KITO ALERT: There Are Thieves And Then There’s People Like This

KITO ALERT: There Are Thieves And Then There’s People Like This

There are those who steal. And then there are those who you must never EVER take your eyes off when they are around your things.

Okechukwu Okorie, who goes by the name Charles John on Facebook, is one of the latter.

He has already been put on blast on Facebook by his victims, and I figured it should also be put up here, since he is apparently gay and good looking enough to potentially worm his way into your lives.


He stole a phone from the house of someone his friend took him to visit.

He stole stuff belonging to his friend, who left him alone at his place – a Compaq laptop, some cash and clothes.

He even reportedly stole from the person who got him his job as a hair styling assistant.

He resides in Lagos and his number is 09032849529. Be warned about him.


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  1. Lucy
    July 13, 06:32 Reply

    Good looking ke? Are you people blind. He is uglier than sin

  2. McDuke
    July 13, 07:43 Reply

    Sometimes the way we draw the moral compass on others makes me wonder about the whole essence of this blog. This is clearly not a kito alert but the case of a guy who has kleptomaniac. Is KD now the GayPolice in Nigeria where guys with certain vices are outed? What efforts have the victims made in recovering their stolen items cos obviously this is someone they know so well. PP I think it’s high time you re-evaluate what this blog means to you and the Nigerian LGBT community. I’m not endorsing this dude’s behaviour but it is not your position to out him like this cos there’s no kito here. You really need to tone it down and focus on people with real kito experiences or better still re-emphasize on how to guard your belongings when meeting with someone new…but this right here is way too low for you, you can do better.

    • Pink Panther
      July 13, 08:02 Reply

      I won’t bother arguing this issue with you anymore, considering that I have tabled this matter in a previous post. So carry on with your objections. It won’t make any difference to what my objectives are.

    • Eclectic
      July 13, 08:22 Reply

      Sorry Mr Mcduke, I beg to differ. Aside the emotional stress kito experience put on victims, I don’t see the difference between petty thief and kito. Let’s even analyze it. Majority of the scumbags that engage in the kito act do it for the what they want to benefit. What is the difference with someone who comes to your house to steal your belongings. Acts like petty theft if unchecked graduates to the stage where they come, have fun with you and begin to blackmail you. Visiting someone and getting kitoed is a different case, at lest you can say “shebi Na me carry my legs go there,” but having someone who visited you steal from you is another thing. Everybody you come across subsequently becomes a suspect. You begin to set trap for anybody you like to see if they’d fall for it before you commit. That is very stressful and unhealthy. And goodness me, the person suspects you intentionally try to bait… So yes, people like this should be outed so that we don’t go about thinking everybody is a petty thief until proven otherwise, that is not to say you shouldn’t be careful.

    • Mandy
      July 13, 08:33 Reply

      So what’s the difference in the experiences of the person who went out on a hookup and got robbed and the person who invited his friend to come see him and got robbed? If there was justice in Nigeria for gay people, he would meet the same punishments as those who set us up online. This right here, the Kito Alerts, is our justice.

      The case you’re making is nonsensical. Perhaps you need to be betrayed by someone you know to reset this self righteous brain of yours.

      If anything, it is this kind of robbery that is the worst because you don’t see it coming, seeing as the guys are friends and members of the community. All this has been tabled before here on the blog.

      It is not low what PP is doing. it is appropriate. You don’t like it? Tough. Go invite Okechukwu Okorie to your house and shag him or something.

    • Diokpa
      July 13, 08:44 Reply

      Bull shit. U hear? Let him go to the market and steal. If your aim of hooking up is to rob your dates, KD is here to out you.

    • trystham
      July 13, 09:09 Reply

      Loool. In all you said, i found just one thing – You know he is kleptomaniac???

    • Jai Jeevan Roy
      July 13, 14:43 Reply

      What is this one spouting???, vices??? When your vice affects someone else negatively it better be called out, stealing is a crime not some harmless vice. Please take several seats. What’s the difference??? Stealing or kito both are crimes against the community.

  3. Mitch
    July 13, 08:11 Reply

    The mere fact that he’s arguably good looking is annoying the fuck out of me. Why in seven hells is this a thing for him?

    Is he kleptomaniac or just a fool who thinks he can get away with anything simply because he’s gay?

    • Thor
      July 13, 08:59 Reply

      Good looking? Scoffs ?

  4. Nimdee
    July 13, 09:50 Reply

    All I could see is someone who has kleptomania, I see talent too though, but lacks discipline, or perhaps is under the pressure to show off a life that he can’t afford. But Definitely kleptomaniac and needs help…

    • CHUCK
      July 13, 16:26 Reply

      Na Wa. Is there any evil you guys will not excuse? Like someone tweeted recently Nigeria is the village people we all think we are running from.

  5. KingBey
    July 14, 05:38 Reply

    That moment you realize that most of them commenting here that he’s ugly are actually uglier than him……but what do I know?

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