Netflix may have Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood killed off in ‘House of Cards’ as actor is fired from the series

Netflix may have Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood killed off in ‘House of Cards’ as actor is fired from the series

Netflix is reportedly considering killing off Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood character from its hit political drama, House of Cards. Many fans have been suggesting that Netflix go this route since last Sunday, when Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp kicked off what has become an ongoing series of sexual harassment and assault allegations levied against Spacey by various accusers.

On Monday, Netflix announced that House of Cards would be ending with a sixth and final season, a decision that had reportedly been made long before Spacey came under fire for his alleged behavior. However, production on season 6 was suspended the very next day, with Netflix and producer Media Rights Capital deciding to stop and regroup before moving forward with House of Cards. Some have suspected that the show will now just never resume production, forever tainted by the disgusting acts that are being attributed to its star.

That said, it seems that House of Cards may not be quite dead yet, as Variety reports that Netflix is considering killing off Spacey’s Frank Underwood, and shifting the focus of the series to his wife Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). While House of Cards began with a fairly clear focus on Frank as the main character, Claire has since become just as integral to the series as her husband, even eventually taking on Frank’s habit of addressing the audience directly. Wright has earned widespread acclaim for her portrayal of Claire, and there’s no reason to doubt her ability to carry the story going forward.

While the report doesn’t detail exactly how Netflix is considering killing off Frank, one assumes that they would prefer to do so off-screen, as it’s unlikely that the rest of the cast and crew would be comfortable with Spacey returning to set at this point. Filming on season 6 only recently began, so there is said to be a feeling that writing him out wouldn’t be too logistically difficult.

Just because Netflix might want to kill off Frank and film the rest of season 6 without him though, doesn’t mean that they legally can. Cards producers are said to be currently looking over Spacey’s contract in an effort to determine if they can legally continue the series without him, or if his presence in each episode would be contractually required. If it’s the latter, it seems likely that season 6 might not happen, as it’s doubtful Netflix would be willing to endure the public backlash that would surely follow news of Spacey being involved with House of Cards again.

Meanwhile, in response to the multiple allegations, Kevin Spacey has revealed he is to “seek evaluation and treatment” in light of the sexual abuse allegations he faces.

The two-time Oscar winner released a statement through his PR reps who stated: “Kevin Spacey is taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment”, adding that ”No other information is available at this time.“



Netflix has cut ties with Kevin Spacey entirely, firing him from the series, House of Cards, and also dropping the biopic Gore, which starred and was produced by Spacey. The streaming service released a statement that Spacey has been fired from House of Cards and that his upcoming film Gore won’t be released by the streaming service, despite being nearly completed. Read the statement from a spokesperson for Netflix:

“Netflix will not be involved with any further production of House of Cards that includes Kevin Spacey. We will continue to work with MRC during this hiatus time to evaluate our path forward as it relates to the show. We have also decided we will not be moving forward with the release of the film Gore, which was in post-production, starring and produced by Kevin Spacey.”

How Frank Underwood will be written out of his own show remains to be seen, though killing the character off has been considered. He has been shot before, and an assassination story would fit the show’s tone well. Since season 5 ended with his wife Claire as Acting President, making the series all about her running the country in the wake of her husband’s death could certainly be an interesting solution for House of Cards. Robin Wright’s portrayal of Claire Underwood has been met with praise throughout the show’s run, and the character has grown in power and visibility right alongside her husband. In fact, considering that the previous season ended with Frank threatening to kill Claire if she betrayed him, maybe it could be the other way around and she could be the person behind eliminating him. Though if Frank is killed, it will certainly be done either off screen or using a double and CGI, and not with Spacey himself present.

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  1. Foxydevil
    November 04, 08:14 Reply

    Funny enough one user here published a story like this, I think it was peaches or lemonade….
    He was seemingly molesting his barber, almost everyone here applauded him for being so daring and were salivating for part 2.
    One of the reasons I can never take human beings seriously, they jump on the morality board when it suits them and slides right off when no one is watching.
    But I guess now we all have to wear the veil of righteousness.
    Actors should behave better than ordinary folks, because they have three brain ,ten heads and twelve eyes and at such ,are held to greater moral constraint.
    Some of you here now touching men inappropriately, you don’t know your destinies, one day it might be you up there as big as spacey, how would you love a good blast from the past ??????

    Anyway, I think the accusations are bogus, a tad exaggerated and some of the people who jumped into the band wagon are liars, but I guess the world needs a victim, to remind themselves they still uphold morality. Who is a better victim than an aging actor that doesn’t have multiple endorsements and a battalion of back up funds from the biggest studios in the world .
    In Hollywood where sexual harassment is the bane of the day, one person must play the role of a scape goat, so others can carry their sins along ???.

    In another news ,I just saw a former senior school mate that forcefully kissed me twice in a movie on one African magic channel.
    Time to release that statement ?

    • Mandy
      November 04, 09:01 Reply

      You know you’re just as fickle as the rest of us humans. In one comment, you have managed to both diminish the struggle of alleged victims of Kevin Spacey and at the same time act self righteous over Peaches for touching another an without consent. Pick a struggle. Either you’re for sexual misconduct or you’re against. Don’t pipe hot in Spacey’s defense and then double down on behalf of the one who was touched inappropriately.
      And there’s a difference between Peaches’ situation and Kevin Spacey’s mess. And that is the position of power. That is what defines sexual harassment — Power. Peaches could’ve easily gotten beaten senseless by his barber. You can hardly be seen to harass sexually someone whose status is higher than yours. That is why Kevin Spacey is getting so scandalized. Not because he’s an actor expected to lead a separate life from humans, but because he assaulted those who he had some sort of superiority over.
      If you were half as reasonable and intelligent as you make out to be, you’d know this.

      • trystham
        November 04, 10:41 Reply

        Nwa m’, u still have time for confusion?

      • Pankar
        November 07, 12:21 Reply

        Very interesting explain there @ Mandy. Moreover, peaches was subtle. It wasn’t groping. He sensed vibes from the barber and reacted. Do we retell you the story?

  2. Mandy
    November 04, 09:05 Reply

    I’m honestly not happy that this entire mess had to happen before at least House of Cards season 6 finished filming. Even though I’m looking forward to Claire Underwood’s White house, I’m not sure I want to see Frank Underwood so unceremoniously packed off the show.

    • Pankar
      November 07, 12:23 Reply

      He had to pay somehow. That’s life, that’s politics

  3. trystham
    November 04, 10:42 Reply

    Choi!!! That’s how they wrecked this man’s life and career. I see a future as a street bum. SMH

    • bruno
      November 04, 11:16 Reply

      I don’t think any “they” wrecked his life. these are all consequences of his own actions.

  4. quinn
    November 05, 12:23 Reply

    As in ehn them don finish the guy

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