Nigerian Human Rights Activist brings Lawsuit after Arrest and Unlawful Detention

Nigerian Human Rights Activist brings Lawsuit after Arrest and Unlawful Detention

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Ifeanyi Orazulike, Nigerian activist in the field of human rights and sexual health, who was detained without cause or charge by Nigerian police, is requesting an order of enforcement against two Nigerian Government agencies for violating his constitutional rights. The detention of the activist came on the heels of a Nigerian Court throwing out a case seeking to squash the new Nigerian Anti-Homosexuality law, the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act.  The attorney who brought that case is now representing the Orazulike, who was arrested at 11.00 pm on the night of October 22nd at his office in Abuja, while celebrating his birthday together with 10 friends, well wishers and staff members.

Ifeanyi tells the story of the raid and his detention in an Affidavit attached to a motion filed in the Nigerian Federal High Court, Abuja Judicial Division, alleging he was arrested, detained and dehumanized, without charge. The motion was brought on October 24 by attorney Mike Enahoro Ebah, of Enahoro and Associates, based in Abuja, representing Ifeanyi, against The Inspector General of Police (1st Respondent)  and Abuja Environmental Protection Board (2nd Respondent.)

In his affidavit Ifeanyi asserts:

“I saw men and women of the Nigeria Police Force, about fifteen (15) of them, armed with guns and what seem like bullet proof vest, maneuvered their way into the office premises, despite the fact that the gate was closed and manned by security staff.”

Ifeanyi said that this was very strange and was completely without cause. He says he approached the police and introduced himself as they “barged into my office.”

“I was told that they had come to arrest me on the instruction of the commissioner of police and nothing further was volunteered by them.

Ifeanyi describes that he was physically lifted up by the armed men and taken to their pickup truck which was parked outside the gate.

“They chased members of my organization who were present, staff, friends and well-wishers who had come to visit me, and made to scamper about like common criminals.”

Ifeanyi then goes on to tell how the police searched and wrecked the office, without a warrant and removed items which had been donated to the organization by USAID. They removed condoms, DVD player, speakers, DSTV decoder, took laptop computers and some files which were labeled USAID.

Ifeanyi had no idea why he was being detained or if he was being arrested. He was not told what he had done to cause such treatment.

Some friends followed the police truck to see where he was being taken. The police continued to drive around town arresting “street girls” along the way, until finally he was taken to premises identified as Area 3, Garki, Abuja, the premises of 2nd Respondent, being Abuja Environmental Protection Board. He was left there until the police returned after arresting more people.

Ifeanyi said the experience was horrific as he was humiliated, embarrassed and degraded.  He said that one of the police tried to solicit a bribe from him in exchange for his release. Ifeanyi refused and told the policeman he would rather go on to handle this in a court of law. His answer was met with a severe slap to the face, which knocked him to the ground. He says he was forced to remain on the ground.

When the other officers returned, they were told which of those arrested had provided bribe money and that he had refused to pay up.  Ifeanyi asked several times for a reason for his detention. He asked why he had not been taken to a conventional police station. No answer was provided. When the police realized he would not pay a bribe they released him. His friends were waiting outside the gated area and were able to help him retrieve some of the items which had been taken.

Ifeanyi asserts that his health and well being has been negatively impacted by the undue detention and he is holding the authorities responsible for violating his rights.

In the Motion, he alleges his constitutional rights were violated and seeks an order of court, requesting “enforcement of his fundamental rights, so as to respect of the dignity of his person, personal liberty, freedom of movement, right to peaceful assembly an association.”

Ifeanyi and the human and civil rights law office of Mike Enahoro Ebah, who is representing him, believe that unless relief is granted in this case, Nigerian government agencies, such as those in this cited as Respondents in this case, will continue to violate people’s fundamental rights with impunity.

Ebah, the attorney, who brought the earlier case to squash the anti-gay law, which was signed by President Goodluck Jonathan, earlier this year, and which was struck by the Court on the very day of this incident, wonders if those targeting Ifeanyi may have been empowered by the ruling of the Court earlier that day. In that case, the Court refused to invalidate the Anti-Gay law, on a technicality, stating the Plaintiff in that case, did not have locus standi. The Plaintiff in that case was a Nigerian man living in the United Kingdom.

Below is a copy of the motion.screen-shot-2014-11-03-at-9-36-34-am

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  1. Anonymous
    November 11, 05:27 Reply

    If only our legal system works… sigh

  2. daniel
    November 11, 05:57 Reply

    I can imagine the embarrassment they put him through, on what grounds? Biko sue if u can..

    • Khaleesi
      November 11, 09:59 Reply

      What exactly is there to ‘lol’ about here my dear? What?!! Mtchwwwwww

  3. PrudeBloke
    November 11, 06:15 Reply

    These policemen can be a pain in the groin … Infact all these men of the force .. I so don’t like them … They take law into their hands … Let him sue them biko …. @Anonymous, the legal system works o but you just have to apply pressure and you can even make it a blown story… Well I pray I won’t get I to any of their trap because once I come out of it,I will get back at that person(army or police) I don’t care … There are several ways to kill a rat abii …

  4. king
    November 11, 07:05 Reply

    Just because he runs an NGO for the awareness of HIV and aids here in abuja does not preclude them the right to arrest him on the grounds of the darned homosexual law…..pstewwww!! sue their asses off jo!

  5. Khaleesi
    November 11, 13:09 Reply

    I wish him luck, by the time the judge learns that he’s an LGBT rights worker, the haze of homophobic hate will cloud all sense of reason and he’ll deliver one weird unreasonable judgment … time will tell anyway …

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