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It has been over a year since Kevin Terry’s sex tape was leaked. Funny thing is, I haven’t thought about him since the incident, till I was on Bella Naija and I was going through the comments section of one of the posts about Kenny Brandmuse. The infamous Bruno wrote in defense of Kenny “…I want to know his story, it’s a shame he believes in a foolish slave masters religion…”

I understand where Bruno is coming from with this statement. Heck, sometimes I share the same sentiment, but the truth is: Being gay doesn’t mean you can’t believe in God. That is the reason why I remembered Kevin Terry.

You see, Kevin Terry (pictured above) was heading a fast-rising gospel group at the time called “Kevin Terry and Predestined”, and he was slowly developing a core fan base. Just as he was about to go major, his sex tape surfaced online. The video showed him giving some guy a blow job and the internet didn’t find it funny. A blooming career came to a crashing end.

Fast forward to October last year, Deitrick Haddon (who is not a stranger to scandals) decided to reach out to Kevin for an episode of his reality show, “Preachers of LA.” According to Haddon, things were rough for Kevin and he was on the brink of suicide. During Haddon’s visit, Kevin said he had repented from his offense to God, but that he was yet to forgive himself.

Haddon & TerryDeitrick Haddon (l) with Kevin Terry (r)

preachers-of-la-haddon-terryDeitrick Haddon

kevin-terryKevin Terry

A lot of times, I wonder why it has to be one of the two. Why do the Christians believe that a gay guy has to “repent from his gayness” before he can be “worthy to be among the flock”, or why gay people feel like once you are gay, you have to not believe in something.

I do not think God is insensitive to the struggles I face daily. I doubt that He is counting down the days till He throws me in the lake of fire. So I have decided to just live my life. The reason I feel Kevin can’t forgive himself is because he is struggling with who he is and trying to conform to society’s expectations for him. If only he’d realize that he is who he is, he’d find peace when he accepts that. God will not love him (you) less; instead He will guide him (you).

To everyone that feels like Kevin. Live your life. Have no shame, baby! You just do you!

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Written By Tony Odekunle-Brown

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  1. Frank enStein
    January 22, 04:45 Reply

    I’ve not read these posts yet… Just wanna be the first to drop a comment

  2. Frank enStein
    January 22, 05:03 Reply

    I totally agree with this. I used to think I kindaf a mistake, till a friend helped me get through that “phase”…. Story for someday this year

  3. Khristopher B!
    January 22, 05:32 Reply

    Lemme comment befor I run off….lolx. I have seen that video, the guy can suck dick better than he can sing hallelujah! He better consider a career in porn…lolx. I bet a fellow gay man outted him!

  4. Deola
    January 22, 05:45 Reply

    I am a bit of LASTMA on this so i’ll take my Lastma jacket to go.

    I have done my research though, and damn this nigga can suck a D. His skills will give most pornstars a run for their money. You could also tell that wasnt his first rodeo, those kind of skills are gained through experience over time…you can also tell he enjoyed what he was doing.

    So mr gospel singer here’s the thing, you’re gay deal with it. The sooner you do the better you’ll feel, running from it and saying you’ve repented is bull crap that I am sure no one is buying. Accept it and move on.

    • Deola
      January 22, 06:19 Reply

      Beneath those juicy lips is a tongue that knows its way around a D.
      I cant stop watching this video, with every watch I see a different layer of expertise…
      Mr Kevin, you can sing to me anytime, preferably on all fours with your mouth open. Okbye.

      • Deola
        January 22, 07:55 Reply

        Damilare follow me on twitter i’ll DM It to you. @adeola_lfc

      • Peak
        January 22, 09:50 Reply

        @Deola, I saw the video back in the day, and boy! You aint tell no lies. I ve never seen a porn star (gay or straight) slay a dick like this dude(even my remy no come close).
        From the gulping, to the slow mo, to the sudden deep throating, to the quick head bop! Damn the boy good. It is a short clip, but enough to let u know that this guy knows his craft.
        Wishing him all the best though. I think deep down he hasn’t forgiven him self 4 being so so stupid to allow himself be videoed. Guys pls don’t allow ur self be caught up in that shit no matter how u love and trust the guy to keep the pix and videos, or how good u are feeling at the time neither does how freaky and “I the zone you are at the time. Things get leaked anyhow these days. The guy may no do the leaking…………..but u know what they say, “prevention is better that……………………”(You know the rest)
        Have a great day y’all

      • Ace
        January 22, 12:40 Reply

        Errrm… Deola not helping! So if this guy came to you for advice, you’ll ask for bj first huh? Tsk tsk tsk

  5. A-non
    January 22, 06:12 Reply

    Where are Pastors Albert Odulele and Donnie McClurkin? Where is Bishop Eddie Long?

  6. Dennis Macauley
    January 22, 06:14 Reply

    I saw the video and i did chuckle!
    Having said that, i think christians should make up their mind about god! Does he truly love unconditionally or is it “terms and conditions apply”?

    • Tony Odekunle-Brown
      January 22, 17:01 Reply

      The truth is we all experience God in different ways. The books in the bible are based on the experiences the writers have had with God so in the end your sexuality is not the core of your relationship with God.

      I hope this makes sense

  7. Chizzie
    January 22, 06:41 Reply

    Like I’ve said repeatedly, no one’s obliged to comform to an archaic and in most cases politically incorrect system of beliefs that leaves you in constant contention and misery. If you have to be gay, then why should u have to embrace a religion that despises the very act? You are fooling no one but your self if you are a ‘practicing’ homo and a bible believing, church going Christian. Even the bible doesn’t encourage dual mastership, and would rather you be a ‘sinner’ than dabble.

    so nope, I do not sympathize w the Kevin Terrys of society. They deserve every bit of the retribution that comes when one deceives one’s self.

    • pinkpanthertb
      January 22, 06:44 Reply

      LOL! Chizzie, I have a feeling you spend Sundays snuggled under bed covers and catching up on reruns of Desperate Housewives, no?

    • tobby
      January 22, 08:43 Reply

      Apt, very very aptly put

    • Chuck
      January 22, 11:47 Reply

      Well said, Chizzie. The Guiding Book of this religion clearly forbids homosexuality. All these articles are wishful thinking and justifications for hypocrisy.

    • Tony Odekunle-Brown
      January 22, 17:09 Reply

      It is different for people who have lived by this set of principles for a while to up and not believe again. To someone like C S Lewis, Christianity wasn’t about a set of rules. It was how he viewed his life. Many Christians who are also homosexual have had different experiences with God that they cannot do without. Some of them have seen him do things that can’t be explained logically and it has in turn made them who they are. I understand that its easy to walk away from it all and not have to deal with the guilt. But I also know that when it comes to one’s faith; experience is key

      • Lord II
        January 22, 20:17 Reply

        Wow! In these words I have seen much more wisdom than ever on this site! I love u man!

        • pinkpanthertb
          January 22, 23:19 Reply

          Of course its the best wisdom on this site for you, becos it justifies your stand.

  8. Absalom
    January 22, 06:42 Reply

    Abeg I’m having problems loading the video so I’ll just use my overactive imagination and fill in the blanks!

    Seems Mr. Terry didn’t give any strong statement to manage the crisis. Poor him, if only Olivia Pope were real!

  9. Absalom
    January 22, 06:49 Reply

    And Tony (the writer),

    Being gay and believing in God was never an issue (after all “god” can be anything, including the sex scene from “Original Sin”).

    Being gay and believing in the CHRISTIAN God – that has been the bone of contention.

    No one is saying do not do you. People are just wondering: why THAT God – when there are other tolerant Gods and religions scattered all over the place, even within the African continent?

    That was Bruno’s question.

    • Tony Odekunle-Brown
      January 22, 18:49 Reply

      You make a valid point but the only reason we feel He is intolerant is because of the experiences of people who lived in a different time. Experiencing God for yourself is key

  10. Brian Collins
    January 22, 07:10 Reply

    I was thinking of checking out sagbachronicle and kudwa now i have to add clearly not straight to that list. as if KD is not many hands full already.

    I have finally decided to write about my view on christianity and homosexuality. PINKY expect it in a day or two.

    • pinkpanthertb
      January 22, 07:16 Reply

      Of course. My email address is already a whore. What else is new

  11. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    January 22, 07:43 Reply

    In the pic before the post, he is CUTE!!! … the ones later on, kilode? What rapum-ed to his face???

    *sigh* I guess depression, conforming to societal views and lack of freedom (to twerk on dicks at will) can make one get soooo OLD!

    • chestnut
      January 22, 08:25 Reply

      What “rapum-ed” to his face? Lol. I don’t know exactly what u mean, but I guess after the scandal,he tried to cultivate a “straighter” look? I dunno…

  12. Mercury
    January 22, 07:56 Reply

    Ok I’ve never commented on anything related to homosexuality and religion…..see ooo we just need grace to live our lives…..after all, any sexual act outside the institution of marriage is unlawful in d sight of God. I remember the bible saying if u can hold yourself and u have to have sex then get married and do it. For us gays, its crazy enough we r doing it outside marriage, but we r doing it with different people……If you claim to love the (christian) God, then keep his commandments wholly, anything other than that and youre deceiving yourself. After all konji dey catch straight people too, its not like they have a hall pass and we don’t. We r all in d same boat here…..about repentance…. You repent of the act (sex)…..nobody is banning you from loving anyone male or female…..just don’t fuck em outside marriage. If you do, then you’ve sinned ….Christianity isn’t and will never be easy…..Grace oooo, Grace to live right should be our daily bread.

    • Khaleesi
      January 22, 09:42 Reply

      Lol, do you realise how ridiculous you sound? @Mercury, hopefully, this will be the 1st and last time you spew such tragic commentary … Am glad you noticed that as a gay man, you can never have the approval of Christianity, you are sexually attracted to men and yet you can never marry them, so the only option you have is to remain celibate, good luck with that charade!
      The Sex drive is intrinsic and basic as are hunger, exhaustion and other instinctive and natural feelings. To all you who who prefer to live according to the dictates of millennia old folklore, as long as it helps you sleep better at night, have a jolly good blast – as for me, i bless the day, opened my eyes cast off those opium pipes and learned to live freely and truely …

  13. tobby
    January 22, 08:21 Reply

    No, you’re wrong. The biblical God considers you an abomination, in fact according to Paul by the inspiration of the horn- sry Holy Spirit, God gave you up to these “unnatural” feelings because you’re a hot-headed prick..

    I do not understand the need to please Jehovah, Biblical God doesn’t like the fact you’re gay, and if he exists, HE WILL roast you at his barbecue spot that he created for the likes of me and you. You can stay in denial though..

      • Brian Collins
        January 22, 17:58 Reply

        Guy are you dull? this piece of seriously smelly shit just posted this load of very smelly crap and you ‘Lol’? From mercury? I am awfully disappointed

  14. A-non
    January 22, 08:35 Reply

    No, God’s love does not come with terms and conditions, it’s only we mere mortals that have made it seem that way…

    Indeed, the sun shines on both saved and unsaved and the rains fall on the fields of the kind and the wicked.

    We decide what we what to use God’s gifts for and He definitely allows us our choice…we decide if we’ll use them for good or evil! For personal good or the greater good of others – ask Bishop Oyedepo and Mother Theresa.

    I have a choice and I choose to be a Christian and gay and my choice is because after it all, we are all sinners saved by grace!

    Let he who has no sin cast the first stone.

    • Lanre Swagg
      January 22, 10:07 Reply

      One , you didn’t choose to be a Christian. Your parents made you that way. What if you were born into a Muslim family?

      Two, you didn’t choose to be gay. God (?) made you that way. Oh, and your parents too. What if you were born str8?

      Three, did you just compare Bishop Oyedepo and Mother Teresa? I don’t like Bishop Oyedepo. There’s just something about him that turns me off. I could say more. Least of all, I doubt Mother Teresa had a Volkswagen Beetle not to talk of private jet.

      Four, Yes, am a church going everything else just like you. Just seriously opinionated.

      • Ace
        January 22, 12:50 Reply

        Totally agree on that bit on Oyedepo. Please he should never be compared to Mother Teresa. Donald Trump maybe a much better comparison.

    • Lord II
      January 22, 20:51 Reply

      Anon….wise words my bra…wise words!

  15. Vhar.
    January 22, 09:06 Reply

    We all make our decisions.

    I am Gay. I still go to church.
    I still raise up my filthy hands that I use in grabbing ass when a partner humps me.
    I still use my mouth to pray to God even after I use it for jaw exercises.

    You call it folly.
    I call it my decision.

    We choose our paths. Just because someone else isn’t on yours or sees things differently from what you see as right… Doesn’t make either you or me better.

    I’ve had it with religion and homosexuality.

    • Khaleesi
      January 22, 09:43 Reply

      Nope hun, i havent had it, i enjoy the intellectual discourse and the issues that get thrown up when homosexuality and religion are brought up …

  16. The mad hatter
    January 22, 09:21 Reply

    Its Funny How most Of us here perceive God the Way we do . Look sexuality isn’t the only thing that defines You. Yes i am Gay…. and i Proud to Say i Love God. I went to a school were alter Calls where made on the basis on u being Gay and that hasnt changed my perception of who God is ti ME. He Sustains ME. He gives Life, He Pretects Me, I cannot Count how many times i have been saved by HIS GRACE. I wont change the way i feel about God simply because i am “Gay”

    • Khaleesi
      January 22, 09:47 Reply

      God and religion arent always the same thing, which is why we have a plethora of religions, both the existing (Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc), as well as the extinct ones (the cult of zeus etc) … humans have always attempted to express their spirituality via religion of which Christianity is merely an avenue for expression of spirituality …

  17. Adrian
    January 22, 09:26 Reply

    Who ever tony odekunle-brown is, pinky if u know him, ..just thank him for me, he just touched me and for that am really grateful…

  18. Lanre Swagg
    January 22, 09:41 Reply

    Dietrick Hard-On. Closet Queen.
    There’s an Uncensored version of that “talk” with Terry somewhere.

    And that Terry photo up there. So “Come and Do”. Why did it take a dicksuck video to make us say “abajo!”

    *goes thru all album cover fotos in gospel CD collection to check for more comeanddo looking artists…*

    • pinkpanthertb
      January 22, 11:57 Reply

      Hahahahahaa comeanddo, ei? Judgment is waiting for you, Lanre

  19. olima
    January 22, 11:00 Reply

    Christianity is good. The problem however is d so-called men n women of God who hv taken it upon demselves to act as an oracle to d most high. Even Christ acknowledged d fact dat dey wld b stumbling blocks to d flock. So like d writer said, ‘hv no shame!’ N lemme add this live in d grace God has bestowed u.

  20. Ace
    January 22, 13:28 Reply

    First, let me say Deitrick Haddon should please stop being the black pot calling out a kettle. This guy also has his dick pictures which he sent to somebody on the internet. I will never understand these celebrity gospel preachers. If Kevin is going to hell, Deitrick is going to be way ahead of him. I guess it is because he is straight, nobody is talking about his own dirt.
    I saw that episode of preacher’s and wished I could reached out to him. He looked depressed, he said everyone has abandoned him, he now works 9-5 and all that. The black community is homophobic now add religion and you get a whole legion of hate. Christianity will never accept homosexuality and if anyone decides remain in the religion and still be gay, then he should be prepared to
    bear the guilt.

  21. s_sensei
    January 23, 00:12 Reply

    one more life destroyed by the church. He is suffering the wrath of the church’s judgement. Christianity is glorious but the Christian church is a shame to Christ and the gospel. I could write a thousand articles on this. Guess I’m getting tired…

    • Lord II
      January 23, 03:49 Reply

      No Sensei you dare not blame the church coz it’s the Bride of Christ and just like man was made in God’s image so ONLY the man will wear his GLORY and so the church is the only avenue through which God would show up here on earth! Don’t forget God is a spirit and He only relates with your spirit and so u shut that off and what do u get from him….exactly..nada!

      So to summise all am saying is give Him some patience and trust and boi He will unveil all that goodness that your spirit so desires and is yearning for the most! U can bet!

      Ah thanx so much TOd Brown, Anon and Mad for giving me grace…oh boi you guys brought out d preacher in me this morning after re_reading your comments again!

      • pinkpanthertb
        January 23, 04:42 Reply

        The church shouldn’t be blamed becos its the Bride of Christ? Did you even understand sensei’s point before you put on your reverend robes and rushed to the altar to decry his comment?

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