Just A Reminder That There Are Still Scammers On Grindr

Just A Reminder That There Are Still Scammers On Grindr

We have made a post on February talking about the fact that there are more than kito perpetrators crawling all: scammers are also on there, hoping that your interest in safe hookups will make you click where they say you should click.

In this instance, the KDian shut down the chat by making a simple request: “Take a picture of you on a Nigerian street.” LOL.

Check on it.

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  1. Delle
    August 25, 07:16 Reply

    And they’re so many!!!!

    It leaves me stunned how many messages I get on there on a daily from those retards who think I need a sugar daddy that will be paying me $1590 every day. N’obodo ebe? Ebe ka o na-eme biko nu?


  2. Mitch
    August 25, 07:42 Reply

    The way he chipped it in was flawless, abeg.

  3. Bliss
    August 25, 08:07 Reply

    This is one way..
    Some will even invite you on whatsapp sef.. Tell yhu he is desperate need to love someone. And he would want to buy apple laptop (just to convince that he can buy it for u) to prove his love. He says, he will send money to yhu (using moneygram) to get yhurself an apple laptop.
    Then, u should use moneygram site he sent to u, to receive money.
    If u kukuma check on his link put in yhur ATM 11digits (you’re a gunner), whole money will be taken.
    We all should be careful.
    Fact- They always come out as white dude

  4. Msema Kweli
    August 25, 08:23 Reply

    Hahhahaahahahahaha People still fall for these idiots, kakakakaak I have like ten who want to pay me 500$ a week to be my sugga daddy, anyways I pity them … be careful out there Kdians

  5. Ken
    August 25, 10:54 Reply

    I was at work early this year, I logged in the app and I got a message from one Ryan guy claiming to be in San Francisco. We talked and exchange digits, uncle kept on asking me if I’ve Mac laptop after I lied I was an office assistant, we all used HP laptop. We wanted me to get Mac laptop for secure video cam thingy. I didn’t want to use my office laptop for no shit if not I’d have set it up. After much talk I die the matter, he asked for my account details that he want to send me money to get Mac laptop. I gave it to him, I work in the bank and it’ll be easy to receive the money through western union or money gram.
    He claimed he sent the money, next day I was at the office and asked my friend who works at money gram department to cash the money giving him reference number. He said the reference number doesn’t exist. I asked Ryan to confirm the transaction again and send screenshots that its important, he said he didnt go to the bank that he did an online wire transfer that I can only access the money if I click on the link ??. You want to fraud a banker like me? I use my office crypto to trace the link, my fellow kdrians Mr Ryan was somewhere in Owerri doing wonders ??. I blocked him and moved 2secs, he came back again after I changed my display name to my real name and did same thing I blocked him after he said video cam

    • Xhris
      August 25, 11:27 Reply

      From San Francisco to Owerri???
      He be winch too?

    • Pink Panther
      August 25, 14:08 Reply

      Chai. See as Owerri people are disgracing me.

    • Bliss
      August 25, 18:19 Reply

      Exactly what happened to me.. But i fell victim ?

  6. bamidele
    August 25, 12:51 Reply

    funnily, I get get this kind of messages on a regular basis, even when I’m outside Nigeria.

  7. Ken
    August 25, 19:36 Reply

    I’m so sorry. How much did they take from your account?

    • Bliss
      August 25, 21:11 Reply

      I always learned my lesson the hard way.
      Is bygone jare..

  8. Bastet
    August 27, 14:32 Reply

    These guys are so funny one came and said he’s a sugar daddy and was willing to spoil me with $2000 per week and asked if I had any debts I told him no, I then decided to play a game. I told him I don’t need any help that infact I could help someone who truly needs, na so uncle come say if I can help him. I died of laughter that day.????????

    • Francis
      August 27, 15:03 Reply

      A hot mess ???? Hunger was definitely doing a number on this one.

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