Charlie Sheen Is Reportedly HIV-Positive

Charlie Sheen Is Reportedly HIV-Positive

Yesterday, it was reported that Charlie Sheen will be revealing that he is HIV-positive on today’s episode of NBC’s “Today”. A press release issued yesterday said the 50-year-old actor “will make a revealing personal announcement.” According to reports, Sheen has known of his status for “a few years.”

People magazine came forward with reports that Hollywood publicist and crisis manager Howard Bragman was approached by Sheen’s camp six months ago to handle news of his diagnosis.

“The interview could open up a lot of sympathy for him, but he has to be concerned about a fear of litigation from former sexual partners. You don’t take that lightly,” said Bragman.

He went on to say that the actor “is getting treatment, and a lot of people in his life know about it.”

“It’s been going on for quite awhile. He’s not necessarily comfortable talking about it. It was very hard to get up the courage for him to talk about it,” Bragman continued. “I’ve known about this a long time; it’s not a surprise to me. I feel very sorry for his pain. And I hope it’s used as a teachable moment for the world. This is a disease that can affect anyone.”

It’s not entirely clear why Sheen has decided to come forward now. While it hasn’t been confirmed, TMZ is reporting that he decided to make the announcement after he was threatened with multiple lawsuits by former sex partners.

However, actress Heather Locklear has Sheen in her thoughts. She took to Instagram to share her support for the actor and longtime friend. “My heart hurts. Prayers for Charlie and his family,” Locklear wrote with a photo of the pair together.charlie-sheen-heather-locklear-inline

The troubled actor has five children, ranging in age from 6 to 30, in addition to three ex-wives: Donna Peele (1995-1996), Denise Richards (2002-2006) and Brooke Mueller (2008-2011). E! News has learned that both Richards and her two daughters with Sheen, Sam and Lola, are HIV-negative.

Sheen, who has had his fair share of troubles in the past, has stayed away from the spotlight in the last year, with his last regular TV appearance being back in 2014 for FX’s Anger Management.

The actor has openly dated multiple porn stars over the years, and has discussed his struggles with drug and alcohol addictions. During a videotaped deposition as part of Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss’s tax-evasion trial in 1995, for example, he admitted that he had spent $53,000 for “sexual services” from prostitutes over a 15-month period between 1991 and 1993.

And although he hasn’t been involved in any projects, Sheen still made headlines when he trashed Richards on Twitter, suffered a bout of severe food poisoning and considered a run for public office.

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  1. ken
    November 17, 07:03 Reply

    Oh lawd my God!!!….pls pls protect us from prostitutes that want to suck our destiny, whores that keep spreading unsolicited “gifts” and cheap t-fare begging sluts whose only aim in life is our public destruction/humiliation! amem

    • bruno
      November 17, 07:06 Reply

      er… protecting yourself is your own responsibility, mr ken.

        • ken
          November 17, 07:42 Reply

          @bruno You are not the repository of all power and wisdom. You can try to protect yourself, but diaris God o. #CondomsArent100%

          @mandy “touche” dont apply here!

    • posh6666
      November 17, 07:56 Reply

      Lol so dramatic did any of the whores beg you to patronise them?or you actually think everybody can be decent?abeg everybody has his/her role in the society and whores and sex workers too belong to the oldest profession in the world so let them be and you too learn to avoid them if thats not your thing☺

      • Chuck
        November 17, 20:46 Reply

        You do know that the “prostitution is the oldest profession” is a quip, right? It actually isn’t.

  2. Mandy
    November 17, 07:07 Reply

    The way this man was partying and living his life on the fast lane in the past, it speaks to someone being haunted by something. Or that he’s trying to escape something. Tbh, this HIV news doesn’t surprise me at all. I knew he’d meet with something tragic that would either kill him or shake is life up.

    • Duke
      November 17, 07:51 Reply

      Exactly! When people live their lives in such a daring manner, it often shows they are trying to get away from something or hide a very bad past. I kinda feel bad for him cos I got to like quirkiness and witty banter in three and the half men.

  3. Max
    November 17, 07:59 Reply

    I’m not surprised.

  4. ken
    November 17, 08:08 Reply

    Lets all remember that someone may be going through the scariest time of his life. Also hiv is not only transmitted thru sex. Also who are we to judge, everyone has his own dirty closet. We only know of charlie cos he’s a celeb.

    By the way, remember as u point a finger, 3 are pointing back at u.

    One love yall

  5. #Chestnut
    November 17, 08:25 Reply

    When did he suffer a bout of food-poisoning? That might have been his seroconversion illness…or not; I dunno.

  6. keredim
    November 17, 08:41 Reply

    The two KENs who left comments…….both at different ends of the common sense scale

    Are they different people or the same person in a Je(r)Kyl & Hyde situation???

    • Max
      November 17, 09:52 Reply

      Funny, I was wondering the same thing.

      Multiple personality disorder maybe?

  7. Sinnex
    November 17, 08:48 Reply

    I sometimes wonder if all these musicians with baby mamas all over do HIV tests before having sex with them. Or do the ladies go with their medical certificates?
    Anyway, HIV is no respecter of persons. I hope his last wife wasn’t infected sha.

    Biko, who is Charlie Sheen again?

  8. Eddie
    November 17, 09:29 Reply

    Don’t be absurd!….you know who he is or have you been living under the proverbial rock?!

    • #Chestnut
      November 17, 09:51 Reply

      Hahaha@ “Don’t be absurd!”…haba Eddie calm down nah, u took it too personal! Lmao!

      • Max
        November 17, 09:59 Reply

        *u took it*?? ??.. Wondering where he took it, in the a** maybe.
        Runs off ???

  9. Teflondon
    November 17, 11:28 Reply

    Charlie sheen! Hollywood’s very own baddest boy (Second only to Collin Farrell IMO) and ladies man. i use to love this man.. very fine that man! those days. He had everything But look at him today, everything falling apart so fast.

    if anything i got a lesson from this, never ever envy anyone because they got it all, the good life, good looks, plenty money etc because you don’t know how their end would be like.

    Its never too late for him though to get his life back on track. i for one is looking forward to that.

    • posh6666
      November 17, 11:56 Reply

      Also learn to humble yourself and stop announcing how rich and classy you are to strangers online it sounds really tacky and also in the real world God can take everything away in a matter of minutes.

      • Teflondon
        November 17, 13:40 Reply

        Firstly, someone prayed for me.. HIV, now another one prays for me.. poverty. Smh all these because i chose to be a No-nonsense, Direct, trustworthy, objective and opinionated person that doesn’t believe and take part in Kumbaya’ing, fairy-tale and Happily-ever after shenanigans?

        Kdians.. SHAME!

        • Mandy
          November 17, 14:14 Reply

          That is all you took out of what he said? That he’s praying poverty for you? Just see how self involved you are. You’re truly beyond redemption. Tufia.

        • posh6666
          November 17, 15:10 Reply

          This comment is coming from me with so much effort and i really really hate that am replying you,like why are you so delusional and self involved?trust me you think too high of urself and you are actually not all that,nobody really cares about you or your so called fancy lifestyle you are just annoying that i feel like pulling off my invisible brazillian weave anytime you post some tacky rich kid comments.Tef you are a drama queen and you really flatter yourself too much,its not always about you and nobody is really impressed of your so called “money”and “class” ever since you started screaming it in here pls how many people have fallen in love with you or begging to hookup with you?stop it and stop acting like a child.This is to you and every other person on this blog that thinks screaming and shouting i have money! i have class! Am cool! Actually makes u look cool no you look stupid,there are certain things one should never brag about even if you do have it,money and class the more you try to prove it to people the more stupid and tacky you look ok am done.Tef who your money don help abeg?

          • Stranger
            November 17, 17:49 Reply

            Hays! Your own sef is too much. Everytime, essay, essay. Never seen you typed a short comment. And enough with this rubbish wig and weave allusion, you’re not a girl. Its disturbing.

            • Teflondon
              November 17, 22:35 Reply

              It’s about time someone had my back. All these assaults on my persona and non of my silent reader ” friends ” or even one that comments having my back had me thinking maybe am a bad person after all and am all alone in the world.
              Abt the comments; One just need to learn to rise above the B*S really. And that’s exactly what Have been doing (except of-course when I want to have fun.)

              • posh6666
                November 17, 22:40 Reply

                *still delusional* *still not reading and getting the message* age doesnt really mean maturity obviously….am done ?????????

  10. Delle
    November 17, 12:55 Reply

    When a ‘normal’ human being decides to spend 53000dollars on prostitutes within a year, what does he expect? (wait lemme get the naira equivalent)…oh my, #11660000! And that’s like #970000 per month! Sorry 4 the exuberant figures but I just had to.
    With such extravagantly ‘yeyecious’ life, wasted coins and wasted semen…what was he thinking? He’d get a saucer of wellness?! Mtcheew!
    He better go for a re-check. I’m certain it’s nt only HIV that found its way in…with all those said up there…HIV must have brought family along to the party.

  11. Chizzie
    November 17, 14:25 Reply

    I think there might be a good thing in this, especially as regards HIV awareness. People will see that it’s really not just a gay thing or a black thing, or something attributed to the Third World, but that anyone regardless of race and sexual orientation can have it.

    Plus when ppl say stuff like “…Its never too late for him though to get his life back on track” because a person has HIV, I really have to restrain myself from rolling my eyes. Is it that HIV positive ppl’s lives are off track ? Or because they have the virus then they are suddenly off the proverbial tracks of life, abi what?
    See, it is completely unacceptable to be gay and ignorant of HIV or to make snide comments about anyone who has it. Sometimes wisdom is just a google search away…
    And funny enough, the same person that made such a comment, admitted to being addicted to bareback sex, which really doesn’t make said person different from Charlie Sheen.

    Please lets all endeavor to remove the logs in our eyes first.

    • Keredim
      November 17, 14:45 Reply

      Nna, Chilax. Save your energy. Francis defender of the universe, will soon come and speak for him.??

  12. drduke
    November 17, 16:37 Reply

    hello internetizens, charlie sheen is a disgrace to humanity. when he should be promoting the hivcure and getting people back to negative and out of danger of AIDS he is busy cerebrating his status like fela anikulapo kuti. do not be deceived I know a doctor that uses silverzinc nanotech and bee venom bloodwork to cure AIDS and turn people negative again. for appointment to cure AIDS 08024015746

  13. Marc Francis of Chelsea
    November 17, 18:18 Reply

    HIV is not a death sentence. Charlie is lucky enough to have resources that gain him access to groundbreaking treatments. Just like Magic Johnson, I’m sure he too will live a long and happy life. The only issue now is how he will begin to deal with all the litigation in his near future as it is against the law to not disclose your status, especially if the person winds up with HIV. This guy is an example –

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