Too Hot To Be A Criminal?

Too Hot To Be A Criminal?

Pictures2Four people were arrested and four guns were seized in an Operation Ceasefire sweep in Stockton’s Weston Ranch area Wednesday. Police say a recent uptick in crime in that area led to search warrants being served at 11 different locations.

Officers arrested 30-year-old Jeremy Meeks, 22-year-old Terry Bailey, 18-year-old Jurzi Coleman and 44-year-old Joelin Coleman, all on felony weapon charges. The four guns seized were two rifles, a handgun and a shotgun.

Since this story has aired, Jeremy Meeks’ mug shot has gotten a lot of online attention from people more concerned about his looks than his crimes.

hot criminalComments like “he’s hot”, “is it illegal to be that sexy?”, etc. accompany his picture posted on FOX40′s and the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook pages. At one point, about 24 hours after the photos were posted to the department’s page, Meeks’ photo had more than 15,000 “likes” and 3,700 comments. Meanwhile Terry Bailey, who was arrested for the same crimes during the same police sweep as Meeks, only had 14 “likes” and 4 comments. Is it all in the eyes?

This is not Meeks’ first mugshot. He was convicted of theft, felony forgery and using a false ID in Washington. He also faced charges for negligent driving while in Washington. His photo is attracting a lot of attention, and now thousands are hoping to free him, “#FreeJeremyMeeks” is trending on Twitter.

*shaking my head* America, seriously? Lol. Finally though, the guy’s smoking hot. So smoking, my friend saw his picture and said he’s the kind of criminal who will come to rob you and you’ll watch him, mesmerized, while he robs you, without raising any alarm. Lol

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  1. trystham
    June 21, 07:08 Reply

    Tharris why I dislike fine boys. I have to work my arse off for everything n they just come in, flash smiles and thats it. Rot in jail abeg.

    • earl.
      June 21, 07:13 Reply

      Hate not, bitch..! *rolling my eyes*

    • JustJames
      June 21, 07:15 Reply

      Lol. I can relate to how trystham feels. I will be gisting with one guy on my phone and I put up a profile picture with my brother in it and people will always go off topic and be asking about my bro and saying how he is fine… Some fools feel they even have to point out he is finer than me.

    • Chizzie
      June 21, 07:55 Reply

      you’re probably bitter because you are too sexually unattractive to land a man like that.

      • trystham
        June 21, 08:03 Reply

        I don’t even claim attractive. I aint some wannabe stare-at-the-mirror-to-fabricate-sexy fake arse person like you. So I think I tend to attract SERIOUS bros. It pays me hunnay.

    • Chizzie
      June 21, 08:24 Reply

      im glad u know u aren’t physically appealing . Your definition of serious guys would be in my opinion, guys that have limited options ( seeing as they are just as physically unappealing) and therefore settle for less and maybe suddenly become born again when they find something slightly less inferior.

      • Dubem
        June 21, 08:39 Reply

        BURN!!! Kai! Chizzie, no one can out-bitch you on this blog, it seems. Lol. You just had to go there. That trystham’s story wasn’t for us to taunt him with ooo. Lol

      • earl.
        June 21, 10:05 Reply

        Ook…. That was WICKED…!!!! Ahn Ahn…

      • trystham
        June 21, 13:26 Reply

        Hehehehehe. I wasn’t surprised you wud throw in that bit. You must be one of those vengeful bitches abi? So you know, at some point in YOUR story, I expected to see ‘culled from the Daily times’. It was as fake as your ‘copy and paste’ existence. Sitting at your computer wishing you had half a life that I barely have. Swerve, biko

  2. JustJames
    June 21, 07:13 Reply

    This has me laughing so hard. I hope they are not really hoping to free him. Amurica is really really fucked up. I’d like to live there.

    And yes he is hot. Imagine those eyes piercing into your soul as he takes you… *goosepimples*

  3. kendigin
    June 21, 07:40 Reply

    His eyes are dead! Its the eyes of a guy who doesn’t and can never give a shit abt u.
    Thos he’s handsome with great bone structure. But I keep off such guys. This 1 can kill person o

    • Chizzie
      June 21, 07:59 Reply

      to be honest. . I really don’t know what the fuss is about with his mugshot; maybe because he is light skinned? and I’ve never really found light skinned men that attractive. But those eyes are stunning. ..I figure if he were gay he’ll probably be bottom because he is too “pretty”

    • JustJames
      June 21, 10:22 Reply

      It’s a mugshot. You don’t expect him to smile and say cheese.

  4. Queer Mike.
    June 21, 10:21 Reply

    the jeremy guy is not very hawt joor .. I like his facial structure but those eyes??? like hell to the no! he doesnt even arouse my ‘gaydar’

    but that Terry Bailey dude though! Check out his edible lips!!! gimme just 5minutes quickie with him one-on-one.
    he would tattoo my initials on that schlong afterwards.

  5. CeeCee
    June 21, 10:47 Reply

    Duh, Americans can like over sensationalize things joor … nice eyes, thick full lips yea … hes just there abeg, I probably wouldnt look at him 2ce … am light skinned and so dont usually dig light skinned guys except they r drop dead gorgeous … well whatever rocks y’alls boat …

  6. Mart
    June 21, 13:47 Reply

    Just the topic I was discussing with my bey this morning. Pronounced cheekbones, bluish-gray eyes and boom, the criminal turns hot. Only in the US. Mehn, people here want me to keep talking because my accent is sexy and they want to learn to say things the way I say them. Like I said, only in the US.

  7. KingBey
    June 21, 17:28 Reply

    For me, I will go for Terry Bailey….Am not a fan of fair dudes..but I love his hazel eyes…that’s all !

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