It has been nearly two weeks since we last updated or showed any activity on any of our platforms here on Kito Diaries. A number of people have expressed worry for this inactivity and absence. There have been mails and social media messages wanting to know if anything is wrong. The concern has been overwhelming.

And very much appreciated. I am here to say that we are both cautiously and optimistically back to work. Even though I cannot go into much details on the reason why we went on such an abrupt hiatus, suffice it to say that it wasn’t foreseen and the past two weeks or so has been a stressful one, having to deal with the issues we have been tackling and knowing I couldn’t bring to you our regular updates, stories and happenings in and outside our community.

But we are back now. And ready to commence with our daily programming. Much love and appreciation to this community and everyone who besieged us with messages of concern and encouragement. This relationship is till death do us part, and we have a very long way to go in our mission to prove that we are here, queer and not going anywhere!

Thank you.

And Hello.

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  1. Malik
    August 05, 08:00 Reply


  2. Mandy
    August 05, 08:38 Reply

    You’ve truly been missed, Pinky. Welcome back. someone told me he was afraid you had been apprehended by the police for this blog. The long absence was a real cause for worry. Which brings me to my question: are there any contingency plans for the blog, should anything happen to you? I mean, to think that Kito Diaries could grind to a halt with you possibly gone is quite frankly terrifying.

    • Delle
      August 05, 09:12 Reply

      While I understand your fears as regards his mortality, I want to state categorically and emphatically that Pinky is not going anywhere for a LONG time. We’ll grow old together and when the time comes for The Black Man to whisk us away, our children will continue from where we left off 😁.

  3. PrinceK
    August 05, 09:24 Reply

    Welcome back Pinky. I kept on checking and checking every day. Yaaay.

  4. Black Coffee
    August 05, 13:34 Reply


    So good to have you back. Being checking everyday. Welcome back Pinky.

    We’re queer and fabulous, we can’t stop being us. ♥♥♥

  5. KingB
    August 05, 14:07 Reply

    Welcome back Pinky. Na me miss u pass.

  6. Kelvin
    August 05, 14:42 Reply

    Thank goodness you back, really missed this blog

  7. Cooldud
    August 05, 17:33 Reply

    Welcome back. Really missed my darling page

  8. Dañtë
    August 05, 19:06 Reply

    Hello everyone… Please I want to ask how I can also be able to share my story on this platform… Because I have a lot of stories to tell… A lot of experiences and challenges to share also

  9. Audrey
    August 05, 20:14 Reply

    It’s so good to have you back and I’m glad you’re back so let the journey continue.You were missed

  10. J
    August 05, 23:43 Reply

    Welcome back Pinky, Mother Pinkress, I can imagine the stress you went through trying to bring things back on track. Initially I thought you went on a break to free your mind from most of the baggages on here, left to me I could literally have a mental breakdown after a while LOL But after seeing those dates appearing without any write-ups, I became so scared and I concluded the blog has been hacked if there’s anything like that LOL

    It’s nice having you back here, you are missed but not that much 😂😂😂

  11. PrinceK
    August 06, 06:34 Reply

    King B. Issa lie. Na me miss him and the blog pass

  12. Dunder
    August 07, 00:04 Reply

    So relieved to read this. I feared Pinky had been served the Sowore treatment. Non performers would blame anything in Naija. Good to know we remain at our permanent site. Pinky and the gang, more power.

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