KITO ALERT! The Face Of The Man Who Wants To Kito Denrele and Bobrisky

KITO ALERT! The Face Of The Man Who Wants To Kito Denrele and Bobrisky

He goes by Harry Santa Goodnews on Facebook, resides in Port Harcourt, and apparently has huge ambitions of setting up Denrele, Bobrisky and Onyx Godwin. (LOL! I know. You common men of the gay community are small potatoes. These truants are now aspiring for big fish.)

His latest victim traveled to Port Harcourt to see him, where he was victimised. But he wasn’t entirely unlucky and made it back home with the reports of who Harry Santa Goodnews and his goons were targeting next.

Onyx Godwin.

In fact, Harry Santa had already set out the groundwork of his intended kito plans by already chatting up Onyx on Facebook Messenger.

When news got back to Onyx of this kito development, he confronted Harry Santa, and the following transpired between them.

So here he is, Harry Santa Goodnews.

As usual, guys, be careful, trust your instincts, travel less to see social media hookups, and above all, spread the word of these kito alerts so others will be the wiser.

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  1. Black Dynasty
    April 04, 06:26 Reply

    Smh, him and his friends looking like touts. These fools will enter the wrong person’s trap one day!

  2. Paschal
    April 04, 06:30 Reply

    I wonder if these people think that everyone would fall for the dumbest tactic in the book.

    I don’t know if anyone has said this , but thank you for sharing all these profiles of people who mean nothing but harm.

    I honestly wonder who would fall for things like this . Fine e no fine. Book e no know

  3. KingBey
    April 04, 07:22 Reply

    People still travel to hook up? With all these naked Instagram boys littered around us? ???

  4. Magiccharlie
    April 04, 07:38 Reply

    Is it just me or are these guys who kito people not all that…I mean most of them are average looking guys infact less than average so y do people keep falling into their trap.Are they using jazz or is Konji just a bitch?

    • Waii❤️
      April 04, 08:31 Reply

      I say the exact thing every time i read any kito alert. The guys on there look rubbish af. They look dusty, crusty and talk about damm right unappealing. It has to ne a case of jazz because there is no way “na uwa ni ne” i will let kne of thease touts step to me.

      • Mariposa
        April 04, 11:51 Reply

        Honey. Trust me. Guys would still reach out… What bothers me is that, some of these guys would see this, they know this is Set Up… But would still go… I don’t know if they were made to Suffer or enjoy the pleasure of being Beaten, harmed or worse almost killed…

        Such I don’t understand… A friend of mine told me how he warned his Friend about a certain guy, gave the Dude full details and cautioned him but unfortunately the Dude didn’t adhere to advice instead he went with his iPhone 7, ATM with almost a Hundred Thousand in the Account and other gadgets. They beat this guy ehen…

        Honestly, Some Guys are just Born Stubborn

  5. Keeva
    April 04, 08:22 Reply

    What i can’t understand is the energy and resources invested into planning to kito someone,like how do they get a return on the investment?
    And is it just me or won’t a jerk-off session be more sexually stimulating than hooking-up with any of those guys in the picture above.?!?

    • Gif
      April 05, 15:34 Reply

      There return on investment is in their loot!
      Las las dem go dey alright! ?

  6. Mitch
    April 04, 08:28 Reply

    What a wawu!
    This one doesn’t have sense fa.
    These are the kind of people you don’t waste your time with. Just set a trap for him and castrate the fuck out a bitch!

  7. Gaia
    April 04, 17:11 Reply

    And this will just go like that… When are we going to start fighting back biko? We really should start setting our traps for someone like this.

  8. Eddie
    April 04, 17:47 Reply

    The hate I feel for this criminal is smoldering…
    I wish he’d die a gruesome and violent death!
    What a waste of oxygen!??

    • Bushbaby
      April 05, 22:17 Reply

      let’s stop wishing!! make we organize Anti kito squad

      All those hunks wey Sabi to break waist must join.

      I volunteer to carry the guns and knives to the location.

  9. Rainbow Nova
    April 04, 19:47 Reply

    I wouldn’t be so harsh on kito victims (though some do actually deserve to be spanked silly) based on a number of reasonable factors surrounding the encounter in the first place. Due to the extremely closeted and detached lives we live as LGBTQIA+ people in Nigeria, I guess it would seem like a breath of fresh air to find someone (heck anyone) like you even to just hang out with enough to throw caution to the hot scorching winds, incredibly lonely and full of trust issues even to ourselves (trying to figure out our identity) that it’s not farfetched to understand why one could still want to meet such a disgusting broken teethed ogre with brainless trolls for friends (selfies aren’t meant for repulsive miscreants like that).

    It’s easy to pin it on sex and uncontrollable hormones but really it’s all in the aim of intimacy (but then again, it really could just be that), to be in a man’s arms but also importantly to feel safe too. I undoubtedly know for a fact that this nigga is internally homophobic, all that kito-craze is laced with the pain and struggle of a self-denying homosexual LOL. It warms my heart to know he suffers so much more inside than the pain he’s trying to inflict on others because his victims will find peace but he never will. Thank you everyone, let’s continue to fight this monster and soon, the meaning of kito will change from setting up our family to wiping out fools like this.

  10. Peace
    April 05, 00:06 Reply

    Nwa baby kee you there! Rubbish!!

  11. Victor
    April 05, 06:30 Reply

    Looks so dirty and disgusting, I wonder why he had to even descend so low by chatting with such a nobody, who knows the last day he had food, hungry looking village thug.

  12. Lorde
    April 05, 07:24 Reply

    I mean….. if i had a suit like that first photo…. id prolly want to kito someone haha

    • Bushbaby
      April 05, 22:20 Reply

      holy jesus! lol

      your bad mouth na follow come.

  13. OgheneTobore
    April 05, 17:21 Reply

    Just looking at the pics of him and his goons make me wanna puke on the Bloody Mary I’m sipping on. Yuke! Such brainless stump of waste!

  14. Covfefe
    April 15, 17:28 Reply

    Ugly cretin! Ifukwa guts.
    May that your nwa baby mouth bend.

  15. Ikay
    July 28, 09:25 Reply

    I have been a reader of KD since at least 2013, i think, but have never commented nor participated in any way. But i want to share my own kitto story, even though it happened in 2016,i believe it may yet help someone. Would also like to seek advice about a current non-kitto situation i am in! How do i go about it?

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