What Is Going On With Grindr In Nigeria?

What Is Going On With Grindr In Nigeria?

It first came as a message to me on Twitter, a KDian wanting to know if we’d noticed that there was a problem with Grindr. It would seem as though there is an issue with the app working and then when you uninstall and reinstall, you won’t be allowed to log back in. And when he reached out to Grindr on Twitter, they sent what looks like a standardized response, talking about how “online censorship can cause connection errors in some areas” and that “these restrictions are controlled by the government.”

Check out the exchange below.

Prompted by this, I made a post across all Kito Diaries social media platforms and the response was overwhelmingly confirmatory: Grindr isn’t working for any user in Nigeria. Even feedback from users abroad showed that this is an issue centred only in Nigeria.

So what gives? Is this the end of the road for us and the Yellow App? Different theories have been spun by different people we’ve spoken to, from the Nigerian government somehow tampering with the situation as a crackdown on homosexuality to the foreign government being the people behind this due to their crackdown on online scam from Nigeria a la Hushpuppi scandal.

What do y’all think?


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  1. Ken
    July 12, 07:42 Reply

    It’s not only Grindr. It appears Government has blocked manjam too and many other gay sites

  2. Mitch
    July 12, 07:49 Reply

    At least, one good thing would come out of this: No more Grindr or hookup site kitos for the time being.

    That’s a win for me right there.

  3. Zoar
    July 12, 08:10 Reply

    These apps can burn for all I care as I have stopped using them a long time ago but please they shouldn’t even try this rubbish with QTwitter ??? because that’s like my getaway place for fun and gossip these days.

    Come to think of it, it’s even better they go because that’s the avenue these Hoodlums use to get their victims. Real Gays will have to do more than just chats now to meet a partner. Maybe more conventional and Obsolete method now as per physical assessment and referrals.

    • Delle
      July 12, 09:08 Reply

      Real gays? Shudders.

      I kind of get that you’re talking about kito guys and guys like us but there’s something debilitating when you categorise gay guys with Real and Fake. Just like those who say Strong Top and Pure Bottom.


  4. Tj
    July 12, 08:22 Reply

    I’ve not been a grindr person but i always need it at times. I uninstalled and installed like 4 times thinking it was my phone. We move ??

  5. Stein
    July 12, 08:47 Reply

    NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! ?????

    Noticed it this morning.

  6. Delle
    July 12, 09:05 Reply

    I don’t understand people, honestly. This was brought here to see if any theory can be spun that will crack this Morse Code and some conceited people who may very well be lying are throwing the ‘thank God I don’t give a damn’ line.

    Who asked you!? Is that what this update is about? You must think you matter to be so confident to spew such highhanded, self-absorbed statement. People use Grindr. Yes, it has its cons, maybe quite heavy but you can’t dismiss its pros too especially in a country like this.

    Our privacy is being invaded! This is what it is. Look at Gabon decriminalizing homosexuality and here I am, along with the rest of my community, being shut out from hooking up and making friends and y’all don’t think this is yet another fight? An even bigger threat?

    I’m very disturbed. Throw your sentiments aside and that little self-righteous nick in you away for a second and you’ll see that you should be disturbed as well.

    If indeed the government has a hand in this, then there is trouble and this quiet kind is the most worrying of it all.

    • Mandy
      July 12, 09:26 Reply

      ALL OF THIS!!! Thank you, Delle.

      Grindr may not be your cup of tea, but it constitutes part of our human rights… You know, the one where we should be able to love and have sex?

      And now that there’s talk of the government infringing on this right, our response is “They should go ahead and shut it off”?

      Come on. This is all part of how they target your rights o. It’s not just by your neighbour peeping into the privacy of your room.

    • Lionel
      July 12, 16:05 Reply

      Thank you very much .
      You spoke my mind .

  7. wiffey
    July 12, 17:22 Reply

    Can’t remember when last I actually hooked up with anyone on that app but there’s nothing more reassuring as opening it up every now and then and seeing other queer men looking to hook up, chat a little, flirt as little, make friends and just leave it like that.

    It was OUR THING…

    To realize that it’s all gone now is quite devastating. It was one of the few spaces that was meant exclusively for us and now it’s gone, so what next?

    Kitodiaries.com ban?
    Pornhub gay restrictions?
    Queer content Ban?
    House to house arrest?
    Our long over due “14 years” imprisonment?

    So be as hypothetically self righteous as you want and feel as comfortable as you please in the safety of your fallacious bubble but be patient, cause they’ll come for us ALL.

  8. Fred
    July 13, 08:14 Reply

    Has anyone tried using a VPN (the same way it works with PayPal) just to be sure?

    • Aerys
      July 13, 09:27 Reply

      Tried VPN… I was able to log in. I think the government is behind this. Manjam was blocked silently last year now its grindr.

      • Fred
        July 13, 13:53 Reply

        @Aerys, then it is a Nigerian government move. I don’t think a foreign government can limit the activities of certain country(IES) without removing a country (selection) from an app.

        • Aerys
          July 13, 14:02 Reply

          @Fred, lol… of course, it’s the Nigerian government. I guess it’s back to the insecure days of 2go and Facebook… but that app (2go) is seedy… oh well…???

        • Aerys
          July 13, 19:32 Reply

          Psiphon… the one suggested in the screenshot above. Had to pay about 300 naira for an hour.
          You could try but all i found were bot profiles.
          Ps. Is there any other gay social media app that nigerians use. Can’t imagine returning to 2go.

          • Tman
            July 13, 20:10 Reply

            There are a lot of authentic gay profiles on facebook and twitter. Problem is getting one closer to your location.

  9. Jinchuriki
    July 15, 17:48 Reply

    Good riddance, but for those in pain…. Please blame it on Sofia Taloni!

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