Charly Boy’s Apology To His Daughter, Dewy: More Gaslighting Or Genuine Repentance?

Charly Boy’s Apology To His Daughter, Dewy: More Gaslighting Or Genuine Repentance?

Following the furore that came as the aftermath of his post regarding his daughter being gay and his struggle with his parenting of her, with Dewy calling him out as being a clout chaser, Charly Boy has made another social media post: this time, he is apologising to Dewy.

Check it out below:

The reactions of fans to this post have ranged from support and encouragement to scorn and disbelief. This fan wrote: “You are the best, sir! … You have challenged all the norms in Nigeria which shows bravery. Your kids are so lucky to have an open minded father because in our society, kids are always seen but rarely heard.”

And another said, “Dewy is so lucky to have you as a dad. She will know this someday. I hope she is proud of her story and view your showing her off in the same form if she won a beauty contest. One day in the near future people will be proud to be gay and won’t feel they need to come out or designate their stories to the back to be told at a later. Being gay is as much part of her being female.”

However, another scoffed at the apology, saying, “Reads like a BS apology. Didn’t mention anything about the hell he put her through. He should take several seats.”

While another added: “This damage control is so faulty, termites may have as well infested. Why is there so much conceitedness in a supposed apology? Charley Boy is a clown.”

What do you guys think? Without addressing Dewy’s claim that he wasn’t the best parent after she came out to him, do you think Charly Boy was being genuine with his apology? Or does this smack of too much BS?

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  1. Black Dynasty
    November 25, 08:21 Reply

    This should have been done in private and over a phone call…. but Nigerian parents directly accept fault and truly apologise? Ahh pigs will need to take flight first.

  2. Ken
    November 25, 08:57 Reply

    If someone offends u and apologises, u either take it and move on or reject the apology and silk in bitterness.
    In my opinion, charlyboy has done better than 99% of Nigerian father’s with openly gay kids. My advice: To err is human to forgive divine. Move on!

  3. Delle
    November 25, 09:37 Reply

    Should an apology be laden with conceitedness because that’s all I saw. More attention-seeking. Not once did apologise for OUTING the girl to the world.

    I call bull.

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