him and took one of his nipples into my mouth. He jerked away. It was pure reflex action.

Adding a bit of command to my voice, I said, “Guy, calm down.”

And he did. Indeed, when a man’s dick is hard, he is as obedient as a circus dog.

I tongued and sucked his nipples so nice and gentle, synchronizing my ministration with the rhythm of my stroking of his dick. He began to moan and arch his hips forcefully to meet my hand job. He was now fucking my hands lovingly.

I deftly used my shirt to wipe the lotion off his dick because I was dying to have him in my mouth.
With my mouth now open, I was leaning forward to take his humongous cock in, when he began to giggle and attempt to block his dick away from my mouth.

“Oh boy, rest nah,” he said with a laugh. “You don spoil.” He started trying to use his elbow to playfully ward me off as he continued giggling.

But I wasn’t to be deterred. I parted his thighs some more and went for his balls. Taking them in my mouth, I began showing them some good loving. He gasped as I rolled them gently with my tongue. I went down to his asshole and started to rim him. He began stroking his dick as he lifted his muscular legs slightly, allowing me gain more access to his virgin hole.

“Jesus Christ ooooo!” he gasped as I flicked my tongue over his asshole.

Then I took his dick off his hands and stuffed my mouth with it. He bucked and gasped as my mouth began to wrap itself lovingly over his tool. He looked really dazed and the expression of silent ecstasy on his face was epic. He watched me take him further into my oesophagus, choking and gasping for air but not giving a damn if I died of suffocation or not.

Then I moved from his dick to the rest of his body. I got on top of him, licking every inch of his solid body my tongue could find. I got to his face, licked his cheeks and then his mouth. To my amazement, his lips immediately caught mine and we went into a kissing frenzy.

This man kissed me beyond explanation.

As we lip-locked, I reached for the lotion and began working on my hole with one hand while I resumed my stroking on his elephant dick with the other. He seemed to be in a trance of pleasure when I mounted him and gently took him into the custody of my pleasure chamber.

Indeed, it was a challenge of courage to ride such a dick and not fear for your life. He asked me to stand up and when I did, my legs were quaking so much, they gave way, causing me to collapse. I’d have dropped to the ground if his string hands weren’t holding me up.

“Na muscle pull?” he asked with concern.

Muscle Pull indeed! Oga, I have just now been in the labour room taking in a baby instead of giving birth to one, I cussed in my head.

Aloud I panted, “Which kain muscle pull? Oh boy, this your prick na fire.”

With his body glistening with sweat as his broad hairy chest rose and fell with his respiration, his mammoth dick nodded I agreement to my declaration. He grinned as he said, “This small tin na him you dey call fire? Na him be say you still never confirm.”

His big grin slowly began to fade as he looked down at his dick. With his index finger, he raised it, turning it from side to side as he inspected it.

“Wetin?” I asked him. My heart was beating as I hoped my bowel hadn’t betrayed my douching.

“Omo, the tin still clean o,” he said.

Swelling with pride, I said a few boasting words about how I paid attention to my hygiene.

“E no make sense nah…” He sounded disappointed. “Na nyash I fuck. No be toto.”

“Meaning?” I said, now confused.

“Boss, see eh, no matter how nyash wan fine or sweet reach, shit go still dey inside. If you dey fuck nyash, you suppose get confirmation say na nyash you fuck. You dey feel me?”

“So you want make I shit full your dick?” I asked irritably.

“No oh! Aahh! No be that one. At least make small sign show say na nyash. Oya reason say you go restaurant wey one plate of food na 4k. How you wan take prove say you don chop dia if dem ask you?”

I simply stared at him, speechless. I honestly didn’t know what to say to him.

“Shebi you understand me?” he urged.

“Oya na, fuck the shit comot make I rest,” I said, throwing decency out the window.

His grin returned as he merrily said, “BAD GUY!”

I stared at his slumped semi-hard penis. MY LORD! It looked unbelievable. I could swear it looked bigger now that it was nearly flaccid than when it was fully erect.

“E don dey fall,” he said as he took his big dick in his hand, tugging it to revive it.

“Abeg open your hole make e ginger me. If I see am, e go quick rise.” His eyes held a desperate plea, like he was afraid I might refuse.

I don’t know why but in that instant, I felt sorry for him. I complied, sinking into the sofa on my back and throwing my legs back, exposing my gaping hole, bruised red from the time I rode his dick.

“Omo, see hole,” he groaned. He gazed at it with raw desire as he flicked a finger over it, his breath coming with a hiss through his teeth.

He inserted one of his sausagey fingers into my hole and after some slow working, he made it two. His eyes were fixed on what he was doing for a while, and then slowly, his gaze travelled from my hole to my dick, my tummy, my nipples, my neck, and then our eyes locked. He looked at me and grinned with unbridled happiness as he shook his head as if he was yet to believe how sweet this experience was.

His cock grew gradually to full turgidity, each nod enhancing it to its former breathtaking glory. The network of veins on his prick stood out and gave the prick a very angry look. I reached out my hand for his penis and held it reverently.

So this penis is what I want to give oyibo? I thought to myself.

He loomed over me and after some pushing and prodding, he was inside me once more, filling up every nook and cranny of my hole. He waited a few seconds and then began to slam me. I relaxed while taking deep breaths so as to allow the pain flow easily all through my body. I held him close to me as he fucked me.

“Make we do sideways style so I go fit release,” he grunted as he withdrew his dick and motioned me to get on my side.

I had my face and the front of my body pressed to the sofa with my left leg inclined on the head rest of the ripped, cheap leather. I felt the warmth of his body on my back and then a slow penetration as a loving embrace followed.

“I will fuck the shit out baby! YESSOOOHHH! AAAHHHHH! I will fuck out your shit from your sweet nyash!” he repeatedly moaned into my ears as he stabbed the smoke out of my walls.

At some point, the pain subsided and all I could feel was the sensational frictions of his cock on my walls. He began to thrust at intervals, after rotating his hips clockwise and anti-clockwise. He was proving to be very good at loving my asshole because I was starting to ooze some creamy ass juice at this point. As he thrust, he squeezed me so tight to him that I started to suffocate. I sensed his climax coming when he pressed his hips so hard into me and his muscles began to tremble. For about a minute, he was in that position and then, he began to make some grunting sounds as he pressed harder into me. He couldn’t go in any deeper no matter how hard he tried to press his pulsating cock into my ass.

But he tried nonetheless as the wave of orgasm crashed through his body. Then with a popping sound, he withdrew his pole from my hole. We spent a few moments catching our breath, before we turned to inspect his dick.

And there it was, right at the corner of the fat mushroom head – the proof that he’d fucked nyash.

“That is what I’m talking about,” he bragged as he stared at the brown smudge with satisfaction. He looked at me and smiled. Gently turning me again, he went back inside, thrust a few times and then withdrew again.

Then he went to shower and after he did, I went in to clean myself too. I was so tired and so was he. We slept off in each other’s arms.

The next morning, we chatted and I contacted the white man. My taxi driver however kept saying that it was me he wanted. He wasn’t interested anymore in meeting the white man. But I didn’t want it to look like I’d been lying about the runs, so I insisted.

My white friend asked that we meet at Cede Plaza. My taxi driver and I went there to meet the white man in the company of two guys. One I didn’t know and the other was the dude who I told off the previous day for demanding 70k for the guy he was pimping.

Both guys were very annoying, speaking “phonetic” English and being all over the white man. The stupid white man himself began behaving a bit hostile toward me and my taxi driver friend, to the point that my taxi driver friend asked that we leave immediately right before them. (I later got to find out that my white friend had asked other people besides me to get him a fuck buddy. I was positive that they wouldn’t get any prize for him that was as worthy as my new friend).

A few days later, I called my friend and handed him 20k to settle his boss. At first, he balked from accepting the money from me and joked about whether I’ve seen a guy pay someone for wrecking his car (lol). Eventually I was able to persuade him and he took just 10k. He said it was all he needed and he thanked me.

But our friendship, it would seem, was not to be. My village witches were at work. He travelled to his hometown soon after, and in that time, I moved out from where I was living to someplace else. Then I had a job to do in Lagos. I was in Lagos, hanging out somewhere at night when he called me. He was back to Abuja and wasn’t happy I was away. He told me he came to my old house to meet it empty. I assured him that when I come back to Abuja, I would take him to my new place. When he started talking about how he missed my ass and wanted to fuck me again, I had to walk away from the people around the club to someplace private so we could talk better.

But I didn’t reckon with the hoodlums of Lagos.

Right there, under a well-street-lit night, a group of boys attacked me. They snatched my phone and were moving on to taking off my shoes as well when a policeman shouted, “STOP!” from a close distance. They took off in different directions. The policeman, when he got to me, shaken as I was, instructed me to go back to wherever I’d been before and not wander the streets because it was dangerous.

At that period, I was so broke and had no hope of being flush until my business in Lagos was over. I was phoneless for a little over a month and when I restored my line, I prayed my taxi driver would call back so I’d get back in touch with him.

But he never did.

I’d been to his house in Suleja just that one time in the night, and so, there was no way I would be able to trace him there. Also his house really didn’t have a number. Just rows of mini flats hidden in a street corner.

Many years have passed since then, but hopefully he’s reading this – or someone who knows him is reading this. His name is Francis and he’s from Edo State. He’s very dark and has a build that’s a cross between muscular and chubby. He also has a light voice that enables his personality as a jokester.

If you’re reading this, Francis, this is me saying “Hi.”

Written by Joe Alex

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  1. Tobby
    October 02, 05:18 Reply

    Yeah. Thanks for the boner.

  2. Gad
    October 02, 05:47 Reply

    Chai, the “please can I have his contact” crew has just been hit with violent disappointment. No thanks to the loss of contact.
    Quite entertaining

  3. O'pal
    October 02, 06:40 Reply

    Nice one. Like a previous story some weeks ago, this was published on a blog few days back. Just hope it’s same writer and not taken without permission though. Cheers

  4. Ebuka Mmaduabuchukwu
    October 02, 07:03 Reply

    Oh lawd of Mercy. My eyes were literally glued to my phone while I was reading this. This is so awesome. I really hope Francis will see this.

  5. Foxydevil
    October 02, 07:42 Reply

    A tad too much info but an amazing story all the same.
    I love the pidgin English too, it’s been long I’ve seen a properly laced ,beautifully written pidgin in KD where everyone is trying to out speak the other ?????
    Nice story handsome Joe Alex ? ? ? ?
    I look forward to more submissions from you…. here is me wishing you find your hunky honker and give us more steamy stories. ?

  6. WhoIsUgo
    October 02, 08:11 Reply

    Damn, he nearly died for the D
    My nigga lost his phone for the D
    Many years have passed since the D
    But he still writing stories for the D????

  7. Ken George
    October 02, 08:25 Reply

    Reading this, i actually felt both disgusted and aroused. People who have sex for money disgust me. But interesting story tho

    • Mandy
      October 02, 10:03 Reply

      Foxydevil, coman collect your sub. ?

      • trystham
        October 02, 10:26 Reply

        Please o. Driver na work. Olosho na business. The cab driver had more than enough pride. Dude actually REFUSED money. Abeg, them two are not in the same category.

        • Ken George
          October 02, 11:31 Reply

          Hmm a dirty disgusting business if u ask me. Mostly for people who have their brains in their balls.

          Anyway but while we are at it, why are most white tbs coming to abuja/nigeria often hungry nasty power bottoms?? I dont get o

        • Foxydevil
          October 02, 11:33 Reply

          Just like flies perching on excrement… this one jumps on every mention foxy. Keep hyperventilating like an epileptic retard all over my name, trystham… one day I might be kind enough to let my dog fuck you since you are a horny bitch.

          • trystham
            October 02, 12:32 Reply

            Person no dey chop mess dey say e sweet. You are consistent source of disgust to me. Biko, I av to spew.

            BTW, isn’t it apt u described urself as excretement? You do have a way with words. ROTFLMAO

            • foxydevil
              October 02, 15:16 Reply

              that was an ” idiomatic expression ”
              under figure of speech to be exact
              …..if you did something as basic as literature in your high school you would have known.
              But let’s say I’ve assumed the role of an excrement and you’ve assumed the role of a fly ?
              You do know Excrements are more useful than flies. While the fly goes around spreading diseases ranging from tuberculosis, hep 1 and dysentery… Excrements helps in providing manure for plants, they are rich in helpful bacteria that helps in producing the food wasted on idiots like you. ?
              So even in our not so flattering roles, why does it look like I’m still more useful than you are. Wasted sperm .

              • trystham
                October 02, 17:49 Reply

                #sigh Biko, ur touted high IQ results, who examined and evaluated you? Abi u fucked ur way into the computer programming? Dysentery, cholera, diarrhoea, …. u go just type epistle wey go just advertise ur Doctorate Level idiocy

        • Foxydevil
          October 02, 21:14 Reply

          When I said you were birthed by a whore, who instead of taking you to school was busy fucking around for weed, filling up her very wide hole with sperms ,you denied it but look at you.
          You don’t even know all those diseases can also be caused by house flies ????????? what an empty brain.
          Now let me educate you, when a house fly picks the stool of someone affiliated with the Afro mentioned diseases and drops it in your food, you can also be infected.
          Hep 1/A can be transmitted by house flies
          Hep 2/B OR 3/C are mostly transmitted through sex or infected blood.
          Same goes for tuberculosis and dysentery.
          You have nothing in your head, no wonder men use you and dumb you like rag. Cheap skanks see themselves in everyone. I’m nothing like you, I ain’t easy to smash and absolutely no one can treat me like trash. ?
          Now let’s talk about computer programmes ……are you by any chance saying I did computer programming or this idiot actually think computers are used to measure intelligence quotient (IQ)
          Hahahaha hahahahahaha who used your brain to wrap suya? You prove your stupidity daily. Take off sometime from picking fights with your betters here and go read up and advance in knowledge, you know nothing. What an empty shell of a man.
          And last but certainly not the least….. I don’t remember ever discussing the level of my IQ with you, I know of course you are delusional and hallucinate quite often, you’ve proven that time and time again even when you said I was a lawyer, here you are again making a fool of yourself.
          I’ve never touted my IQ. I did well academically but that was because I could cram up any book and it sticks, that doesn’t mean my IQ is sky high.
          And knowing IQ tests are mostly statistically based ,most of the people that are art inclined won’t score high on that test (that doesn’t exempt you ,although I’m yet to see any talent you possess)

          A parting note….
          You brought up some diseases I didn’t mention in the bid to spite me like cholera etc
          Just telling you that cholera is actually caused by house flies too. You winded up making a fool of yourself. You make it too easy to insult you ????????hahahaha hahahahahaha .

          • trystham
            October 02, 22:46 Reply

            Nobody is dragging the quality or virulence of ur shittiness with you bruv
            In the end, u r still full of shit.
            Liars never remember their lies. It is safe to assume the rest of ur tales are the figment of an active imagination. But let us help u believe, for a moment, u did indeed go thru school to do all that cramming, it must av pushed out all the good stuff and left u with a hollowed-out cranial space. Small breeze cannot blow near ur head in peace.
            I thot to go all out after warning u, but hey, ur existence is a lie. I cannot develop high bp over what isnt. Still I cannot fathom ur fascination with trystham’s mother. However, if she, old time whore that she is, is still a threat to the elitist, educated fantasy world teeming with rich, paying bfs that u av created for urself, u r more pathetic than I ever imagined.

      • Foxydevil
        October 02, 11:23 Reply

        I don’t think he was referring to me, he was speaking in general terms and he is 100 percent entitled to his opinion.
        People all have preferences and things that disgust them .
        Just like he is disgusted with people that have sex for money someone somewhere is disgusted with men that have sex with men and it irks them just as much only those people are labelled as “homophobic ” but no one gets a label for slut shaming others.
        Don’t we all just love our hypocritical society ?
        Don’t bring beef where there is none.

        And I don’t have sex for money.
        I don’t just date people that have nothing to offer.
        I have a massive amount of self control so I can withhold the urge for quick sex and focus on the greater picture.
        Telling your boy friend to help finance your project and splitting the gains with him when it turns out a success is not my idea of sleeping with someone for cash.
        Dating an artist and learning to sketch guided by his very impressive tutelage is not my idea of dating for cash .
        Dating your dance instructor and getting Six month free package isn’t exactly dating for cash….
        And now dating a near genius with an IQ of 157 ,borrowing all his ideas and hoping to use it to create ground breaking movies that will give Cameron a run for his money ? isn’t exactly dating for cash.
        There are two sides in this world……..either you are using people or they are using you… As enchanting as the latter sounds, I prefer the former.
        Do have a good day mandelicious.

        I forgot, I tested 27 out of 40 on a narcissitic disorder test.
        They said that was one of the highest scores ever recorded. ?????
        Need I say more??

        • Ken George
          October 02, 11:38 Reply

          Well dear, your sermon says it all. Diff strokes for diff folks. Its just my opinion and in my opinion sluts, gold diggers and blackmailers are huge contributors to homophobia and hate in the gay community. I cannot comprehend why a full grown adult male just like myself will demand that i pay him for a service we both enjoyed together. Its like, u really cant sink lower than that in my book.

          • Pink Panther
            October 02, 11:54 Reply

            Ken, do you apply this judgmentality to women who feel entitled to money from guys who fuck them?

            • Ken George
              October 02, 12:58 Reply

              Judgementality, you say? Well a slut remains a slut whether male or female. Demanding for money after sex is cheap and disgusting

  8. Narcissus
    October 02, 08:38 Reply

    Okay, now that was all shades of pleasure. Dayyyuuumm

  9. Delle
    October 02, 08:48 Reply


    The Francis guy reminds me of one guy I used to fuck sometime last year. Whenever he was pounding away, he would chant, “toto dey sweet, ah toto dey sweet.”
    It’s supposed to be off-putting but surprisingly was very arousing ???

    This story was lit. And what guy wants to see a brown smudge proof? Lol.

    I like the way it was written. You’d know it’s non-fiction. Well done, Joe.

    Now let me go and take care of my boner ???

    • Pink Panther
      October 02, 10:10 Reply

      Toto dry sweet, ah toto dry sweet.


      That one na local champion.

  10. trystham
    October 02, 08:51 Reply

    Looooool. This is the moment where Pjay will be crowing over my head in victory – Every man has his price and can be ‘tweaked’ into fucking nyash. All these cab-men tales sef. I still haven’t gotten over the “Mr Nyashman, I say gee the useless man phone”

    • Pink Panther
      October 02, 10:11 Reply

      That woman has been validated with this story, as you can see.

    • Pjay
      October 02, 10:25 Reply

      Flesh and blood hath not revealed this to you, my dear trystham. Funnily, I kept thinking about Innocent while reading through.

      • trystham
        October 02, 10:30 Reply

        Please o. Leave my Innocent innocent o. Dem suppose don finish exam na…and I thot we agreed that the way to his heart was thru his stomach.

  11. Gaia
    October 02, 10:53 Reply

    You people will kill somebody oooo

  12. J
    October 02, 10:57 Reply

    Nice write-up Joe Alex. I hope you meet Francis again and let it be more than sex ???

  13. Tangie Bloom
    October 02, 11:40 Reply

    I dey person house but I swear I almost went into the bathroom to ‘relieve’ myself of all the pressure this story was causing me.

    Damn. This one maddd gan!

  14. J
    October 02, 12:56 Reply

    Hmmmm so Edo people are this good ??? I never knew and I have been here in Benin for sometime now… I need me an Edo God!

    • Ken George
      October 02, 13:02 Reply

      Lol. See ur advert skills. Oya cum n be going

      • J
        October 02, 16:49 Reply

        LOL leave ooo I am lonely ?

  15. Michael
    October 02, 18:34 Reply

    What’s with Edo people and bug dicks self…

  16. nuel
    October 02, 20:20 Reply

    We are just too endowed…. @ j lonely??? hmmmm u sure missing I must say.

    • J
      October 02, 21:39 Reply

      LOL yes I am hopelessly romantic, but I need a good man for a long term relationship…Not just for a day ☺

  17. -nel
    October 04, 18:11 Reply

    OMG! I had a serious hard on reading this thanks

  18. Chizzy
    October 06, 11:09 Reply

    HIV/AIDS, STD, STI, they are all real ooo. Protection! Protection!! Protection!!!

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