KITO ALERT: This Guy Is Kito Scum Who’s Threatening The Person Exposing Him

KITO ALERT: This Guy Is Kito Scum Who’s Threatening The Person Exposing Him

He operates on Grindr with the profile name kingkenny, which of course he can easily change after he sees this post.

His number is 08101105272, which he uses for WhatsApp. And his location is in Opic Estate, around Ojodu Berger Axis.


The KDian who brought the case to my attention had this to say:

“This guy tried to set me up early this year in January, inside my estate, but luckily for me, I was able to escape from them (Yes, he operates with a gang). Recently however, he’s been back on Grindr, trying to set up a friend of mine the same way they did with me, so I decided to do something about it. First I messaged him and as soon as he knew who I was, he started responding with insults, which I gave back. Then he started threatening me (too bad I can’t screenshot my Grindr chat). So, I immediately created another Grindr account with his picture and username stamped with KITO ALERT, just to let people nearby know who this person is. Fortunately, some people who were chatting with him and warming up to him messaged me, and it is one of them who encouraged me to send you this message.

“And some point, when he saw the profile I created of him, he figured out that I was the one and sent me a threatening voice note on Grindr, which I recorded.”


The recording is this below:


This kito scum was threatening the guy exposing him with physical harm, unless he takes down the account with his kito alert pictures. Business must have gotten ruined for him, as was evidenced in the KDian who sent me a message on Twitter, with the same report about him.

This is what this other guy had to say:

“Hello Panther, I had an experience with a kito guy and his gang. They are based in Opic Estate at Ojodu Berger. We chatted three days ago on Grindr; he has the username “kingkenny”. I insisted we have a minute video call on Grindr as he was persistent on me coming over that same evening we started chatting, even saying I could pass the night if I wanted.

“I’m 19 and I don’t much experience, but the alarm bells in my head went off immediately he started acting like he was trying to seduce me into coming over that same evening. During the video call, he was smoking weed, telling me he was a rough guy in bed and would fuck me till I bleed. I never knew kito guys now have the nerve to make video calls, but I still my doubts. So, I went through all your Kito Alert posts to see if I would see that he’s already been exposed or to get any information about that area, but I found nothing.

“So, I further interrogated him about his sexual preference as a queer guy since he claimed to be verse; I am equally verse and wanted to know his choice in topping or bottoming. But he kept insisting he is verse without knowing what the terminology entails. This discouraged me and confirmed made my suspicions about him. I told him off, letting him know I know he’s kito. He reacted by raining curses on me, calling me names and threatening me with violence, as they are a gang in that estate apparently.

“My knowledge of him was further confirmed when I saw the Grindr profile that had his kito alert pictures on it, warning guys in the area about him. That was how I made the acquaintance of the guy operating the account and directed him to report the case to you.”


So, if you are anywhere in the environs of Ojodu Berger axis, kindly stay aware from this guy or really, anybody that encourages you to come over to so-and-so place in Opic Estate for a hookup.


Also, I want to commend this KDian whose instinct, when faced with the knowledge of this guy’s nefarious activities, was to go on the offense and expose him. And even after getting threats from the guy, persisted in his mission to see that no one else in the community can be harmed. When I asked him if he was going to be okay, he answered with: “I’m not even sure. Because what if they truly have my pictures? And I do go to that market he mentioned in his voice note.”

If anyone has any advice on what he can do to ensure his safety from these guys, just in case they pose a legitimate threat to him, kindly let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Tman
    May 13, 08:47 Reply

    Wow. This is really scary. It seems the number of these kito scums keeps snowballing by the day. Honestly, I’m scared for the Kdian who took these brave actions.

    Since his picture has already been placed here, and for the sake of your good health seeing as he pretty much spoke with conviction about knowing you, take down his picture from the Grindr profile. You can even go further to tender an apology.

    You cannot report his threats since the people saddled with the responsibility of safeguarding our well-being as citizens will gladly let you take the fall, and even compound it.

    You also are not Higwe who has promised several times to brutally disfigure any son of man that as much as pulls a strand of his hair. It doesn’t seem like you’re highly connected either to send threats of yours and it’ll be foolhardy riding in mere luck.

    So, just take the right step for your safety. My prayers are with you.

    • ken
      May 13, 09:57 Reply

      Tbh i am so appalled reading this. Bullies love weakness, there is no amount of weakness that will placate that demon. The more you try to please these devils the more they thrive in destroying you. When someone threatens your life, you dont present then with your head for the final death blow. You fight back

      My advise is to report the matter to police, there are still good ones that do their job well by investigating threats, especially threat to life. The fact that you have reported him would most likely be enough to deter the scumbag from any attempted attack.

      • Tman
        May 13, 16:06 Reply

        Report the matter to the Nigerian police? Tell them about a straight man in a virtual gay community you’re in who is ensnaring innocent gay guys and also serving you threats because you outed him to save your fellow gay folks?

        I’m more appalled reading your comment if this is the ‘fight back’ option you’re proffering.

  2. Ebuka
    May 13, 13:44 Reply

    First I want to commend that fellow kitodaries reader that took it upon himself to save others regardless if he got harmed or not. Thank you. As for the situation he is in,I will advise him not to take down that Grindr profile,the ranting boy in question is ranting because he’s afraid,by posting his picture to Grindr as a setup, you’ve exposed him to the same fear which we homosexual men experience which is the “fear of exposure”. He’s afraid who might discover him for what he does. That’s an unknown place you’ve put him in. Listen,if he wanted to hurt you he would have a long time ago,but he cannot hurt you because he doesn’t have access to your mobile devices which on one of them he’s Grindr profile is on. He’s afraid to hurt you because he cannot delete his profile from your phone. Either way you have all the cards and all the power. If he tries to hurt or expose you then he also risks being exposed, don’t ever forget that. Torture that bastard

  3. Mafiaso
    May 13, 21:16 Reply

    Don’t delete his pictures from Grindr, simply change your line, so that the Kito scum won’t have access to you any longer. He can go to hell, it a question of the hunter being hunted now. The tables has finally turned again him.

  4. Tristan
    May 13, 22:48 Reply

    It’s evident in that vn that he is afraid.

    If you are on Grindr, do the same as the poster by opening a profile for this bastard. That way he will be more exposed.

    The pepper never begin to pain am. He need more.

  5. Nature
    October 11, 11:36 Reply

    Someone said he should apologise to d kito guy? Like seriously? U kidding me? If he ever apologises, he has outrightly shown a sign of fear and cowardice and that will really make d set up guy and his gang to come for him instead. He should maintain his bravery because d kitos are scared too. Make friends with some area boys there and let him see u with d area boys once in a while. Wait till he gives u a threat outside Grindr and then report to d police that someone is threatening u for nothing u know nothing about. Deny knowing him from Grindr or even knowing d app and ofcos, hide d app securely so it won’t be traced. Make sure u show no sign or traces of weakness. D guy has luck I swear no be someone like me. Na my army guys go settle im matter once. Ezi!!

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