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“I Am Fetishized For My Dick.” Gay Guy With A 10-inch Penis Speaks

I’m a 25-year-old gay man from Spain, living in London. I guess you could say I’m pretty big all over. I’m just over 6 feet tall, and have US size

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The #MetGala Story We Wish Hollywood Would Tell

So you remember that time when Twitter generated the possible motion picture storyline starring Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o? Well, Twitter is sure starting to take this movie pitching career seriously.


    • Mandy
      January 04, 07:35 Reply

      All these Goth American teenagers, guys and girls, wear nail polish. Black. It’s not even remotely associated with femininity. And its seen as cool. So yea, really, nail polish. lol

      • ambivalentone
        January 04, 09:46 Reply

        That black is even paint. I hear some American execs wear polish after they do a full manicure. Wo, God sha make me successful

  1. Kenny
    January 04, 07:26 Reply

    The tweet, word! The nail polish part tho……

  2. sinnex
    January 04, 07:32 Reply

    Even some gay guys don’t do any of those. This guy sef…

  3. Brian Collins
    January 04, 07:35 Reply

    Aswear, the nail polish part ehn. I don’t even wear nail polish. I had a straight friend who’s girl friend told him to fix acrylic nails because he always bit his nails. Guess what….he did it. Fixed, neatly trimmed and polished. I laughed real hard when he showed me proudly.
    All those insecure gay guys who be forming manly and straight acting and stuff be just plain ridiculous. A lot of straight guys don’t even think about these stuff.

    • Pink Panther
      January 04, 07:37 Reply


      Me sha, I wore nail polish in my early university days. That’s if nail hardener counts as nail polish. I have these naturally white fingernails that my department girls used to trip for. So I started growing the nails out just to thrill them, and had to keep them hardened with nail hardener becos they kept breaking off at a certain length. Totally rocked my nail polish days mehn. 😀

      • Francis
        January 04, 12:40 Reply

        @PP: Did the nail hardener bit too. Loved it die. Plus mumsy’s mascara on my eyebrows. ??

  4. Timi LEO
    January 04, 08:39 Reply

    Lol. ..I’m still on my nail Polish 😋😋😋😋

  5. Delle
    January 04, 09:44 Reply

    And that’s just the truth! Masculinity is so overrated! Do they think it’s about being burly, having brick-like bodies, walking in a manner that can only rival that of a camel’s, talking like they have an obstruction in their vocal cord? Mtcheew.
    If you cry, it doesn’t make you any less of a man! This is the harmattan season, put on lip gloss o…that doesn’t reduce your masculinity! Cracked, white, scaly lips are so not sexy! Fake-ass Nigerian men that think going to the gym makes you a man, no, it makes you a Hard Sculpture!

    A man in touch with his true emotions, is the real man. Thank u!

    • keredim
      January 04, 13:45 Reply

      “…Masculinity is so overrated! Do they think it’s about being burly, having brick-like bodies, walking in a manner that can only rival that of a camel’s, talking like they have an obstruction in their vocal cord? Mtcheew….”

      @Delle, I am confused. On New years’ day, you gave a resounding speech calling on straight acting gays to stand in front of the homophobes for you and spread the gospel of homosexuality .

      Biko, what has changed between then and now?

      • Delle
        January 04, 15:52 Reply

        Nothing has changed, Keredim. I’m not castigating masculinity, I’m saying there are some that feel just because they are masculine, then they are better of than the femmes. Those are the ones I’m against, it pisses me off they think like that.

        The fact that you are masculine doesn’t make u better. On New Year’s Day, I was acknowledging the fact that they are existent…today, I’m annoyed with the over bearing nature some seem to possess.

        • keredim
          January 04, 15:57 Reply

          OK o! if you say so. I will leave it there.

          Let this not be like that Sam Smith discussion we had last year.


          • Delle
            January 04, 16:37 Reply

            Very mature, Kere. Xoxo

            • keredim
              January 04, 16:40 Reply

              nah…. I am just tired today…. LOL

              • Delle
                January 04, 18:40 Reply

                I’m going to have to believe you, innit?

  6. bruno
    January 04, 10:05 Reply

    “you are making naturally masculine things seem insincere and stupid”

    what the hell is a naturally masculine thing?! it’s all social conditioning bro.

  7. Dennis Macaulay
    January 04, 10:53 Reply

    I think gay people are usually self conscious because they believe people are watching them. I had a straight male colleague who is very hand-sy; hold hands in public, put his hands across your shoulder, sometimes across your waist sef! Most of the time I am the one who feels one kain when he does these things and he does them so absent mindedly like it doesn’t mean anything!

    As per me and nail Polish? Naaaaaaa

  8. JustJames
    January 04, 12:26 Reply

    Tried fixing nails and wearing nail Polish to curb my nail biting habits.. Didn’t work out.. *stares at ugly finger nails and fights urge to cry*

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