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Nick Jonas calls accusations of gay baiting ‘really quite sad’

Nick Jonas welcomes attention from gay fans but he’s not so crazy about accusations that he is using them to gain even more fame. Jonas, who identifies as heterosexual, is

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The World’s Hottest Teacher Complains He’s A Victim Of Male Objectification

When a student posted an image of heartthrob maths teacher Pietro Boselli on a social media site, it sparked an internet frenzy in the weeks that followed. The handsome Italian

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Porn star Markie More quits, says porn is evil

Adult film performer, Markie More is once again retiring from porn. “I’ve decided that I’m officially done with the adult industry,” he tweeted. “If you’re wondering, I’ve quit because I


  1. Pankar
    November 16, 07:40 Reply

    Homophobia Nigeria! How come though they bag and rank 3rd in the world’s Gay BeHoly viewership index. ‘Hypocritia’ Nigeria more like!

  2. drayne
    November 16, 08:23 Reply

    lol.I already converted the hatred to fan,the more the vile remarks,the faster the fan keeps spinning and I get my fresh air.

  3. DeadlyDarius
    November 16, 11:58 Reply

    What weakens me are the online friends of mine who are LGBT and still remain close to this fella *sigh*

  4. quinn
    November 16, 13:08 Reply

    The Title of this piece says it all. Abeg shift go back. Cheers to Australia though.

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