Miss Lawrence And His Debut On ‘Empire’

Miss Lawrence And His Debut On ‘Empire’

The season 2 premiere of Empire was flooded with cameos and guest appearances by everyone from Chris Rock and Marisa Tomei to Al Sharpton, Don Lemon, and André Leon Talley. But the popular Fox primetime soap is perhaps best served as a catalyst for new talent.

One “new” face came in the form of Lawrence “Miss Lawrence” Washington, who entered with a dazzling and slightly seductive rendition of Sylvester’s “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real).” Dressed in a sequined jacket and posing on the young CEO Jamal Lyon’s desk, Miss Lawrence stole the scene.

Some may recognize the celebrity hairstylist from his TV debut on Real Housewives of Atlanta or his current role on Fashion Queens. According to Miss Lawrence, he met Empire creator Lee Daniels through fellow fashion queen, Bevy Smith. After occasionally bumping into each other, he got the creator’s attention when Smith filmed Miss Lawrence on her phone pitching a special ball-themed episode of Empire, complete with impersonations of Jamal and Cookie:

When Daniels learned that his young fan had the killer voice to back up the personality, it was only a matter of time before he found a project for his new muse. Miss Lawrence says Daniels even introduced him to Lenny Kravitz, who praised his vocal chops.

“You have this legendary, iconic rock ‘n’ roll star on my phone telling me he loves my voice, he loves my talent and that he appreciates what I give and project out into the universe,” Miss Lawrence tells Out. “And he told me I should do more with music and to make sure I use my voice and all of my gifts.”

Several months later, Miss Lawrence was on a plane from New York to Atlanta when he finally got the call: Daniels said he had a role for him on the season 2 premiere of Empire.

“So I hung up the phone and immediately pressed my little button and told the flight attendant I wanted a vodka soda with a splash of cranberry,” he says. “You know I ended up needing a cocktail after that. Then after I got my good ole cocktail and got relaxed in the air, honey, I had me a good ole moment of prayer ’cause I’m a very spiritual being as well.”

Seeing his name on the same script as Taraji P Henson, Terrence Howard, Marisa Tomei, and Chris Rock solidified the moment for Miss Lawrence. He referred to it as his “mama, I made it” moment. After collecting himself, he focused every moment on rehearsing and making sure his role was as fabulously executed as it was.

“I am a very specific talent, and I was so appreciative that Lee Daniels got it and he understood exactly who I was,” he says. “I made sure that I was able to give 110% back so that I wouldn’t leave one stone unturned and that I would make everybody proud.”

Having trained in performing arts, Miss Lawrence says he wants to revisit his original dream while maintaining his brand in the beauty industry. And after Miss Lawrence’s vivacious spot on the show this season, we’re hoping to see him return to the world of Cookie and Lucious — and perhaps sing a “Do You Wanna Funk” duet next time.

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  1. ken
    September 27, 07:16 Reply

    I wonder what my priest would if he sees this! Lol

  2. Mandy
    September 27, 08:09 Reply

    I have a feeling that this is what goes on in Lee Daniels’ trailer.

    Hollywood actor and friend of Lee: Sup Lee, how far. How’s it going?
    Lee Daniels: Fine, bruh. It’s been awhile. Filming anything?
    Actor: Not yet. Ever since I wrapped that last movie, Yesteryears, nothing yet is cooking.
    LD: Yesteryears, didn’t you film that like two years ago?
    Actor: Yes, and these studios are not sending any more work my way. I’m starting to wonder if they are Monique-ing me.
    LD: Oh come on, Monique was blackballed because she was stupid. You did good work on Yesteryears. You know what? Lemme look at the scripts for my show, Empire. I’ll see where I can squeeze you into.
    Actor: Oh really?! Oh Lee, thank you thank you very much.
    LD: Not a problem. Why don’t you swing by the set tomorrow, and have a reading with Taraji.
    Actor: I sure will.
    And BOOM! Another guest appearance deal is sealed.

  3. Chizzie
    September 27, 10:11 Reply

    This show is going to become too convoluted and end up like Glee. One gay character is enough. If anything what the show needs is more white roles.

  4. kacee
    September 27, 12:22 Reply

    Omg Miss
    Lawrence damn gurl, she reminds (lol) me of someone oh my lawd lol. PP can u buy me her kind of boots for Christmas pleeeeeeese.

  5. Sinnex
    September 27, 13:25 Reply

    Hmmmm…person never watch this Season 2 and it seems like I already know all that happened.

    Na wa ooo!

  6. Max
    September 27, 13:56 Reply

    Not reading Nona this stuff.
    I’ve downloaded all the new episodes of all the TV shows, but yet to see it. You silly peeps @Deola & Panther throwing spoilers around like paper. You can kiss that hard drive goodbye @Pp, & @Deola, pray I don’t catch you on the road one of these days.

    • Pink Panther
      September 27, 16:14 Reply

      Hehehehehee. But have I done nah to deserve this banishment of the hard drive?

  7. spade
    September 28, 00:03 Reply

    Boring, that scene was so boring n irritating, the dude was too flamboyant.

    • Posh6666
      September 28, 09:05 Reply

      That is who he is,his character is flamboyant and over the top just like the other one called derek the salon owner if u watch the rhoa then u will know thats him being natural.We all cant be normal n proper all the time we need such flamboyance to humor the sometimes boring life so pls dont hate.His on empire afterall can u beat that?he made it

  8. Delle
    September 30, 01:11 Reply

    I feel personally dat being feminine is one fin, being flamboyant…another. I love confident, feminine…nt over-the-top, I-give-ur-mama’s-breast-a-pinch flamboyance! D dude ws so d latter. Hope he ends up a transsexual…cos I won’t hv him make all ma sexy dudes hate on effeminates…nehh. Evn ma gorgeous Jamal wsnt comfortable…goddammit!

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