KITO ALERT: There’s A Community Of Kito Scum In The Community

KITO ALERT: There’s A Community Of Kito Scum In The Community

This much became apparent after reports came in of this kito guy who goes by name Mario Del Rio on Facebook.

His phone number is 08024962441, and he is based primarily in Lagos.

Many of you may know him considering that he is gay and very active on the hookup scene. He is a member of the gay community who is opportunistic and scum enough to band together with low lives like himself to intimidate and burglarize their target.

And as the report of his last setup have been making the rounds, it came out that he is friends with previously-exposed kitoers here on the blog. Guys who go by the names BOBBY MOSES (check HERE) and DESMOND GOLD or MARIO or DIAMOND G (these guys never just have one name you know them with. Check HERE). Even after posting the kito alert on Desmond aka Diamond G, reports were still coming in, apparently from people who don’t check out the kito alerts, of hooking up with him and getting harassed by him into giving up money.

Mario Del Rio and Bobby Moses

Desmond Gold

It is obvious this guys are career kito criminals. And they’re a gang who rely on each other as backup for their criminal activities even when the hookup is at your discretion. So, please, kindly beware and pass the word around for others to know.


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  1. Mandy
    August 05, 08:35 Reply

    Such a shame. To be this good looking and use it to an evil advantage. SMH. Nawa.

    • j
      August 15, 15:13 Reply

      @Mandy. Dont let looks deceive u. there is this handsome guy in abuja 47years and a Lawyer from Imo state, he tricks guys with his looks and then pretend love to extort money from guys. after the guy falls in Love he will then borrow money from them and break up not paying. leaving his victim devastated. forget looks…

  2. Bussy
    August 05, 08:57 Reply

    Lol ????

    pluuuuuuuuz what has good looks got to do with this???, like such kito acts are meant only for ugly people???? ???? don’t make me laugh Mandy

  3. Omiete
    August 05, 08:58 Reply

    Anyways I have made up my mind that I shall not meet any guy who isn’t a friend of a friend or a friend of a friend’s friend. This is too much. When gay guys do this to us it’s more painful than 20 straight guys.

    • Delle
      August 05, 09:15 Reply

      Very unlikely that a straight guy will have the time to indulge in this highly undignified act.

  4. Oka
    August 05, 12:02 Reply

    I actually hooked up with Desmond Gold sometime in 2018, in a hotel which I picked and paid for.We mutually agreed for him to be paid for his service, which I did.He didn’t steal from me, even though I slept with one eye open, considering the tattoos and marks he had all over his body.I also had the room key under my pillow.

    • KingB
      August 05, 14:03 Reply

      Lol. Local man cannot come and shout. BTW, I’ve seen that Desmond at Costain before. Very girlish something. Happy KD is back. Happy new month brothers

      • Delle
        August 05, 14:27 Reply

        ‘Very girlish something’

        That’s supposed to be a snide remark aimed at feminine men, right? Why not deal with your insecurities before thinking you have the right to pen such retarded comment?

        • Obiora
          August 06, 02:36 Reply

          Why do you always feel the need to insult people at the slightest opportunity? Your insults are becoming unbearable and borderline annoying. You really have to take a chill pill and relax. If he doesn’t like feminine guys, that’s his business and not yours and this has nothing to do with insecurity. So please, enough of the insult.

          • Delle
            August 06, 23:06 Reply

            Please keep quiet, Mr Obiora, if your comment is to encourage hate in the name of preference. There’s a line and he crossed it, both in the words and tone. No one cares for his preference, for all I know he probably isn’t attractive, but femmephobia is not allowed! It’s just like saying straight people should be allowed to be homophobic because they’re not gay. The nonsense.

            Read to understand and not to play Captain of the Oppressed.


      • J
        August 05, 23:18 Reply

        KingB please don’t say that, he can’t help it. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be very masculine or straight acting. He’s not trying to prove anything, that’s the way he is… And I believe that he knows that and he struggles with it every day of his life.

        Yes we’re constantly reminded that we are feminine,shelle mamas, bitchy,sissies,attention seekers, whores,drama queens and now girlish something like some basket of rotten tomatoes? Haba it’s too much for us! Not everyone of you has the strength of a feminine gay man, you deal with your demons mostly in your comfort zones. We carry ours everywhere we go,we live like an apology, we get pointed at, ridiculed and sometimes attacked for no reason. I hate to see this coming from community members, it’s so unfair. We are all in this struggle together. A gay person is a gay person,if not for anything we’re all seen as outlaws, freaks, children of the devil and inhabitants of hell fire.

        Happy new month to you, the year is fast running out, I hope you have a change of heart.

  5. Jeffrey
    August 17, 20:08 Reply

    I think I have him on my friends list. I’ll be more careful with him.

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