I met Mark in 2013, when I was 23 and he was in his thirties. I didn’t have enough sexual experience to give me any wisdom on what the playbook has to say in situations involving an attractive guy who is charming one second, preachy the next and wanting to be kissed in yet another second.

But I had kissed him, and when I woke up the next morning, I was filled with anticipation for all the possibilities of what would happen between Mark and I. I could still feel the texture of his lips against mine as I grabbed my phone first thing to text him. I couldn’t wait to hear from him or see him again to see where this thing between us was going. In addition to WhatsApp contacts, we’d also exchanged BBM pins, and it was on the Blackberry Messenger that I first sought him out to text him.

But to my surprise, I couldn’t find him among my BBM contacts. It would seem as though he had deleted himself. As this realisation dawned on me, I felt incredibly hurt. The swift crash from excitement to disappointment was painful.

He was at least nice enough to text me on WhatsApp the reason why he deleted himself from my BBM. His message read: I’m sorry, Nimdee, but I don’t think I can do this. You see, you are a very nice fellow and being friends with you would have been awesome. I did not want you walking away the way you did yesterday, and I thought agreeing to the kiss was the best thing to do to smoothen things between us. But I don’t think it can work. It was nice meeting you. We can always catch up on each other here every once in a while.

I’d been dumped by…well, a straight guy? I wasn’t even sure what Mark was. But it was evident something he wasn’t interested in was in ever kissing me again.

I decided I wasn’t going to let this ruin my vacation in Abuja. So, I deleted his message and number. And in the spirit of moving on, I put on my earphones, hit play on my playlist and started my day to the bolstering tunes of Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).


In the two years that went by, I heard nothing from Mark. He didn’t try to reach out and since I had deleted his number, I couldn’t holler him even if I wanted to. I’d also quit my job in the North and relocated to Lagos.

It was a beautiful Friday evening, and I had just gotten home (where I was staying with my folks) from work and was lying on my bed fiddling with my phone, when a WhatsApp message from an unknown number popped up on my screen.

Hello, how are you doing?

I didn’t want to go through the hassle of replying the message with the question of who it was and having the person respond with some guessing game or the other. So I checked out the profile picture, and I was surprised to see Mark’s photo on there. The first thing I felt after my surprise was a surge of excitement, but then, I doused that with the recollection of how things ended between us two years ago.

With deliberate indifference, I typed back: Hey.

We exchanged pleasantries and began chatting, catching up. No mention of what happened that evening in Abuja two years ago. When I told him I’d relocated to Lagos, he seemed excited as he revealed that he was in Lagos too. He asked for us to see and get that drink we never got around to getting in Abuja.

After some hesitation, I agreed. I was staying in Isolo and he in Ajah. I told him he would have to come pick me up. He acquiesced. He told me I should be prepared to stay out late, and since it was Friday, I didn’t with arguing his suggestion. When I told my folks I was going out, I said I’d be going for a church program and would most likely come home late. They advised me to stay back in church if it got too late.

The place I told Mark to come pick me up wasn’t my address. It was a street two bus stops away from my house; I didn’t let him know that though. The bus stop was a ten-minute walk from my house, and I set off on the trek when he told me he was close to the place. I sweated a bit during the walk because I had to jog and walk faster than I normally would, seeing as I didn’t want to keep him waiting.

By the time I got into his car, I was feeling a little frazzled.

During the ride to Ajah, we decided to have the drinks and hang out at his place instead of a joint. He seemed so excited to be with me, and the feeling was infectious. I didn’t know where this was leading to, but wherever it was seemed like a destination I wanted to get to with Mark.

Because I wasn’t feeling very fresh due to my perspiring walk, when we got to his house, I told Mark I wanted to take a quick bath. He showed me the bathroom and I went inside. I stepped into the shower stall naked and turned on the shower.

It wasn’t long before I heard the bathroom door open and Mark walked on. He was stark naked. His appearance was jarring and I was torn between sharp desire and irritation at his intrusion. He slipped into the shower stall, and without a word, began to run his hands over my body, arousing me. I looked down at his dick. It stood erect and throbbing against my thigh.

He leaned forward and kissed me.

As I kissed him back, thoughts raced through my mind.

Isn’t this the guy who was against this happening between us…

Isn’t this the same person who’d been preaching about homosexuality being evil two years ago…

What gives…

Damn, he kisses good…

That dick looks like it’ll do wonderful things to my body…

Remember how this ended the last time. Stop this! Stop it now!!!

But there was no stopping it as I surrendered to the passion that swept me along into Mark’s desire.

He took my hand and led me out of the bathroom. After we’d dried ourselves, he pushed me gently onto the bed and came over me. He kissed me again, then began tracing his mouth over my face and body. He nibbled my chin, licked my ear, and then settled on my nipples. The sensation of Mark’s mouth on my nipples was divine. He was very good at giving pleasure with his tongue. I didn’t know how far he was willing to go, but I knew how far I wanted to go.

So, I took wheel from him. I brushed the length of his dick with my palm before taking him in my mouth from base to tip. He gave a throaty moan with his eyes shut as he focused on the pleasure of my blow job. His dick jerked and bobbed in my hand and the head was hot and swollen as precum formed at the tip. I continued to work it with my mouth, slow at times and then fast other times, until he was panting and trembling, as though he was close to the peak.

I asked if he had a condom, and he provided some from the bedside drawer. I took one from him and slipped it on him. I couldn’t wait to have him inside of me, so I mounted him and used my hand to guide him inside me. Once he was deep inside, I began a slow rotation of my hips. I could feel his erection grow larger and harder. I felt like I was going to burst wide open with the full emergence of his hard-on. It was the strangest sensation. I couldn’t get enough of him. I was getting tired and sore from riding him, but I didn’t care. I wanted to ache. I couldn’t believe I was being this wild. He went crazy and asked to be on top, which I agreed to. His weight on top of me felt incredibly good, and I clutched him to me as he began to pound deeper and deeper inside me. He was almost splitting me in half. It was a sensation I’ll never forget. One of his fingers kept flicking on my nipple. Then he took me from behind. Eventually coming as his body spasmed and jerked on my back.


I woke up the next morning with an instant recollection of the night of hot passion I’d just shared with Mark. I found myself smiling. Unknown to me, Mark was awake and had been studying my face.

“What was the smile for?” he asked, startling me into looking at him.

“Was last night your first time with a guy?” I asked. “Because you did far better than most guys I’ve been with.” I was gently stroking his chest with my fingers.

“Ah-ah, what is hard in kissing and romancing na?” he said with a smile. “I do kiss my women a lot.”

“Your women,” I said disbelievingly. “OK o.”


“Nothing.” I rose from the bed. “Please take me home. I have a lot of things to do today.”

Our camaraderie on the heels of the night we’d had felt so good. I was looking forward to having more of this with Mark.

But perhaps, I’d hoped too soon. To my utmost dismay, during the drive back to Isolo, the spiritual Mark suddenly emerged again. He started preaching to me again about how this thing was wrong and how we weren’t ever going to do it again.

A few weeks later, we did it again.

After the sex, the sermon happened again, with more recrimination over how we couldn’t have sex anymore.

But we hooked up a third time. This time however, I was ready to call it quits.

I began avoiding him, not buzzing him and only giving monosyllabic responses whenever he chatted me up. I hoped he would get the memo and stop interacting with me. Several weeks of not seeing him passed. And then, one day, when I was on my way to work, a WhatsApp message from him pinged through.

It read: All this your funny DPs sef… You be model?

He was referring to my WhatsApp profile pictures. I rolled my eyes as I typed back a plain “Good morning.” And then went about my day. It wasn’t long before he texted back something I couldn’t tell if I should find hilarious or annoying.

Mark: You almost bent me, you know?

I read and re-read the message, trying to gauge my reaction to it. Then I texted back.

Me: What is ‘almost bent’? Because you’ve lost me. How did I almost bend you?

Mark: From straight na. With your sexiness.

Me: So, I almost bent you to?

Mark: Do I know for you?

Me: Well, thank God I didn’t bend you.

Mark: Yeah, thanks to you too. You restrained yourself. Otherwise I would have been a mess by now.

Me: Ha. Mess ke?

Mark: Yes na.

Me: I don’t think so.

Mark: So what happened?

Me: Happened to?

Mark: You. You withdrew. Why?

I didn’t have the inclination to get into all the reasons why I decided to distance myself from him. I mean, he was even making a strong case for my withdrawal by believing that he is this straight guy whose heterosexuality was threatened by the seductions of a gay guy. Add that to his sex-now-spiritual-later guilt trips, and I was truly done with him.

After that chatversation, he stopped sending me messages and since I wasn’t reaching out to him either, we lost communication.

I didn’t see or hear from Mark again until last year. I’d changed jobs again and had relocated to Port Harcourt, this time staying on my own. I’d uploaded to my WhatsApp status some photos of places in Port Harcourt I’d just been to, and he apparently recognised those places and chatted me up. He apparently grew up in Port Harcourt and was familiar with the scenery I uploaded on my status. Coincidentally, he was also in Port Harcourt and asked if we could see. I agreed and sent him my address. I simply wanted to see him, reconnect with an old friend.

He however had other less platonic ideas. When he came by, he tried to pull some moves for us to get down, but I turned him down. Gave the excuse that I didn’t have condoms in my apartment and there was no way I’d have sex without protection. But he produced condoms from his wallet. So, that didn’t work. I still maintained my no, this time insisting that I wasn’t in the mood for sex.

The real reason I didn’t want to have sex with Mark – which I didn’t disclose to him – was that I’d just started seeing someone, and I’d committed myself to the relationship. I wasn’t going to cheat on him.

Eventually, I got him to end his advances by telling him I had somewhere to be, and we both left my apartment. He said he was leaving Port Harcourt the next day, but a few days later, I saw him somewhere else, taking a walk with some guy. I didn’t try to contact him or let him see me. I simply let him be. I have someone I’m deeply in love with, who loves me too. And most of all, someone who is consistent and accepting of who he is. I was not remotely interested in compromising that with any interference from someone like Mark.

Written by Nimdee

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  1. Sim
    June 14, 05:48 Reply

    This the best read of the week. I’m
    Proud of you sister. Amma fuck him, just as u did although I don’t know if I’m smart like you to dump him and walk. ? The spirit is strong but boy my flesh is damm weak.

    • Nimdee
      June 14, 07:16 Reply

      I may have fallen a 3rd time though if I hadn’t already been committed to someone… But this time if have been the first to attack… Preach…. Make him feel bad…. Then leave him high and dry… As I had already had him tripping and drooling and licking from my hands.. .

  2. Mitch
    June 14, 06:36 Reply

    People like this annoy the fuck out of me.
    With one side of your mouth, you’re screaming preachments against gay people meanwhile, with the other side of your mouth, you’re actively looking for a man or men to fuck.

    He should thank his lucky stars he met someone as nice as you. I’d have told him enough to push him over the edge to suicide.

    Mad people!

    • Nimdee
      June 14, 07:18 Reply

      I tire ooh Mitch
      The youger me was too nice abeg
      Too nice to a fault…
      Id probably wear glasses now, light a cigarette and puff the smoke on your face should he try that shit now

  3. Colossus
    June 14, 06:43 Reply

    “You almost bent me”

    That’s hilarious

  4. Archer
    June 14, 07:14 Reply

    This is so beautiful!
    I love it.

  5. Posh
    June 14, 07:32 Reply

    Ewo! This kind story for this weather. Oh well, Gay Jesus please provide a boyfriend for me.
    I used to have one straight nigha that sucks the hell outta my nipples , he allows me play with his dick but he suddenly changed and me too changed as well. I cannot die for nothing.

  6. Mandy
    June 14, 07:34 Reply

    “You almost bent me.”

    Mark just ruined my fantasy of sexy bankers all over Nigeria. ??? Now whenever I go to the bank and want to flirt with the hot cashier, I’ll be thinking of Mark and how he believes gay people can “bend” straight people.

  7. Net
    June 14, 07:36 Reply

    I’m just disappointed you didn’t call him out on his bullshit and you allowed him to keep “preaching” and drawing you back to having sex with him, I’m sure the whole preaching thing was just a denial/guilty phase for him and you should have called him out on it.

    • Nimdee
      June 14, 08:00 Reply

      I believe most if not all of us went through denial or rejection at one point in our lives. And because we all grew up differently we acted it out differently too. So we should cut people some slack sometimes

    • Audrey
      June 14, 09:16 Reply

      I used to be in similar situation…I think I have a problem and that is the fact that I’m more attracted to straight guys than the queer ones and do i succeed in getting them laid…Almost all the time my dear(At a point I started thinking I was possessed or something).

      Back then I school most gay guys hated me because I didn’t really roll with them and I was always in the midst of different set of good looking Straight guys and was always the centre of attention.There were times fights broke out in my hood just because somebody/some persons were trying to taunt me and because most of this straight guys so much liked me most of them could defend me with their lives(Cultist were not spared oh.infact it got a point that my cousin called my mum and told her that I was a cultist because of the way I hung around those guys and the way they protected me).

      So back to the story
      I got a job after school in the hospitality industry and my job demanded that I was the communication link between the Management,staffs and Customers.We had a live in quarters and so we were always together except for our off days.
      In less than 4months I had already fucked about six of the male employees and I tell you authoritatively that three of them were straight as fuck.

      Sometime early this year this new dude came into the company(Dude was mind blowing).He was tall,dark,well ripped,cute,quiet and hung(The bulge in his trousers were to die for) but dude seemed homophobic as hell.
      He stayed in a different part of the staffs quarter because he was a junior staff but the Brostitute in me kept taking me to that part especially when he was off duty or I’d target when he was going to have a bath and get into the room to initiate a conversation with the other guys just to watch him strip to his briefs.

      One day we got talking and he started ranting Labour gay stuffs and how that shit was sick and how he quit his previous job because of the Assistant Manager’s incessant advances at him and I knew this wasn’t gonna be easy for me.I started keeping my distance from him until he had an issue that required my attention and I helped him with it even when it was obvious that he wasn’t qualified for it as at the time and that was when he relaxed a bit around me.

      We started talking more often and I became his go-to guy when he was in need.Our discussions moved to relationships,habits,family,interest and then I came out to him.Dude started preaching but relaxed after a while.I was helping him out the much I could financially but one day I was damn horny and dude came and told me he needed a loan of 10k that his baby was sick(He had a love child) that was when the demon in me decided to manifest.

      As at then I had about 14k in my account but the conji in me beclouded my sense of reasoning so I offered to give him the 10k for free if he’d allow me give him a BJ and dude went berserk.He went on and on about how he was disappointed in me he left but I noticed he looked worried all through the day and was always on and off his phone.

      Night came and I had retired to bed when someone knocked on my door(My two roommates usually worked night shift)and on opening it I saw him there standing,I asked him in and we went about how I wasn’t a good friend afterall and told me how the child’s health was getting worse asking that I put myself in his shoes and consider him a brother but the conji in me wouldn’t let me be great.He shed a few tears then pulled his limp dick and asked that I get over with it(Oh gay Chisos). I stood up,locked my door,turned off the light and got to work and I didn’t disappoint cos at a point a heard his muffled moaning and after about 15mins his man juice greeted my face.

      He provided an account I transferred the money to and left and for one month I noticed he kept his distance and couldn’t look me in the face until time and chance presented itself again…(Brb my hand hurts from typing).

      • Nimdee
        June 14, 09:36 Reply


      • Pink Panther
        June 14, 09:56 Reply

        So Audrey, you’re just going to post a story in the comments section instead of send it to us, eh?


        • Audrey
          June 14, 12:06 Reply

          PP darling you know I’m lazy at typing I actually do have a lot stories/experiences I’d share in due time but should I continue with this one or send you the concluding part?

          • Nimdee
            June 14, 14:13 Reply

            CONTINUE OH!………………………..

          • Kasi
            June 14, 18:07 Reply

            Biko Audrey come and continue your story biko. Haba how can you end this interesting gist half way. Abeg Abeg comma kontinue we’re waiting biko.

      • DeadlyDarius
        June 14, 11:31 Reply

        So let me get this straight (pardon any pun): you target ‘hetero’ or straight looking guys – even the homophobic ones – and sometimes coerce them into sex. And you don’t feel the least guilty?

        Your comments also smack of hetero worship. Your distance from gay people and how ‘straight’ folks are your friends. As a thing of pride. Have you stopped to think that your behavior is manipulative and will further worsen the views towards the LGBT on the part of your ‘conquests’?

        • Audrey
          June 14, 12:02 Reply

          Uncle na grammar you dey speak.

          • Pink Panther
            June 14, 13:22 Reply

            Audrey, on a serious note, Deadly Darius is right. A story like this has been published here, about a gay guy who used his superior position over a straight guy who needed help to make him give him sex in exchange for his help. It is not right. It is actually despicable. And if someone, a girl perhaps, should put you in such a position, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t appreciate it. Instead of you to find a way to dismantle that guy’s homophobia and make him think of gay people as more than sexual predators, you were not only focused on your konji and calculating how to get into his pants, but you succeeded in compounding his belief that we are all about sex no matter the costs. I would like to think that you can see that Kito Diaries is part of the movement that tries to improve the way society thinks of us, and that you as a member of this KDian community will appreciate your responsibility in helping with this objective.

            We need to be better than the sex we desire. We need to be better than the physical needs.

            And we certainly need to leave straight men alone. You are talking about how you are sleeping with straight men as though it is a notch in your belt, something to be proud of. Whereas if those men were truly straight, all you are succeeding in doing is cast the gay community in a disfavorable light, worsening the situation for the next gay man those straight guys will come in contact with. Some of these kitoers are straight men who suffered under gay sexual predators and have now turned around to use what they have to target other gay guys.

            We should be better than this. YOU should be better than this. Hopefully, you won’t need a kito experience to learn this lesson.

            • Higwe
              June 14, 13:57 Reply

              Oh please !
              You sound like he raped the guy ……

              They made a bargain and he consented .
              Question Audrey’s morality or humanity all you want but this outburst is completely uncalled for .

              There is Tim Cook , Richard Quest …a whole plethora of rich , successful and admirable gay men to choose from .

              If someone decides to brandish the whole community of gay men with a stereotype because he had no willpower or self respect to refuse what he clearly didn’t want …then that’s on him not us. ?

              • Audrey
                June 14, 14:16 Reply

                God bless you sir.

                We’ve suddenly all become saints.See eh I know many of you that would give up anything to be in bed with some your straight friends and acquaintances but because you’ve faced rejections should make you a judge over another person’s life afterall I’ve never raped anyone it’s just a matter of persuasion and knowing when to use what you have to your advantage.

                I like what I like so deal with it.

                • Nimdee
                  June 14, 14:23 Reply

                  I totally understand how this feels like…..

                • Higwe
                  June 14, 15:26 Reply

                  Don’t be so formal now hey ???

                  Did you ever get it on with Slami , Christian or bankz ? ?

                  • Audrey
                    June 14, 17:54 Reply

                    I don’t kiss and tell dearie

        • Delle
          June 14, 12:55 Reply


          Thanks for this. You echoed my thoughts pretty well.

          Audrey, while your story is captivating and dare I say, edgy, it should not be encouraged. And you should actively stay away from such things. Actively.

      • Mandy
        June 14, 13:45 Reply

        “Back then I school most gay guys hated me because I didn’t really roll with them and I was always in the midst of different set of good looking Straight guys and was always the centre of attention.”

        How special you must have felt, to be so envied by gay guys and so lucky to so loved by straight guys ??

        • Audrey
          June 14, 14:11 Reply

          In a world filled with homophobes I bet you’d have felt same way I did.Can we all quit this righteousness display we are all putting out here and face reality.

          My dear you see eh,this life is a game and as it is with every game there is bound to be winners and losers just pray things always work in your favour.

          • Pink Panther
            June 14, 16:36 Reply

            A righteousness display?

            So part of facing reality is calculating ways to use what we have to make people do what they ordinarily wouldn’t so we can get what we want?

            That’s the reality you want us to face? And pointing out how wrong it is is a display of righteousness? And we should simply throw basic decency Out the window because life is a game where every human interaction is about winning and losing?

            I see. That’s nice for you sha. Carry on. More power to your straight men conquering elbows.

            • Higwe
              June 14, 16:55 Reply

              Pink P have you listened to Taylor Swift’s new single ? ???

              Should I send it to you ?

          • Baddest
            June 17, 12:23 Reply

            Audrey no mind them abeg, how do I contact you my nigga

          • mike
            June 18, 11:20 Reply

            Well, I like your effrontery.  This is coming from a guy who has a thing for straight guys. But aunty, you own strong, like wtf, where did god fix your heart?.
            That been said, no judgement here, but I want to point out, life is not a game, humans are not pawns and if they were, you are pawn not a queen, no think am. There is always somebody way pass everybody.  But life is not a game. Contrary to what religion/Christianity would have you believe.  People die and don’t comeback, there is no light at the other side, there is just life lost, potential cut short.
            There is no cheat code, just people, this is not mario, where you get to try again if you fail. People get broken here without fixing.
            You might not be the one to ripe it, another person’s gonna ripe it. There is no karma only lessons meant to me learnt.
            Can I just point out that you are a stunted nigga, you will always keep finding yourself in those kind of situation,  never actually moving on to the next lesson, cause you keep failing this one. That is what karma is, not retribution,  in real sense of the word but more like a loop/circles. Aunty grow, grow in your being, grow into a better person.
            After all that tale of tales by moonlight about his kid, you no bulge ?, mehn I would stay away from that nigga, he can do anything for that which is important to him, that’s what makes him dangerous.
            By the way, there is probably talks in your workplace about you,  so the nigga was trying to keep you away, by all that negative talk.
            You ended up been a 10k pawn, to that nigga. Cause you are not important, but his kid is. You had a chance to be better, but you chose less, cause you feel like less. Some people enjoy been treated like an object,  and now there is a chance, you will truly be an object to him.

            You need to see yourself as more, carry yourself as more, and request to be treated as more, by treating others as more.

            If life a game, then imagine it’s a game of chess, now look like this scenario.
            A king is not valued because of the moves it can make, or superior skill set. The ķing is actually the weakest piece on the board, but it is the most valued, do you know ?. Because the king is a symbol of hope, a symbol that the game is not yet over no matter the sacrifice or loss, a symbol of more.
            When a pawn, manages to get to the other end of an opponents board, it can become something more, even decide to be a queen. Remember a pawn is liking to a foot soldier, a foot soldier can be a queen, something more important , ironic right !.

            From your perspective, life is game, shift it to a game chess, and be better.
            So go at your own speed, learn your lesson gradually.

          • mike
            June 18, 11:51 Reply

            In a world filled with homophobes I bet you’d have felt same way I did.
            Kindly elaborate on how you felt ?, did you feel hated, not loved for who you are, so you had to do anything necessary to feel love, to quite the need ?.
            Or you hated the fact that you can’t just come right out , saying your intent to a guy, the straight people do, so you had to play the role, do the much needed .

            How did you feel then and how do you feel now ?.
            It would be nice if you could answer this or atleast come up with a story protraying this. By the way, your comment didn’t tell us how you feel or felt, especially about yourself after each encounter, you only paint the glory of the sex and power you felt you wielded.
            This behaviour is typical for humans, where the true meaning of a thing or event is lost in context.
            For example, you tell your friends, you bought an iphone, but not how it took you six months of hard labour to be able to afford it.

            • Audrey
              June 22, 23:00 Reply

              Mother confessor I’m still trying to wrap my head around why you’d take out quality amount of your time(That you can never get back oh)to type an epistle of yenyenyen to someone who obviously doesn’t care about what you feel or your unsolicited view of what morality is.I raise beyonce hand for you.

              Ahah…Even if you have so much time on your hands you shouldn’t rub it to our faces nah.So for all the nonsense you wrote up there you actually think you sounded smart/spoke sense…Smh.
              Please take your unsolicited advice and shove it up your butt.As long as you don’t carry a placard bodly written “I’m gay” and advocate seriously for the Lgbtq community to point of getting international recognition then you don’t matter shit to me.

              Imagine the effrontery..Nothing wey Musa no go see for gate oh

      • Mitch
        June 14, 19:28 Reply

        Audrey, the amount of hetero worship in your comment is sickening, to say the least. People like you are the ones who make others into monsters and turn around to scream foul when said monsters start to attack your community.

        The fact that you think everyone who’s calling out your predatory behaviour is self-righteous says a lot about your state of mind.

        You’re not all that.
        Get over yourself already!

        • Audrey
          June 14, 20:52 Reply

          Have you moved from Higwe to me now?

          The way you think so highly of your opinions makes me wonder what your life really looks like outside this E-space.Bro I don’t have time for baseless banters so I’d advice you take your not so welcomed opinion and shove it up your butt.

          I do what I do and I’m unapologetic about it.Life would be boring if we all acted the same way dearie.

          • Higwe
            June 14, 22:39 Reply

            Hahahaha ????

            The thing I’ve noticed about Mitch and his sidekick is that they lie too much that they begin to forget their own lies .??

            Very common with pathological liars …they always contradict themselves .
            Here is an excerpt from one of the stories he submitted here where he raped and molested an underaged straight boy under his care . Enjoy ??

            18-year-old-brain that had been sex-starved for almost 16 months began to think of doing things with Vinny. While I was fighting within myself, it seemed the fates had me in their agenda that night, as the lightly-snoring Vinny turned on the bed and his crotch rubbed against my hand. Instantly, my resolve shattered and while my heart pounded with fear in my chest, my hand snaked over to his crotch and began to trace the outline of his cock on his light boxers. Not satisfied, my fingers reached through the fabric and dived into his boxers. And I was stroking Vinny’s cock. My fingers flitted over that limp piece of skin and muscle, kneaded it, caressed it, felt it get harder, hotter and longer, the feeling of excitement and power that I felt causing to ease away all the tension I’d been feeling before.

            However, I soon began to realize that something was wrong. My heart was pounding and my hand was stroking, while my mind searched about for what was out of place. After about a minute, my heart nearly stopped as I discovered what had set me on alert.

            Vinny was no longer snoring!

            I slipped my hand from his boxers and casually picked up my phone, which was next to me. I turned on the screen light, acting like I wanted to check the time. The soft illumination from the phone confirmed my worst fears. Vinny was indeed awake and he was staring at me. I turned away from him and feigned going to sleep. My heart began thumping fast and I wondered if he’d attack me or call for the attention of Uche and his lodge-mates.


            Just look at the person judging you ???
            Tell me which is worse …a rapist or someone who offers reward for consensual sex .

            The astounding and laughable hypocrisy though ?????

            • Audrey
              June 15, 07:36 Reply

              Hohohoho…..my fellow giant has shattered the table of hypocrisy.Don’t I just love you oya take Kisses from here abeg.

              Wow! So uncle’s own was even an 18year old kid like TF!
              You see eh the internet never forgets and as far as you keep living a double standard you’d only give people the room to drown you deep in the pool of your own deceit.

              Abeg where are the other moral instructors?
              Hypocrites of the highest order.Higwe darling please keep serving to them hot hot.

              I bet my left arse that this Mitch would have a very boring and insignificant life outside this E-space and that’s why he keeps forcing his relevance and existence down our throat here.What’s that saying about he who comes to equity again?

              • Higwe
                June 15, 11:16 Reply

                He was 18 but the boy was younger meaning he’s legally an adult and the boy is underaged .

          • Higwe
            June 14, 23:11 Reply

            You’d be smart not to take any of their words to heart.

            Mitch in particular has done a lot of things that could put him behind bars in any developed country but I don’t see anyone reprimanding or judging him for it .

            I can’t recount the number of stories he’s submitted here where he presumably had sex without full disclosure .

            Protected or not …it’s morally and ethically wrong !
            And there is a reason it’s a crime in most sensible countries.

            Let’s not forget the one I just posted where he clearly molested a sleeping straight boy …Kevin Spacey didn’t even go that far and his career is toast .

            Should we bring up the one he was committing incest with his first cousin ?


            I refrain from judging people because I know we are all sinners.
            But what irks me is seeing people covered in the veil of their own hypocrisies throwing stones ….like b**ch , do you think we all have short term memories or what ?

            Don’t throw stones if you’re living in a glass house …you may forget but the internet does not.?

  8. Francis
    June 14, 07:43 Reply

    All you people that will be serving plenty politeness to mad people. It shouldn’t be so hard to tell a douche bag, the sex isn’t happening ’cause you’ve moved on and you’re seeing someone ??‍♂️??‍♂️

    • Nimdee
      June 14, 08:01 Reply

      Hmmmmmmmmm I shoulda done that

  9. Black Dynasty
    June 14, 08:30 Reply

    Nicely written! You were still young and inexperienced which would definitely explain why you tolerated mark and his confusion…. lol plus really good dick has been known to make people do silly things ?.

  10. Scarlet_witch
    June 14, 08:41 Reply

    Hmmmmm……the conflicted preacher type.
    I felt that could be his case after reading the first part of your story.
    I would have said you should have shun him forever after the Abuja experience but I know how difficult it is since you had a thing for him from the beginning. I have been there before too and I’m glad you put an end to it in your own time. He has a decision to make and while he is at it, you don’t get to be dragged around in his mess.

    Btw, why did he always materialize in every new place you moved to??

    • Nimdee
      June 14, 08:49 Reply

      Yeah…. Experience is really a good teacher. But it is also best to learn from someone else’s Hence I decided to share

    • Pink Panther
      June 14, 09:22 Reply

      I know, right?! I asked the same thing myself. Everywhere Nimdee went to, there Mark was. LOL.

    • Nimdee
      June 14, 09:56 Reply

      ‘Btw, why did he always materialize in every new place you moved to??’
      There was even one time I was in Benue and took a picture of myself at Hampton Mews hotel and posted the pic… He hit me up that he was there at that time… The good thing was I posted the pic few days after I had left so I just told him I wasn’t there anymore. The things just tire me. Shebi na me pray for Adventure e b like say Orishas really meant business for me ooh.

  11. Delle
    June 14, 08:50 Reply

    So we weren’t wrong. He’s a douchebag. The most unattractive kind. It just baffles how far a guy will go to delude himself that he is straight just so he sleeps well at night.

    ‘You almost bent me’

    *screams in TB and flees*

    • Nimdee
      June 14, 09:00 Reply

      He was a douchebag…. An Attractive douchebag lol. I was just baffeled at how intelligent he was and dumb at the same time

  12. Miles
    June 14, 09:47 Reply

    is it not this Portharcout that I’ve been in since January? The same town someone is finding love and me, I am here looking for just a kiss. I’ll be fine o!

      • Nimdee
        June 14, 10:26 Reply

        You’ll be fine
        And love would come to you

    • Nimdee
      June 14, 10:13 Reply

      Where have you been looking ooh?

    • Sworld
      June 14, 10:25 Reply

      Been around for 2weeks now in PH, actually here for interview but staying longer than expected.
      you might wana hook up for a drink. I don’t know if you care to!

  13. Shawn
    June 14, 12:46 Reply

    see life oo.. Gay Jesus ndo send me a lagos husband. This weather is not good for one

  14. Maycakes
    June 14, 13:11 Reply

    Nice one…….(mr preacher)las las he wud end up been a pastor and banging the choir master…. Lol

  15. Mandy
    June 14, 13:48 Reply

    Why couldn’t you tell him that you were in a relationship though? Instead of going through the hassle of lying, you could have simply shut his advances down by letting him know you were in a committed relationship.
    That information will also have the added bonus of showing him that this “game” he thinks being gay is, is actually serious for some people.

    • Nimdee
      June 14, 15:08 Reply

      well here is the reason i chose not to tell him anything, first i dint want him having any clue about what has been going on in my life. i agreed to meet him to see if he had resolved whatever conflict he had within himself but i clearly he hadn’t so i didnt even want to waste anymore of my time even trying to be friends with him… secondly his moves had become too predictable to me, i had known when he was going to ask for us to meet, i knew when he was horny and i certainly knew that after he had has sex and was a bit relieved he went nuts and tried to justify his actions by going into that denial mode .plus his opening statement before he tried to touch me was ” are you still into thing you sleep with guys” imagine that, and with that i also had a feeling that if i had disclosed that i was now in a relationship with some other guy he would have used that to try to soothe my refusal. so to me it was a way to avoid any more mark drama or sabotage my new relationship

  16. Higwe
    June 14, 14:05 Reply

    Never expected this ending …I love it ???
    You chopped , cleaned mouth and moved on .

    If you were not in love I would have suggested you have one last tumble in the hay ?? but it’s all good though .

    Beautiful story ….sexy ; unpredictable ending .

    • Nimdee
      June 14, 15:10 Reply


      • Higwe
        June 14, 15:27 Reply

        I thought you would catch feelings ….I would have delivered a thunderous brain resetting slap through my phone screen .???

        • Nimdee
          June 14, 16:01 Reply

          I did catch feelings but it wasn’t meant to work…

  17. ORORO
    June 14, 14:09 Reply

    “To my utmost dismay, during the drive back to Isolo, the spiritual Mark suddenly emerged again”

    Reading those words made me lose my shit, meh this type of people irk me.

    Why did u even follow him self especially to ajah.

    • Nimdee
      June 14, 17:05 Reply

      It was a free ride
      What was I to lose?

  18. Temi
    June 14, 16:15 Reply

    “That dick looks like it’ll do wonderful things to my body…” Nimdee! Nimdee!! Nimdee!!! lol ?
    I really feel Mark is still living in denial with his “sex-now-spiritual-later guilt trips” . Distancing yourself from him is the best and luckily you’ve found someone just move on.

    • Nimdee
      June 14, 17:07 Reply

      Chai Temi that kind hailing eh

      • Temi
        June 14, 22:25 Reply

        You sabi better dick na the meaning… ??
        I’m only being sarcastic

  19. Astar
    June 14, 19:58 Reply

    I love this story. “Stop this! Stop it now!!! But there was no stopping…” That line is very human.

    Guilt is a very powerful emotion and sexual drive a very powerful urge. Makes a hot mess out of someone who would have otherwise be the best.

  20. Keeva
    June 14, 21:23 Reply

    Nimdee,as a “bent sister” ? ,i’m truly happy you finally got that ‘D’ ,I mean that’s your reward for all the crap u had to take from mark the confused stalker…

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