There Appears To Be Extortion Involving People’s Nudes Going On Online

There Appears To Be Extortion Involving People’s Nudes Going On Online

The first time a report got to us, the community member said someone simply reached out to him inbox and began threatening him with the release of his nudes if he didn’t pay them some amount of money. It was clear that these people were randomly reaching out to guys they perceive to be gay, hoping to get someone upon whom their threats will stick.

Unfortunately for them, this guy was certain that he had no nudes floating around anywhere and told them to go fuck themselves.

Then a few days ago, someone reached out to us, with a more elaborate narration of how someone was trying to con him to part with some money so they don’t make public his nudes.

Apparently, the operation is this: they reach out to you with a seemingly legitimate social media account and smooth-talk you into sending them your nudes for some modeling gig they promise will fetch you some serious money. And when you have sent those nudes to them, they block you, after which someone will buzz you on WhatsApp, claiming to have stumbled on your nude photos and playing the good cop that wants to help you so the bad cop that is his hacker cousin (the one who has the nudes) won’t send the pictures to be published by the notoriously corrupt owner of the Twitter account, JpCockIsland. (This twitter account – proudly advertised with the name “Original 9ja Cocks and porn videos” and the profile detail “9jaLgbtBlog nudity … send us porn or leaked video” – is owned by an unscrupulous member of the gay community who posts damning photos and videos of gay men, without their consent, to the delight of his perverse followers. And if you are a victim and approach him to ask that your nudes to taken down, he will ask you for money.)

Below is the conversation I had with the guy who came to report this extortion attempted on him.

Here are some screenshots he shared:

More screenshots shared:

Back to the conversation:

Now, while this KDian didn’t give in to this cheap attempt at blackmail, choosing instead to block the numbers texting him on WhatsApp and moving on with the hope that whatever they do with his nudes won’t cause any damage to him, I feel like I should point out again – just like I did in this previously-published post about blackmail.

In my book, there are only two reasons for you to send a nude to anyone online: one, if this person is someone who is very close and trustworthy to you, and two, if you are the sort of person who would not be embarrassed if your nudes are made public.

I constantly say this to friends, acquaintances and people who make reports about being targeted by nude-photo blackmail: “Before you send that nude picture, ask yourself this – ‘Will I be embarrassed if this picture somehow makes it online?’ If the answer is no, then by all means, click SEND. If the answer is yes, then you should probably send that photo back to the folder where it came from.”

And please, to those who might be prone to fall for these online operations that make promises of money and glory, ALWAYS THINK TWICE IF THAT PROMISE REQUIRES YOU TO GIVE THEM SOMETHING MEANINGFUL FIRST.

I am yet to hear of any modeling contract that needs your nude photos to be sent over first for it to be signed. At best, these are sex operations that acquire material to sell to porn-loving customers on the internet. At worst, these are kito scum who are looking for a payday that they intend to get by blackmailing you.

Finally, I feel like I should say this, because someone actually asked me something relating to it. This KDian sent me a message, wanting to know which he should do that would be safer with the guy he’s getting to know: send a nude picture or have video sex. He appeared to be leaning toward the video sex.

Which is silly because VIDEO SEX CAN BE RECORDED!!!

Let us be a little wiser every day.

Thank you.

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  1. trystham
    March 10, 10:05 Reply

    Please ó. I am one of the ‘perverse’ followers of that JP Cock dude. I guess this is the post I have been waiting on to help me decide where to actually place him. I always wondered who gave him the authority to ‘ban’ ppl from the gay community and about the pictures and videos he’d always put up.

  2. Wtf
    March 10, 12:21 Reply

    Yo I literally follow jueswae and a lot of freak twitter follow him,wtf!!!

  3. Colossus
    March 11, 00:02 Reply

    Na wah oooo, fuck we no dey fuck. Now we can’t send nudes again? Where is the monastery, sign me up.

  4. Tristan
    March 24, 13:58 Reply

    If you wanna have video sex at all costs, wear a mask and cover all body marks that may identify you. Remain speechless too.

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