The Face of the Man You should never leave alone in your home

The Face of the Man You should never leave alone in your home

He goes by the name Noaghan Joe on Facebook. He had a sexual friends-with-benefits relationship with the victim. They had gotten to that level of their friendship where the victim was comfortable enough to leave him in his house while he went to church on Thursday. An hour later, he returned to find that he had been robbed. His house was open, there wasno one in, and a huge bulk of both his personal effects, clothing and gadgets had been made off with.

Apparently, he is known by the name ‘Passion’, and his number is 08187988356. Below are his pictures. If you have or haven’t made his acquaintance, learn from this victim’s mistake: Never turn your back on him! received_1715205898494525received_1715205925161189received_1715206125161169received_1715206118494503

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  1. Foxydevil
    June 13, 08:18 Reply

    Was this thoroughly investigated?
    This is basically an unverified and unproven accusation from one party.

    • Pink Panther
      June 13, 08:20 Reply

      How can you ask if it was investigated and still state ‘factually’ that it wasn’t investigated in one breath? It’s either you are asking or you are telling. Which is it?

      • JBoy
        June 13, 08:27 Reply

        Nne, biko helep me ask.

      • Mandy
        June 13, 08:29 Reply

        Lol. Foxydevil, pick a struggle.

      • Foxydevil
        June 13, 09:11 Reply

        Calm your titties down pinky bloom…. Sometimes people come up with all sorts of stories to defame someone once relationship goes south.
        He clearly said he has been friends with benefits with the guy for quite sometime, why the guy would choose to rub him now is mind boggling.
        Unless this is your story, then I have no room to argue.
        Remember… I said I will be good cupcake. Now kiss me ?????

  2. Mandy
    June 13, 08:32 Reply

    But seriously though, I’m not a very paranoid person, but leaving someone in my house to go out is where I draw the line. I just can’t do it. I especially can’t do it with gay friends. If we have not known each other really close for a minimum of five years, there’s no way I’m trusting you that much. And then it is now someone who he’s been casually shagging, not even a close friend. Nawa o.
    My condolences to the victim. I hope this asshole gets what’s coming to him. Gay guys who are thieves and betrayers of fellow gay guys are just the lowest of scums.

    • ambivalentone
      June 13, 09:02 Reply

      The victim felt they had reached that zone where there is a level of trust. It only goes to show u can’t know someone completely. Chikena!

      • Mandy
        June 13, 10:29 Reply

        Just to be clear o, I wasn’t trying to insinuate that the guy is to be blamed for deciding to trust this guy. It’s just a very fucked-up situation.

  3. Tahlee Ibrahim
    June 13, 09:07 Reply

    It’s bad enough that the society is homophobic and exposes gay people to very bad experiences daily,but what’s worse is that a gay man can bring himself so low and do this to another gay man. What happened to watching out for each other? I can only imagine the worth of property stolen. Sorry this happened to you. I just pray somewhere,somehow this miscreant will have karma fuck him in every opening in his body.

  4. himbo
    June 13, 09:18 Reply

    isn’t this outing? no matter what this individual did he is one of us. If someone attacks him going by this information will whoever he stole from feel vindicated? kito diary is read by a lot of people, unsavoury characters inclusive. We need to think things like this through.

    • Pink Panther
      June 13, 09:20 Reply

      He is one of us?
      Speak for yourself please.
      He IS an unsavory character and Kito Diaries has no respect for people like him.

      • McDuke
        June 13, 09:33 Reply

        Aren’t you been biased pinky???? Himbo has a point you know…think about it

        • Pink Panther
          June 13, 10:21 Reply

          I’m not biased. I’m mad. I’m not even close to the victim. So this isn’t about any attachments. But I think about coming home to a house stripped bare of my main belongings by someone I trusted, and it makes me shut my mind to any empathy of any kind to the perpetrator.

      • Colossus
        June 13, 10:12 Reply

        You’re wrong. This isn’t a homophobic situation, this is a guy who stole the properties of his friend. I’m not saying what he did is right but saying he is not one of us means what actually? That all gay men are saints?
        This post didn’t sit well with me because at the end, what purpose did it serve? Shouldn’t the focus be on trying to help the guy recover his properties? If anybody here is friends with the guy, contact so so and so?

        • Francis
          June 13, 10:26 Reply

          Would you rather the post appeared on regular blogs instead? You fit epp us reach out to them in these kain cases? That way we’d leave the matter at “this is a thief” and not “this is a gay thief”

          • Colossus
            June 13, 10:29 Reply

            Since the post appeared here, a gay blog. Shouldn’t you at least….. Sigh….. You know what, let’s stick to your conclusion. You have your reservations and I have mine.

    • Foxydevil
      June 13, 10:22 Reply

      Couldn’t agree more. Something about this story just doesn’t sit right.
      This could have been an act of revenge…..people have a way of assuaging themselves of all the blame. Once you get to know the full story, you become less sympathetic.

      • Mandy
        June 13, 10:28 Reply

        Yes, by all means, let’s insinuate that the bad guy here is the victim. Let’s leave room for the ‘full story’.
        This is hypocritical because I’m pretty sure that if this post was exposing this person as a kito guy who got the victim in trouble, we’d all have no empathy for him.
        But because he was accused of stealing, let’s wait for the ‘full story’. After all, stealing is just minor, right?

        • Foxydevil
          June 13, 10:34 Reply

          I really don’t want to argue with you, I thought you would have taken a hint but you clearly didn’t.

          • Mandy
            June 13, 10:40 Reply

            It’s a free world. I can respond to whomever I want to, express my opinion of whatever nonsense Is posted here that I want to. If you can’t deal with it, reserve your comments. If what you have to say made any sense, you’d enlighten me instead of recoiling into defensive mode. Or start singing insults like you did ambivalentone

            • Foxydevil
              June 13, 11:11 Reply

              You can always express your opinion without replying to someone, especially someone that evidently ignored your previous reply. Even your attempt to revisit a done and dusted situations makes it way too obvious you are fishing for a fight. But I do know how to pick my battles and you are not worth it. Adios!

              • Mandy
                June 13, 11:17 Reply

                WordPress provided the reply button for a reason and I’ll use it. ? It’s your prerogative not to respond to me, and mine to respond to you.

  5. Chuck
    June 13, 10:18 Reply

    Lol. What won’t Nigerians defend?

    MGM, fraud, burglary – you will see them defend it all.

    Ask the blog’s owner for evidence. Don’t defend stealing. Some of you are blaming the victim for leaving the thief in his house. Na wa!

    • Foxydevil
      June 13, 10:30 Reply

      I think one user “teflondon” submitted a story like this once, where he unceremoniously dumped his lover for a hotter younger specimen and in an act of retaliation, he stole his gadgets and phones.
      I would never support stealing but we need to hear from both sides first before passing judgement.
      I wonder why the victim of the burglary will choose Kitodiaries as an avenue to out the thief .These days with the technology we have, tracing his location is a no brainier, especially for someone with an active facebook ID.

      • himbo
        June 13, 12:38 Reply

        And we all know who Tef’s srory ended. A lotta grief and for what? He ended up the loser in that situation. But hey burn the bitch!

    • Mandy
      June 13, 10:31 Reply

      For once, I am in agreement with you. Go figure. ?

  6. Rich
    June 13, 10:27 Reply

    Himbo please stop that silly sentimental stuffs. Lets call a spade a spade. Karma is a sexy bitch tho! I hope his won’t land in RIP.

      • Pink Panther
        June 13, 12:23 Reply

        You’re correcting someone’s grammar and using ‘Your dismissed’?
        How laughable.

  7. IBK
    June 13, 10:46 Reply

    This is outing but people need to take consequences for their actions. If he didn’t steal his face wouldn’t be up here. Whatever made him steal, stealing is still a bad thing and he shouldn’t be coddled.

    That being said there’s also still a place for mercy when wrong is done. Adding his phone number and name seems rather harsh. It opens him up to homophobic attacks and heaven knows we as a community don’t need more of that.

    • Foxydevil
      June 13, 11:07 Reply

      That’s why I love you, you always know how to say the right things .
      Nothing like a man that weighs the pros and cons .???
      Please can I get your @gmail address.
      Let’s talk more about this thieving situation ?????

  8. Dubem
    June 13, 10:52 Reply

    Perhaps word will get back to him that he’s trending on Kito Diaries, and then he’ll have the good sense to return what he’s stolen so this post can be taken down to prevent further damage to his identity.

    • ambivalentone
      June 13, 11:14 Reply

      LOOOL. I hope so too. Frankly if this one cannot remember a gay person is his ‘brother’ and not steal from him, I wonder what he’d do to someone not his ‘brother’.

  9. Dubem
    June 13, 10:54 Reply

    And if it’s not too much to ask, perhaps we can know what items were stolen. It seems to me that the people here running interference for him think that maybe he simply made away with a phone and laptop or something else minimal.

    • Francis
      June 13, 11:10 Reply

      Hian, are we about to make certain stolen items irelevant? What about sentiments attached to them even if na simple face cap?

    • JBoy
      June 13, 11:20 Reply

      He was housed by someone (a member of the community who has relocated out of the country) and in trust, the fellow asked that he organises the disposal of his properties and remit accordingly; after he was told to take certain stuffs, he sold everything and gave nothing to the owner. The owner was aggrieved and pleaded to the ears of all who cared to listen (that it’s true you might have met him through me but he’s got questionable character) to stay away from this dude.

      He came begging to squat with the victim, after they’ve been close for a while now, and the victim was still contemplating before the dude’s last visit that cost the victim of his DSTV Decoder, Laptop (having vital documents, doctoral research materials and experimental findings), his phone and all contacts (within and outside the country) and emptied the victim’s wardrobe. Left him with no office shirt and they all cost him some huge dollar bills. It is a painful loss in exchange for trust. All attempts to get through to him proved abortive.

        • ambivalentone
          June 13, 12:02 Reply

          Why do I av a mental picture involving you, torches and a huge bonfire?

          • Francis
            June 13, 12:13 Reply

            Please wipe that imagery from ya head. I didn’t mean that literally

      • Dubem
        June 13, 11:30 Reply

        Jesus Christ. ? This guy was heartless.

      • Foxydevil
        June 13, 11:37 Reply

        Situations like this makes me wish I didn’t dump my married police lover. He would have taken good care of this bastard.
        Just look at how ugly he is, still his soul is just as ugly. How do you repay someone’s kindness with such cold hearted treachery.
        Please don’t let it go, this dude deserves to be taught a lesson and to think the bastard even had the nerves to flash dollar wards on his timeline .

  10. ambivalentone
    June 13, 11:08 Reply

    I av all sorts of scenarios playing in my head about this after reading all the comments. I can’t help think that if this dude had actually returned the property of the victim after what I am sure would be repeated calls, there’d av bin no need to bring it here. And except u’d like to be Teflondon who can report at the station and end up being detained for being a fag, KD is the best place to bring ur matter.

  11. Khaleesi
    June 13, 11:09 Reply

    This is so sad! I can’t believe people actually feel any compassion for this scumbag! Knowing Pinky well, am sure this case was thoroughly investigated prior to posting. A gay man who decides to treat another gay man in such a manner deserves to be thrown to homophobic wolves with no mercy whatsoever shown!
    I guess most of us have never experienced the feeling of helplessness and violation that comes with this scenario, believe its very traumatic & heartbreaking all at the same time. It would feel better if random criminals broke in and burgled your home than when someone you’ve shared intimacy and trust with robs you of your valuables; please this guy deserves no mercy! If some homophobe sees his image and phone no & decides to set him up; well, I honestly can’t find any pity in my soul; I’ll definitely read about it with a smile on my face!
    Pinky please!! Don’t let anyone discourage you, this is a good initiative; the moment you see/hear of such; please post – you most likely Will be saving another gay man from such trauma & to all of us, kindly save this no and tag is ‘thief’ or ‘scam’ — Truecaller things … To Anyone who knows this thief, ask him to return the items and beg for forgiveness with a remorseful heart … If i were Pinky i would repost this 2x every week for 3 months for the benefit of future readers & to ensure that this crook is shut down for good! And ermm we weren’t told which city he operates from/in

    • Mandy
      June 13, 11:18 Reply

      This Khaleesi eh ?????? You don’t even want to entertain any mercy.

  12. Delle
    June 13, 11:40 Reply

    How can you tolerate something criminal as thieving? He committed theft and as such should bear the brunt.
    This is a gay blog and even though there are chances homophobic individuals read this blog, we want to believe it’s Karma speaking should anything happen to him (not like I’m fervently praying for something to).

    Theft should be condemned no matter the perpetrator or his sexual orientation. It doesn’t even make sense. That he is gay now means I should pardon him or tolerate his criminal tendency and exhibition? We should stop confusing sexuality for personality. We need to curb our sentiments really. We are damn too sentimental, unnecessarily so, in this country and it’s off-putting.

    Going by what Jboy stated, this guy deserves more than he is even getting. Rubbish to the clouds!

    • Pink Panther
      June 13, 11:43 Reply

      “We should stop confusing sexuality for personality… ”

      THIS! For the person saying he’s ‘one of us’.

      • Colossus
        June 13, 12:26 Reply

        Isn’t that what we just did? Confused sexuality for personality? He is a thief, we somehow branded him a gay thief. Because he is gay and stole from another gay person? That’s what I was trying to point out.
        Somebody has come to the comment section to elaborate on things stolen, that puts things in perspective. Efforts has been made and the guy is not willing to budge, that should have been included in the post. Should someone you trust steal from you, it will be more hurtful but at the end he is a thief, not a gay or straight thief but a thief.

        • JBoy
          June 13, 13:27 Reply

          Thanks so much for your thoughts. Truly grateful.

  13. himbo
    June 13, 12:16 Reply

    Oh shut your fucking blowhole pinkratchet. Stolen items are still no substitute for a human beings life. I have had things stolen from me. You know what I did? I reported to the necessary authorities and became more careful with who i associate with. I glanced through this individual’s profile and he looks “street” for lack of a better word. Seems the victim loved him some rough trade and he got served.

      • himbo
        June 13, 12:30 Reply

        Like you’d know what that looks like?

        • Pink Panther
          June 13, 12:39 Reply

          I don’t know what your problem with me today is. I don’t know you. I’ve not engaged you in any contention today or any other day. Unless you’re actually this person put up on this post or you are friends with him, I do not understand this unprovoked attack. . I haven’t insulted you, and here you are, tossing them out like they’re free condoms.

          But here’s a piece of advice. Back off from me. I don’t have any issues with you. Let it remain like that

    • Foxydevil
      June 13, 13:25 Reply

      I live for moments like this ???????,let me take a bite off my frosted cake. Looks like someone is about to get served.

  14. himbo
    June 13, 13:23 Reply

    The snide remarks you’ve made under comments I’ve made previously doesn’t count abi? Listen up fivehead..You’ve bought this problem. I will be on you like white on rice. Buckle up for safety mo’fucker. LMAO

    • Delle
      June 13, 15:25 Reply

      Because he burst your bubble by correcting your English? Oga you made a mistake while trying to CORRECT someone else’s (snidely too). Let your own pill go down your throat.
      Stop biting.

  15. I
    June 13, 14:29 Reply

    The amount of dramatic queens on this blog amazes even the devil…**sips kunu and bite my donkwa**and waits for pinky to finally devour himbo

    • Foxydevil
      June 13, 15:18 Reply

      ???? if he can, himbo looks like he came prepared .
      All the same I’m team himbo, let’s go baby!!

  16. Black
    June 13, 15:35 Reply

    Oh, how I’ve missed reading this blog. The shaaaaaade. Lol

  17. Rich
    June 13, 23:47 Reply

    Himbo….you’ve been backing this scumbag up since this case was throw in here. Don’t worry soon you’ll jam a high way robber that will even fuck you without condom.

  18. Tahlee Ibrahim
    June 14, 05:12 Reply

    Look. You guys actually need to stop trying to nail PP to a cross. If for anything,he fucking did right by putting this post up.
    The guy was trusted. He was let in,and he fucking stole…don’t forget that he doesn’t even seem remorseful. Yet some people will come here,because they have phones and cheap internet access and insult PP for putting it up. As you’ve read this story,haven’t you in your subconscious mind thanked him for yet alerting you of an impending danger should you actually meet this guy? I don’t want to believe anyone,after reading this story will see this guy and let him in (pun intended). If there’s anything extreme in the post,there are very intelligent ways to call the admin’s attention and not by dishing out insults because you have a phone that can access the internet.
    I don’t see anything wrong with this post…at least if I find myself in Lagos,and looking for a ‘casual fuck buddy ‘ I know not to give this guy audience.

  19. DeadlyDarius
    June 14, 07:29 Reply

    PP must be exhausted with having to deal with this every time….this isn’t the first of such posts he’s made and he wasn’t lazy to copy and paste from somewhere else (I’m looking at you, certain ‘bloggers’) but you can be sure investigated.
    This information does two things…alert the guy and MORE IMPORTANTLY, warn others because such guys tend not to be one time offenders. Legitimate queries and clarifications are very much needed but when people bend over backwards to try and justify/rationalize cruel behaviors, its very sad.
    PS: I just went to his profile and saw he’s very much a Jesus boy (grabbing my Loki staff). If Nigerians demanded half as much objective evidence when it comes to the divine as to criminal wrongdoings that HARM people, this country would be a lot less hypocritical and more humane.

  20. Canis VY Majoris
    June 14, 08:38 Reply

    ? It’s been awhile we’ve had an array of such colourful comments. Ya’ll living up to the month’s theme I see.

    PP more posts like this abeg. Something hot to go with the weather ?

    Besides, we’re entitled to such information otherwise why are we here. ?

  21. iAmNotAPerv
    June 14, 10:01 Reply

    When this guy looks like a member of my church… 🙂

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