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An hour later, Martin found himself back at his desk, contemplating the wisdom of his decision to let Rotimi back into his life.

You in danger, girl, a voice whispered in his head.

Why you do this to yourself, another screamed.

Boy, you is stupid, another scolded.

“Well, at least I have a new watch,” Martin said aloud to himself, reopening the box and admiring the shiny dials and silver chain strap.

He sighed and closed the box again. He would not think about Rotimi again. Whatever Rotimi wanted to do, let him do. If he was sincere, if he wasn’t, the truth would emerge eventually. But one thing was certain; Rotimi would not play him for a fool again.

He powered on his computer and checked the time on the screen. It was almost four. He checked his to-do list and nodded in satisfaction as he noticed that almost everything was ticked off. The only items remaining weren’t due till next week. He looked around and saw that his team lead’s office door was closed. He turned to the next work station belonging to another analyst on his team, Sade. He noticed that she was watching a Youtube video.

“Ahn-ahn, life is good o, Sade,” Martin said with a smirk.

Sade turned to face him, taking off an ear bud. “Did you say something, dear?”

“I said that you are having fun. It’s like work has finished in this shop, abi?”

Sade laughed. “Abeg, as we have submitted all pending reports, what again? I cannot come and go and kill myself.”

“I hear you loud and clear!” Martin said, joining Sade’s laughter. “Well let me be going nau, as work no dey, before our madam will come and find work for us.”

“Abi o,” Sade replied. “But I don’t think she’ll be coming in again today sha. Anyway most people on our team have left or will soon leave. You should too. God knows when next you will see a chance to leave this office early.”

Martin nodded. “You’re right jaré. Oya nau, let me quickly use the bathroom. I’ll be out of here in a sec.”

“Alright dear,” Sade said, and turned back to her Youtube video.

Martin shut down his system, stood up from his desk and walked to the bathroom nestled in a corner of his office floor. After emptying his bladder, he proceeded to the sinks to wash his hands. As he pressed the liquid soap into his palms, he noticed from the corner of his eye the bathroom door open and shut. He continued to soap his hands but then his brain registered that he hadn’t heard footsteps after someone entered the bathroom. He turned to the door and his breath caught.

Oh God, not him…

“You have been avoiding me, haven’t you?” Emeka asked, his gravelly baritone bouncing off the tile walls and making Martin’s knees quiver.

“I am not aware of what you’re saying,” Martin said, trying not to completely lose his composure. He had to quickly leave this place before Emeka found a way to make him throw away his home training. He turned back to the sink and began to quickly rinse his hands, but he was too slow. Emeka stalked behind him, placed his hands on the sink on either side of him, and pressed himself against Martin’s back.

Martin gasped as he felt Emeka’s hard length against his butt-cheeks. He looked up into the mirror and saw Emeka regarding him through their shared reflection with smouldering eyes.

“Emeka – sir, please stop this,” Martin choked out even as he felt himself grow hard against the counter.

“Who is ‘sir’?” Emeka asked, lightly biting Martin’s right ear.

Martin let out a low moan, and Emeka proceeded to place soft kisses along the side of his neck.

“Anybody can walk in, please stop!” Martin whispered, wanting desperately to push back at the throbbing hardness anchored against his derriere, but knowing that any encouragement would end in both of them having hot hard sex – right there, right now.

“You’re right,” Emeka agreed, grinding hard against Martin’s backside. “But I want you so bad, boy, so, so bad…” He spun Martin roughly around and placed a hard kiss on his lips, which were partly parted in surprise.

Martin moaned into Emeka’s mouth and pushed his pelvis against Emeka, their straining erections caressing each other through their clothes. Martin was about to start kissing Emeka back, but the latter broke the kiss abruptly and pulled away.

“My office,” Emeka breathed hoarsely, and then walked briskly out of the bathroom.

Martin stared after him, leaning against the counter. He brought a hand to his neck, placing his fingers against the spot that Emeka had kissed, and he could feel the fast hammering of his pulse.

Go home, Martin, he told himself. Leave this place. Go to your desk. Pick up your things and go!

But Martin could still taste Emeka’s lips on his, and the memories of his firm body against his from their inebriated hanky-panky of the previous weekend were enhanced by the caresses of moments just passed. Plus, he was still hard and throbbing.

In a few moments, Martin found himself standing in front of Emeka’s office door. He knocked once, then opened it to find Emeka seated on his desk, facing him. He made as if to stand up, but Martin quickly closed the distance between them, placed a hand on Emeka’s broad chest and pushed him back down.

“No,” Martin whispered, and then captured Emeka’s lips in a kiss. Their lips moved against each other in a slow sensual dance. Emeka moaned and parted his lips, and Martin claimed them, sliding his tongue into the warm cavern. Emeka moaned again, grabbing Martin’s soft and pert behind, pulling him against his own body. He ground his hips against Martin’s, and Martin moaned softly into Emeka’s mouth while wrapping his arms around Emeka’s shoulders.

They explored each other’s mouths for what seemed like hours, bodies straining against each other, fingers caressing taut skin through clothing. Emeka broke out of the kiss and pushed Martin to his knees between his long legs. Martin understood his intention and placed his palm over the impressive bulge straining against Emeka’s fly. Emeka bit back a moan and threw his head back, thrusting forward into Martin’s palm. Martin slowly unzipped Emeka’s fly, smiling to himself as Emeka’s labored breathing reached his ears. He freed Emeka’s pulsating manhood, marveling yet again in its size, and then wrapped his long fingers around it. Emeka’s groan was long and deep as Martin worked his fingers up and down his length, slowly at first, then with increasing speed. His thumb gently caressed the pulsating head and spread the moisture it found all around the crown. Emeka was literally gasping for air at this point, and Martin was overcome with a giddy sense of his own power.

“You’re killing me, babe,” Emeka gasped, biting his lips.

“I haven’t even done anything,” Martin whispered, before sliding his tongue over the crown of Emeka’s member.

Emeka groaned and thrust forward, and Martin smiled. Slowly he inserted Emeka’s full length into his mouth and began to suck. Emeka moaned and groaned, his hips thrusting into the warm cavern on Martin’s mouth. Martin slid Emeka in and out of his mouth, using his tongue to caress the underside of his length. He popped him out of his mouth at intervals, working magic with his fingers, sliding his tongue up and down his length, putting him back in and taking all of Emeka’s length till he could feel him at the back of his throat. His nimble fingers found Emeka’s taut ball sac and began to gently squeeze the balls inside, running his thumb in a circular motion across the tight skin, all the while suctioning Emeka’s member deeper and deeper into his mouth. Emeka couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed Martin by the sides of his face, holding him in place, and began to thrust hard and fast into his mouth. Martin gagged, pushing against Emeka’s muscular thighs, fighting for air. But Emeka was so close, nothing was going to stop him.

With a load moan, Emeka came into Martin’s mouth, spewing hot semen down his throat, but some escaped to leave an arching trail across his lips to his upper cheeks, almost smearing his glasses. Martin coughed and choked, his chest heaving, his heart pounding. He tried to stand up but Emeka pulled him to his feet and wrapped him tightly in a hug.

“Oh my God…” he whispered, then pulled back and captured Martin’s lips in a kiss. His tongue dove into Martin’s mouth, caressing the insides and trailing semen back into his. He broke away slowly, looking deeply into Martin’s eyes, their lips connected by sticky lines of semen.

“Fuck!” Emeka breathed again, before kissing Martin once more.

They languidly inhaled each other’s breaths through their lips, Emeka’s semen sliding in and out of each other’s mouths.

“You need to cum too,” Emeka said against Martin’s lips. “Don’t think I’ll let you go home like that.”

He pulled away, licking his own cum off Martin’s face, and then grabbed Martin’s crotch. Martin pressed himself against Emeka’s wide palm, seeking release. With deft fingers, Emeka loosened Martin’s belt and trousers and Martin blinked as he found his pants suddenly tangled around his ankles. He opened his mouth to protest, but Emeka spun him around to face his desk, and descended on his knees behind him.

Emeka’s tongue against Martin’s asshole was like an electric shock. He gasped, and Emeka slid his tongue across the anal opening again.

“You’re so loud,” Emeka said, grinning against Martin’s butt cheeks.

“Excuse you!” Martin responded breathlessly as Emeka began to work his fingers into him.

Martin was not sure where the lube came from, but Emeka had applied a generous amount on his behind and around his opening and was now digging his middle finger into him very slowly. Emeka removed the finger, slid it back in again slowly, slid it out completely, then jammed it in. Martin gave out a small scream and Emeka made soothing noises, using his tongue to soothe the pain. He played Martin’s anal passage like a skilled violin player, and Martin felt like he would run mad, but Emeka was not done. He reached around Martin’s waist with a well oiled hand and grabbed his throbbing member. He began to work his fist up and down Martin’s shaft even as his other hand and tongue caused mini-earthquakes in Martin’s rectum. Martin could feel himself losing it. He moaned and his body stiffened as the throes of an orgasm approached.

“Not yet,” Emeka whispered, spinning Martin to face him. Martin whimpered in protest as the wave subsided, but groaned in pleasure as he felt Emeka’s mouth close over him. The wave began again and this time, Martin and Emeka couldn’t stop it. With three aggressive thrusts, Martin came hard into Emeka’s throat. Emeka swallowed him all up, and then rose up to give Martin a gentle lingering kiss on his lips.

“See? That wasn’t so bad was it?” he said. “I’m sure you now see there was no point in denying the inevitable.”

Martin shivered as the last tremors of his orgasm subsided.

“This shouldn’t have happened,” he breathed as his senses returned.

Emeka laughed. “Keep telling yourself that. This is just the beginning.”

Written by Santa Diaba

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    # Martin be careful, it is the lower cadre level staff that always suffer in this kinda office sex relationship.

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    *makes sign of the cross* ??

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    That moment when you cum and your senses suddenly comes back to you.

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