This episode discuss the issue of Coming Out and Visibility for LGBT persons in the context of Nigeria, the realities and the risks involved.

Check on it below.

Next To Be An 82-Year-Old On Grindr

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  1. IBK
    July 02, 00:44 Reply

    I go with the school of thought that everyone comes out, even straight people. When a straight person is on a date with a girl or talks about the person he/she has had sex with, gets married, etc they are coming out indirectly cause they are expressing their sexuality.

    Gay people just have to do theirs with much fanfare and drama cause we like those things.. Lol.. Just kidding.
    Seriously though, the heteronormative view as said above also plays a major part. If being true to yourself matters to you and others seeing the real you matters you’d understand the necessity of coming out and shaking off the assumptions made about you.

    Honestly I see a future where it will no longer be necessary to climb a podium to say I’m gay and all that cause it won’t matter. We’d get to be like the straight folks where the most Wed have to do to come out is quip in a conversation that we have to get home early cause your husband is making dinner. Lol. But for now it’s still a big deal cause we have won many battles but the war isn’t over (I’m using we to rep all gay people globally).

    I love Kenny’s final comment though about the importance of coming out. I love him period. I can feel my ovaries titillating. Be still my beating heart.

  2. Canis VY Majoris
    July 02, 09:10 Reply


    The Pilot Episode is about coming out, like WTF (smh). Whoever drafted the topic timeline for this show, should re-prioritize. This is an unsubtle way to introduce yourself to a clueless homophobic majority.

    I assumed the 1st episode will try to educate the Non LGBT viewers (if any) on the basics of the sexuality (scientific, societal, myths) etc., it being a show about UNTOLD FACTS.

    It’s a long road from knowing/understanding what it is to be gay, to arriving at a ‘coming out’ phase.

    Unless they are randomly picking episode topics, which is unwise.

    Not impressed.

    PS Kenny: You don’t owe anybody anything. That’s a universal truth.

    • Sam La'Smithereens
      July 02, 12:31 Reply

      Hardly would a straight person (in Nigeria) burn data to watch a 23 minutes video on gay related issues. Heck! Even gay people would consider before watching.

      So after all that filtering, it mostly leaves thier target audience to be gay people. So really why talk about issues like “what it means to be gay?”

      I think it’s a wonderful and proactive approach. Rather than waste resources educating people (who would probably not see this), why not fortify the audience with what they need to know and do?

      Like KD, and with KD supporting, word of mouth will take it far and drag in a larger audience and by an extension, straight people.

      So rather than discuss what is and what is not, let us support whatever TIERs is doing. I don’t think the organization is made up of dumb and clueless people. And even if by chance they happen to be, they initiated the move.and that alone is worth more than gold (probably?).

      • IBK
        July 02, 13:28 Reply

        Exactly my sentiment Sam.

        And my problem with the “you don’t owe anyone anything” line of thought is that it leaves room for people to behave anyhow. Basically I can do what I want cause numero uno is me. Will it hurt the other person? Yes. But who cares? I don’t owe them anything. Catch my drift? Let me know if I’m missing something here though.

        • Sasha
          July 02, 16:59 Reply

          yeah, like people who go to great lengths to solicit for sex from everyone they meet. It’s a terrible thing

      • ambivalentone
        July 03, 19:13 Reply

        While I agree with ur sentiments, u remember the online thingy google did and released facts that Nigeria and dem Islamic countries top in googling all things gay-related? Exactement!!! It couldn’t be just gay ppl doing all that searching. I believe Nigerians are obsessed with homosexuality and WILL stumble on stuff like this so it is necessary to have these kinda beginnings

  3. MagDiva
    July 02, 20:22 Reply

    Dunno why Moses in my mind is how I imagine PP to be ?. Nice show, however I think more coulda and shoulda been done. A lotta issues which coulda been properly addressed were skirted around.

    Hopefully there’s more structure in the upcoming episodes.

  4. Mike Daemon
    July 04, 06:43 Reply

    I agree with the comments and sentiments shared here that (Straight) people may not understand, or feel connected to the show’s subject, especially as the term ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’ was not used.

    However, the project is commendable, and worthy of our overall support here. And trust me, straight people are accessing these things. They may not comment here, but as for me, some of them privately send me messages via my website and Facebook.

    Some extracted my picture from my account and circulated it on Nairaland, even though it was reported and taken down.

    To make the show’s content more appealing and easily accessible without needing to see a video first, I have created an article for it and it can be found here: http://nostringsng.com/kenny-brandmuse-coming-personal-truth/

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