From The Initiative For Equal Rights (TIERs)

From The Initiative For Equal Rights (TIERs)

If you haven’t already read this, here’s a note of caution that TIERs passed across in a Facebook post earlier today. Read below.


Hello Friends/ Family

Over the weekend three members of the community were arrested in Lagos, and in the process of securing their release at the police station, we discovered that the police are very well informed about online dating/hookups.

While we have resolved the case, we are aware that some of the police men have registered on the different social site mentioned by the boys and are already chatting with community members and planning to meet.

We kindly suggest that everyone should be careful on how they meet on social site like Grindr, Gaydar, Manjam etc and if possible, check with friends about who they are meeting before meeting.


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  1. Francis
    July 27, 18:08 Reply

    WTF! This Mallam should do and call for a review of that nonsense same sex marriage bill. Them no wan allow boys operate underground sef.

  2. Tobby
    July 27, 18:08 Reply

    damn. They’re relentless. These homophobes with their “gay hunt”. smh

    • Pink Panther
      July 27, 18:41 Reply

      It’s not a small thing o. Gay hunt is the appropriate term for it. This vindictive tenacious persecution of Nigerian gay men, even in their habitat is simply appalling.

      • Francis
        July 27, 18:57 Reply

        @PP: Nna are we safe? This wan you’re standing in for Max today.

      • Chuck
        July 27, 18:58 Reply

        You have to understand that these men feel homosexuality is a crime worse than theft, rape, or even murder.

  3. Sinnex
    July 27, 18:10 Reply

    Ghen Ghen…

    But I no go mind being shagged by a police man or better still a Soldier. Being handcuffed to the bed and getting beat up with the baton….

    Arrest me baby…I have been a very very very naughty boy. I promise not to do it again.

    Una don hear? Think with your head and not with your dick.

    • Max
      July 27, 21:10 Reply

      That should be a self advice…

  4. yinkss
    July 27, 18:13 Reply

    I’m on manjam. I love that sites. Lots of Nigerians on that site. Any other sites dat u guys can recommend?
    P’S – I’m madly in love with korede bello and I heard he is gay too. Please can anybody hook me up with him.

    • Chuck
      July 27, 18:33 Reply

      PP, this Yinks character might also be a blackmailer. Please investigate

        • Absalom
          July 28, 10:43 Reply

          LOL. A blackmailer who (probably) wants to blackmail Korede Bello. Make Don Jazzy catch you!

  5. yinkss
    July 27, 18:35 Reply

    I’m not a blackmailer oo. Why would you say that? I’m just a stupid guy in love with a guy that doesn’t even know I exist. Simple

    • Pink Panther
      July 27, 18:39 Reply

      Yinkss, please kindly stop with this slobbering. We get it. You have the hots for Korede Bello. He’s not here though. Now please if you won’t contribute to the updates, perhaps you’d like to stay silent.

      • Ben
        July 27, 22:50 Reply

        PP, that was harsh. You don’t even know if the guy is still a teenager.

  6. Ringlana
    July 27, 18:47 Reply

    @PP I think there’s Atom of Truthin What Chuks is saying about “Yinkss”Learnt his New here.@Chucks u shouldn’t have lash it here,cus had it been he is,he ll pipe low now,#Nohardfeelings
    2:Who. Is meeting pple now on hookups site? Here in Niger abegii since. Mallam no ready Repeal the law,me dee my Own.I think Jarch is a better Hookups *winks

  7. yinkss
    July 27, 19:06 Reply

    Alright. I’ll try and stay on topic. Sorry guys

    • Max
      July 27, 21:11 Reply

      I’m watching you…

      • Francis
        July 27, 21:13 Reply

        Lmao. This Max na person wey I go like watch on one of those ratchet reality shows.

  8. Ace
    July 27, 19:38 Reply

    Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!

    Anyways, I have always hooked up in Naija through recommendation. Even though there is a risk of kiss and tell, it is way better that being lynched.

  9. Max
    July 27, 21:09 Reply

    Wow.. Paranoia is good after all..

  10. Kenny
    July 27, 21:38 Reply

    :*runs to deactivate all accounts.. Guess its gonna be my hand, some lube and porn hub henceforth. Better safe than sorry.

  11. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    July 27, 23:14 Reply

    Hectic day.

    Now I am worried oo … Those weird chats on grindr in Lagos …. Hmmmmmmm!

  12. kacee
    July 28, 07:40 Reply

    Smh, na wa o this mallam and his thugs should mind their business, when it comes to privacy the least they should do is back the hell off.

  13. Django
    July 28, 07:59 Reply

    I’m way to busy to be meeting people anyway and way to paranoid to even think twice about hookups. I just got out of a kito-situation and survived, still get paranoid like crazy but recovering slowly with each passing day.

  14. Mitch
    July 28, 11:06 Reply

    Funny! The Nigerian law enforcement has always known about gay hook-up sites. It’s been on for long. Like virtually every student in UNN doesn’t know about or visit KD! It’s not a new thing. Let’s just tread carefully. That way, we’ll stay safe

    July 28, 11:16 Reply

    odikwa egwu… Kedu ife ndia cholu ka anyi mee now?? They should tell straight guys to stop taking pussys before coming to tell me that i have no right to ride on that huge dick i desire… Akuko!… Love my carefulness though…

  16. Sisqo
    July 28, 22:01 Reply

    I think the real word here is extreme care and caution. For me I don’t do hook-ups except I have known all there is to be known. And I also think why most of us fall into this setups is because we think with our dickson and not our heading. Sex isn’t and should never always be the apex of a friendship.

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