Much Ado About Denrele Edun

Much Ado About Denrele Edun

I was cruising the Twittersphere yesterday evening, just browsing timelines, favoriting pictures, tweeting stuff, retweeting other stuff and bantering with a few acquaintances.

Then I stumbled on tweets about media personality Denrele Edun and the topic of his sexuality. That shit was all over twitter, his fans defending him against some persons or some reports that apparently questioned him about his sexual orientation. Below are excerpts from one of the reports published on The Punch:

Q: People still argue that you are homosexual?

Denrele: Over time, they have labeled me as a homosexual, heterosexual, bi-sexual, I have been called all sorts of names. When people see that you are successful in the entertainment industry, they try to peddle some negative stories about you. Maybe they call me names because of the way I dress. When I started out and people began calling me such names, I found it very disturbing, annoying, and demeaning but I laugh about it now. When I am asked about my sexuality, I just tell them that I am a sexual outlaw. I don’t think my sexuality should be an issue because I am doing my work very well.


Q: But are you gay?

All I can say to that is that I am a sexual outlaw.


Q: Are you in a relationship?

I am single. I am not going to deny the fact that I am human and I have feelings. I would not say that I have been celibate or lonely because that would be a lie. I am not celibate; however, I am quite principled when it comes to relationships. God has blessed me and still blessing me, so I would not misuse the privilege of my job to use and dump all the ladies that constantly come my way. Some ladies think that being with me would place them at a certain level and because of that, they throw themselves at me but I do not misuse the privilege I have. That does not mean that I am a saint. I am not a saint. There is somebody in the picture but we are not so sure of our status right now. We have been tossing it back and forth for a while. We are still deliberating. The person is fully committed but I am not really ready. I feel like I have frustrated her to a large extent and she has tolerated me for a very long time. We have been friends for a while. I am a very inconsistent person; she could call or send a message and I will not reply until after five days. I will not use my job as an excuse because it would be a wrong thing to do.


And then, the tweets… Check on them:dgay 1dgay 2dgay 3dgay 4dgay 5dgay 6dgay 7dgay 8dgay 9dgay 10dgay 11dgay 12dgay 13dgay 14

This much loyalty to him though… from Nigerians… It’s quite interesting.

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  1. Pete
    February 21, 05:45 Reply

    Denrele is a character

  2. Pete
    February 21, 05:49 Reply

    One said we should ask about his spirituality? Hian!

  3. Lord II
    February 21, 06:04 Reply

    Denrele is a great friend and very talented…abeg leave him alone joor!

    • Pete
      February 21, 09:16 Reply

      Friend as in friend or are you famzing?

      • Lord II
        February 21, 10:15 Reply

        I wonder what you mean by that but I know everyone knows what FRIEND is. Or are you trying to get something else outa me?..

        Just coz he’s different and eccentric and they just don’t get his ish naija be hating and saying all that shiiiiii. Denrele no mind em ojare!

      • chestnut
        February 21, 11:06 Reply

        lol @ “…or are u famzing?”. Pete why are u like dis?LMAO

      • Max
        February 21, 11:33 Reply

        Lmfao @Pete.. You’re beginning to get my attention.
        The #Famzer doesn’t even know the meaning of #Famzing

    • Lord II
      February 21, 12:05 Reply

      Max u really can’t help yourself can u….here drink some water biko am not the only one whose comments should bite you deep so am wondering why ur so attracted to me haba…or is it my SCHLONG you re interested in? Pls just say so and let’s get it over with ok….

      So abeg stop chasing all my comments u hear!

      • pinkpanthertb
        February 21, 12:20 Reply

        Yep. It all comes down to the schlong. The center of your existence.

      • Gad
        February 21, 17:09 Reply

        He does not know that your shlong is bigger than his own

      • Pete
        February 21, 17:57 Reply

        Lord,I mean is he your friend as Pinky is my friend or is he your friend as I’m with Anderson Cooper (just gave away my crush)

      • Lord II
        February 21, 21:04 Reply

        Dear Pete I knew what you meant so u don’t have to clarify for my sake …now get this into your very cute head….HE IS MY FRIEND…we have sorta grew up together!

      • Max
        February 21, 22:31 Reply

        Yayy.. You guys grew up together. In the same house right?
        And your mother breast fed him too. Ok
        As for your shlong, its time to put that rumor to rest. I’ve seen all types of shlongs(shapes, colors and sizes), I don’t think yours is any different. Your shlong is just a regular mechanic dude’s shlong, or even a barrow pushers’, so pls find a dark corner under the bridge and hide, quit being a dweeb and stop talking about it. If your shlong is the only thing you’re proud of, then you’re a failed man.

        • pinkpanthertb
          February 21, 22:37 Reply

          Lol. Max come on. He gives first fruit and that fetched him his nice tear rubber car. That has to be another accomplishment, next to the schlong, don’t you think

  4. Rapu'm
    February 21, 06:19 Reply

    LOL. All these interviewers sef. Imagine the nonsense.

      • Rapu'm
        February 21, 06:33 Reply

        Lol. I’ve been on and off the internet, Pinky. Miss this place.

  5. chestnut
    February 21, 06:35 Reply

    I tried so hard to be mad at the guy who said “this joke wrote itself”,but I couldn’t even keep a straight face, buahahaha…dat dude is messy!
    And d chick who called out all the MEN that keep trying to find out Denrele’s sexuality: “…if u’re interested in him,say it…he will either accept or reject u”…She made my day! Lol

  6. wytem
    February 21, 06:40 Reply

    Is his sexuality not his private business again? Is that all they think about when they see his brand?
    His sexual preference does not change the price of cakes…pple should leave him alone joor

  7. chestnut
    February 21, 06:43 Reply

    They really need to stop asking Denrele this question tho,cause:
    1)Anyone with a lick of sense can tell he’s gay;if u ask,u’re just intentionally being messy.
    2)He already describes himself as a “sexual outlaw”,not as a heterosexual
    3)We know a celebrity…or even a “civilian” can’t admit being gay in this Country.
    4)What kind of answer do they expect him to give again?in Nigeria? He even tried by saying “sexual outlaw”; other naija gays in d industry would be screaming :”God forbid! It’s not in our culture! I’m from a God-fearing home! I’m an African man!My parents instilled moral values in us! If my father were gay,would I be here today! Gay people need prayers and treatment!”

    SN: er…what exactly IS a sexual outlaw tho? #AskingForAbsalom’sPeaceOfMind

    • #TeamKizito
      February 21, 06:50 Reply

      Lol. Chestie is such a huge mess. Who’s the guy competing that position with him here on KD sef..

      • chestnut
        February 21, 07:20 Reply

        Lol.I think it’s Mercury…or was it Absalom? Peak?…
        BTW,kizito,I see u finally spoke (#KizitoSpeaks), but I also see that the demon of “silence” has not entirely left u; how u gon close ur mouth again when the story is getting sweeter?pls,next time,in ur next entry, don’t play with my feelings like that; open ur mouth and speak to the end…SPEEEAAAK!!!!!

      • Absalom
        February 21, 07:46 Reply

        “how u gon close ur mouth again when the story is getting sweeter?”


        And this is how iDied.

      • Mercury
        February 21, 09:10 Reply

        I heard my name ooooo, see chestie trying to share his spot on d messiness throne with people oooo, we know what we know.

  8. Lemuel
    February 21, 06:44 Reply

    Beautiful rubbish. .Ppl just been hating

  9. #TeamKizito
    February 21, 06:47 Reply

    Ah swear. The loyalty is quite interesting indeed.

    “Being gay is a tough job but someone’s gotta do it” Uhmm..

  10. ocee77
    February 21, 07:06 Reply

    ”Being gay is a tough job but someone’s gotta do it”………………………..completely enamored by this.

  11. Max
    February 21, 07:14 Reply

    I’m befuddled. Nigerians defending a “transparent” gay dude. We’ll have much more visibility if celebrities start coming out. But who wants to go to jail?
    Sam Smith is making everyone swallow the bitter pill of humming his hit earworm( stay with me), even though they know it was written for a guy.
    I was singing it the other day in the office when a colleague interrupted me and asked if I knew it was for a guy. I gave her an affirmative look. Then she started telling me about how its so wrong. I just ignored her and kept singing. She then went ahead and said its hard to resist the song. I quickly reminded her the song also won a grammy(to add salt to the injury, in case it wasn’t paining her enough).

    • Absalom
      February 21, 07:55 Reply

      Heel, boy, before they fire you! GLAAD no dey Naija oh.

  12. Ace
    February 21, 08:00 Reply

    Is it just me or are Nigerians just ignoring the obvious and calling it entertainment? I love his description of his sexuality ” sexual outlaw”, very subtle.

  13. trystham
    February 21, 08:22 Reply

    I don’t think discussing Denrele’s sexuality is relevant. Until he decides to come out (or not), I really think he shud be left alone…not left alone like that like that, but these gay allusions are becoming a bit one-note and boring.

  14. tobby
    February 21, 08:53 Reply

    He’s gay.. Move on with your lives

  15. Chizzie
    February 21, 08:54 Reply

    I follow denrele and his sexuality is a constant battle, he constantly retweets his mentions leaving my TL in mess of illiterate homophobic Nigerians using such terms as “a gay” and “gayism”. Ive defended him a couple of times and also tweeted at him to stop indulging these ppl by acknowledging them via retweeting. But I guess thats just his way of handling them…using humour and feigning nonchalance. Whatever it is he has such thick skin cus some of these tweets are so mean…Iggy Azealia should take several notes from him.

    Denrele is just so flamboyant..too flamboyant not to be heckled at… I wish he’d just relocate to the UK or somethin, Uk cus British folks are just as eccentric.

  16. Khaleesi
    February 21, 09:03 Reply

    Na wa ooo, Nigerians sha!! Their seeming obsession with other people’s sex lives … hmm… i love how Denrele just does his thing & doesnt give a crap … make dem talk … he’ll only get bigger abd bigger and gay as ever … GO GURL!!!!

  17. posh666
    February 21, 11:51 Reply

    If he had the means?r u kiddin me

  18. Lord II
    February 21, 12:09 Reply

    Keredim I thnk that’s quite insulting ok…he DOES have the means to go but instead CHOOSES to stay….hian!

    • posh666
      February 21, 12:19 Reply

      Thank you o..hiz rich n can afford anytin he wantz hax bin a hardworker all his life and been into entertainment rit frm u knw how many events he hosts in a month?he has just choosen not to be a coward and abandon his entire family n life he suffered hard to build behind

    • keredim69
      February 21, 12:43 Reply

      Lord II Nna (or Nne), you are free to th(i)nk what you like. I can’t control your thoughts any more than you can control mine. Ekwu cha nam.

  19. kendigin
    February 21, 12:14 Reply

    i like denrele as a person but i do not like the gaga personality.
    that said, i think tb celebrities have to be careful wen responding to gay questions. u dont want to betray the gay community or tell lies that will come back to haunt u but at the same time ur safety is paramount.

  20. Dennis Macaulay
    February 21, 12:19 Reply

    I respect denrenle’s hustle. He has built a big brand out of himself, just like Charlyboy did! Another person I respect

  21. Colossus
    February 21, 12:40 Reply

    “We have been tossing it back and forth for a while.”

    Forget the tweets, that was my fun party right there. Oh the innuendo is thick

  22. Gad
    February 21, 17:14 Reply

    Our people can be stupid.As if asking a man about his sexuality ,publicly is not bad enough,you are asking if he is gay when he has told you that he is a sexual outlaw

    • Lord II
      February 21, 21:06 Reply

      Abi oooo biko helep me see jare!

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