French actor, Pierre Palmade, seems to think that there’s a difference between being gay and homosexual

French actor, Pierre Palmade, seems to think that there’s a difference between being gay and homosexual

A French actor has shared his own theory about what differentiates a gay man from a homosexual man on national TV.

On 4 May, gay actor and comedian Pierre Palmade was a guest on French talk show On N’est Pas Couché (French for We’re Not Asleep), airing on France 2 every Saturday night.

During the discussion of Les Crevettes Pailletées, a movie about a water polo gay team trained by a homophobic champion, Palmade explained that gay people are those who wear their sexuality on their sleeves, whereas homosexuals don’t.

“This is my little theory. There are gays and homosexuals, it’s two different groups…” he said. “Gays are those who eat gay, who laugh gay, who live gay, who talk gay, who make gay movies. Homosexuals are gay but they don’t wear it on their sleeves, you can’t tell when they talk, you can’t tell when they live, you only find out when they go to bed.”

After facing negative backlash on social media during which the actor, who came out in 2008, ws accused of internalized homophobia, Palmade attempted to clarify his position.

‘It seems the distinction between homosexuals and gays I made on the show with Laurent Ruquier has caused a stir. But this is not okay, guys,’ he wrote.

‘I enjoy distinguishing extroverted homosexuals from those reserved homosexuals without any value judgment. I stated that I have gone from one group to another all my life, and there are some hysterics who claim that it’s homophobia? Are you ok?

‘I have been counting on my homosexuality for quite a few years to legitimately talk about gays and homosexuals as an activist would do. Find your real enemies, but I’m definitely not one of them. Or you are settling other accounts… No hard feelings, but calm down! Kisses!’

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    May 09, 07:17 Reply

    The fact that homosexuality isn’t a crime in one’s country and that one is a celebrity doesn’t mean such a person should be an activist. He hasn’t made much sense really. Seems pretty confused in my opinion. I think activism from such people would just complicate matters for the gay or homosexual or whatever group is speaking for

  2. Vhagar
    May 09, 08:59 Reply

    He is making a point in distinguishing between “extroverted” and “introverted” homosexuals but to call one gay and the other homosexual just seems odd. It was a needless misnomer, especially when he could have just called them extroverted and introverted.

    Also, I don’t understand why they came for him as homophobic.
    Silly, yes. Homophobic? I don’t see it.

    He didn’t attach a value system by saying one was better. He didn’t diss any of the groups. He simply made a classification error. He didn’t go on a diatribe about how extroverted homosexuals were killing the community or any of that nonsense.

    This is a silly/ stupid classification error but certainly isn’t homophobia in my opinion.

    • Higwe
      May 09, 21:53 Reply

      You do realize that one could be introverted and still ” live , laugh , eat and walk -gay ” ?

      I think he tried to cushion his fall and still ended up looking numpty.

      The disparity he was trying to promulgate had very little to do with personality ( introvert , ambivert and extrovert ) but everything to do with conscious lifestyle.

      One may not attend gay parties , participate in pride matches or even be actively involved in any gay forum …which technically makes them an “introvert ” but everything about them from the way they walk , eat , dress… down to the few friends they have ….screams -GAY !

      In that case, according to his description…where do they belong ….

      An extroverted gay or an introverted homosexual ?

      A man has NO point ! ??

  3. Delle
    May 09, 11:11 Reply

    I’ll have overlooked if it was crowned with jocularity seeing as he is a comedian but he seems quite certain in his assertion.

    Plain dumb.

    What the hell do ‘talk and eat gay’ even mean?

    • Colossus
      May 09, 17:18 Reply

      You can’t possibly claim to not see the irony in this your comment.

    • BlackBird
      May 10, 00:17 Reply

      My thoughts exactly! What the hell does gay “look, talk, walk or eat” like?

    • Delle
      May 10, 11:35 Reply

      Irony? I’m pretty sure this is about the TB controversy. Hilarious ?
      Well, it’s a crying shame you guys could not see past your sentiments on that.

      I didn’t say there was any syntactic difference between Gay and TB, as a matter of fact, I acknowledged, still do, that TB happens to be a slang word for Gay in this part of the world. However, there’s a certain mentality attached to the word which was what my post sought to tackle (and I hope it continues to tackle).

      Oh but it’s okay if you keep missing the point. Totally okay. Y’all will be just fine ?

    • Malik
      May 10, 15:52 Reply

      You get! I expected the “explanation” to follow the lines of “It’s a joke; can’t y’all take a joke?”

  4. Colossus
    May 09, 14:11 Reply

    So basically the french version of Gay Vs. Tibi? Isn’t that ironic?

    • Higwe
      May 09, 20:38 Reply


      Is like you read my mind .

      Real gay vs TB.

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