It Is Not Only Possible But Common For A Gay Man To Not Like Anal Sex

It Is Not Only Possible But Common For A Gay Man To Not Like Anal Sex

Anal sex has become conflated with the male gay or bisexual experience — so much so that the top-vs-bottom question is often the first talking point in Grindr chats. So much so that it’s often the punchline of homophobic jokes. And so much so that people think you have to be into anal to be a gay or bi man (just as they think you have to be a gay or bi man to be into anal).

Take this question from a curious Redditor: “Can you be in a relationship with a guy and not be into the top and bottom stuff?” He goes on to say, “I’m into guys, but the whole top/bottom stuff doesn’t look enjoyable to me.”

The overwhelming response from commenters? This dude isn’t alone.

Commenter, SuperspyAnon, said: “Theres more than one way to have gay sex. Me personally? Asses don’t turn me on at all, I’m a grown a man but I still can’t get past the fact that waste comes out of there. I’m open to fingering a clean ass and using toys or whatever have you. But my dick isn’t going in there and neither is my tongue. I’d be open to being fucked if I really liked the guy but I don’t really consider that my thing either. So yes basically. You are not alone.”

waiguoren1313 illuminated the Redditor on what sexual role he might most likely identity with. “You’re a “side”. You can do other things, like oral and frottage… It’s cock to cock play…. rubbing cocks together as you jerk both off, like using each other’s cocks to add to both’s stimulation.”

LeRedditNormie said, “I know gay couples who never do anything related to anal, but still have fulfilling sex. It’s just a matter of what you’re comfortable with.”

And Stillmeat encouraged him with: “I don’t see why not, after all you have both hands and a mouth. There is nothing like good oral sex along with each other giving each other had jobs. Think beyond the box 🙂

In fact, in a study of men who have sex with men — a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2011 — less than 40 percent of respondents had engaged in anal intercourse during their last sexual event.

“Of all sexual behaviors that men reported occurring during their last sexual event, those involving the anus were the least common,” observed Joseph Rosenberger, lead author of the study. “There is certainly a misguided belief that ‘gay sex equals anal sex,’ which is simply untrue much of the time.”

Consider what Alim Kheraj writes for GQ: “Sex isn’t one-size fits all, and that applies to anal. Some people aren’t comfortable with the idea of anal penetration, or have tried it and found that it really isn’t for them. This should be common sense, but it’s worth repeating. Additionally, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker for a partner. To limit oneself to just a single flavor is to shut out a smorgasbord of new experiences.”

Two men deciding to have sex is just the beginning of the conversation about what happens next, as sex columnist Dan Savage has repeatedly argued. And even he said he doesn’t do anal every time he has sex.

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  1. GL
    November 19, 09:30 Reply

    I can relate, inasmuch as I practice anal sex I really don’t enjoy it. I do it basically out of compulsion. So this is totally relatable

  2. Eddie
    November 19, 10:19 Reply

    Different strokes for different folks,I guess… I can do without being topped but I still can enjoy a good drilling every once in a while… Slow,passionate, and adroit man on man sex where my needs count…

  3. Azazzel
    November 21, 12:14 Reply

    Good thing i’m not alone. I’ve never liked the idea of getting into someone’s ass. The first and only time i forced myself to do it, i got flaccid….just few seconds into penetration. I got my erection back once i pulled out….i don’t think i’d be giving it another try anytime soon.

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