1. He goes by the name Noble Ukeme-Abasi, on Facebook. He based in Uyo.

And judging by this Facebook post, he is apparently someone who doesn’t know how to simply say no to online homosexual admirers. Instead, he’d encourage them to come see him where he intends to assault them. Reports also got to us that he is gay himself, which really makes no difference to the homophobia inherent in his not only targeting community members but posting about it to further shame the person who’d been in his DM.

And in the comments section of Noble Ukeme-Abasi’s post was Joseph Okwong, who seemed very invested in the physical violation of gay men whose only crime was to come and meet someone for a possible hookup.

Following whatever backlash that Noble Ukeme-Abasi suffered in his post, it was reported that he eventually deleted the post, but followed up with another one, where he declared his absolute homophobia.


2. Not much is known about this character other than that his name is Bassey, from Cross River State. He is based in Lagos, lives in Ado, Ajah, close to Good Homes Estate. His number is 09019404699.

His victim met him on Grindr and unfortunately didn’t put him through any verification process, hence the little we know of him. But his operation is really basic: invite you over to his place, get you naked, then in storms his gang, who proceed to humiliate you and victimize you.


3. Homophobia, as we all know, is really stupid. Even more stupid is when Nigerians justify literally everything criminal at the expense of the validation of the homosexual identity. The homophobia of Nigerians makes them the equivalent of the biblical Pharisees who sought for the release of the thief, Barnabas, when he was presented as an alternative to crucifying Jesus. Our countrymen will support actual criminals over gay people – as is evident in this person, Onah Cadenza, who seems to think that rape should be more tolerable in society than homosexuality.


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  1. Fred
    March 15, 08:55 Reply

    I know love is blind. But lust is supposed to have sharp vision. Who goes to hookup with number 2?

    • Mikkiyfab
      March 15, 12:27 Reply

      It is the rhythm for me.
      I laughed so hard just reading this

    • Pjay
      March 16, 03:17 Reply

      Mechionu gi! Upload your picture let’s see how you look. Nonsense and ingredient

  2. Sasha fierce
    March 15, 12:38 Reply

    This ugly number 2 , I knw him and his gang and we’re they live, pls if u’re a victim and want to deal with them.. contact me..thanks.

  3. ken
    March 16, 09:56 Reply

    Bothof them are just hideous
    Konji na bastard
    Vomit that u wouldnt look at twice on a good day, when konji strikes u begin considering rubbish. Spits!

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