Juliet Ibrahim and IK Ogbonna respond to Tonto Dikeh, as the controversial actress continues to show off her homophobia

Juliet Ibrahim and IK Ogbonna respond to Tonto Dikeh, as the controversial actress continues to show off her homophobia

Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, was among those that Tonto Dikeh called out when she went on an instagram rant about entertainers who shouldn’t dare approach her mystery new man for any financial assistance. Her threat was targeted at a number of entertainers which fellow actor IK Ogbonna, musician Tuface Idibia and his wife, Annie, singers Eniola Badmus, Praise and Toyin Abrahim.

Responding to Tonto, Juliet Ibrahim posted on her social media a selfie with the caption: They need to speak about me to get attention because if they spoke about themselves, no one would care.

IK Ogbonna also fired a response at Dikeh, indicating that she was a dog who needs to be thrown a bone.

Of course, Tonto was not going to let that pass, and retorted with a homophobic rhetoric.

To which Ogbonna shot back with:

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  1. Colossus
    May 27, 07:16 Reply

    Tonto’s grammatical blunders though…..

    • Raik
      May 27, 10:10 Reply

      Fammm I cringed reading the “anything soon” i’m it was bobrisky that typed that ???. Why do i feel like ik’s responce low key confirms the rumours which we all know is true. Especially those that have seen the sex tape.

        • SirCumsAlot
          May 27, 10:57 Reply

          Are we all just going to gloss over this!? No one else is now dark webbing looking for the sex tape?

  2. Kobe
    May 27, 07:38 Reply

    How can people shamelessly display their terrible grammar and still feel fly?
    Tonto needs to be thoroughly schooled.

    • mike
      May 27, 15:06 Reply

      Because social media is not about grammer or punctuation marks, It’s also not about how intelligent or witty you are.
      It is about your willingness to share, communicate and just have fun.
      There are certain emotional connotations, humours in real life communication that the English grammar and syntax cannot fully express properly, cause it’s meaning would be lost.
      In advertising sometimes taglines and word spelling are wrong, but intentionally left that way, just to be different, get your attention and make you think about it.

  3. Mitch
    May 27, 09:12 Reply

    Hei Ghod!
    Isn’t it time we all contributed to get this woman the psychiatric help she needs?

    This one has passed attention seeking and has turned into a cry for help.
    I literally kent!

  4. Peaches
    May 27, 10:19 Reply

    I am so kind and do not want to #shade Tonto, but then I hope this new man is not going to be Dangote’s son who’d end up being the son of the butler and then she’d be reborn again and maybe be a priestess with two men to drag on social media.

  5. Higwe
    May 27, 10:39 Reply

    Isn’t Bobrisky her best friend ?
    How can she be homophobic and still have Bobtherisky as a friend ? ?

    Not adding up .

    Meanwhile the day Tonto and Bobrisky will fight ?? the internet will explode .
    Neither has a chill and their savagery is on a whole other level .
    I’ll just be on instablog refreshing comments.??

    • KingB
      May 27, 11:08 Reply

      Oh good Lord. I pray this never happens. the cyber space won’t contain them both

    • Pink Panther
      May 27, 11:30 Reply

      “How can she be homophobic and still have Bobrisky as a friend? Not adding up.”

      You’re not serious with this, right?

      • Higwe
        May 27, 11:47 Reply

        I was obviously being sarcastic ??‍♂️

        And if you must add quotation marks …. shouldn’t you quote me verbatim ….I wrote BOBTHERISKY and not Bobrisky .??‍♂️

        • J
          May 29, 13:21 Reply

          Bobrisky is a transwoman not a gay man or drag queen. All trans women whether post-op or pre-op are valid transwomen. I believe she’s still struggling with self-discovery and transphobia, but right from the onset she has been presenting herself as a woman and not switching gender roles. Bobrisky carriage and appearance is fully that of a woman, not a drag queen.

  6. Share
    May 28, 05:17 Reply

    Foolish Higwe is here again. Useless goat of bastard human being. Empty space of a brain..

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