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Facebook Post Of The Day XIX

Have you gotten your copy of the Queer Art Anthology, We Are Flowers? Get yours and download for a friend too, gay or straight. Spread the word.

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Lessons Learned From ‘She Called Me Woman’ (Final Entry)

LESSON 20 From the chapter, ‘I Convinced Myself I Wasn’t Lesbian’, HA has this to say to us: “Until we become visible, queer people [in Nigeria] will continue to think

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Let’s Discuss…About The Boyfriend’s Prerogative To Know Everything

The question about relationships is often: how much do you want to be aware of what is going on with your boyfriend? How much proximity is your trust in him


  1. king
    September 19, 04:17 Reply

    Eh he has a tiny dick??? Ah Pinky luv is this shade throwing early dis morning ha!!! Anyway I don’t know why big dicks are so desirable in d gay dom seriously. …i mean I have met guys who want me just because they had heard about my dick and I just smh coz I mean isn’t it just pain entering in or is it also pleasure??…. hmm small dicks indeed!

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 19, 04:19 Reply

      Frankly, I;m not part of that big dick craze. It’s not about the size but about the skill, for me.

      • king
        September 19, 05:27 Reply

        Oh pinky luv u hit the koko on d head…sure it’s all about the skill and the way you use it. For instance we who gat it big know not to rush in and thrust roughly oh no….we know how to
        ..whats dat song again…, NICE AND SLOW STEADY ON WE GO oooooo…hehhe

      • enigmous
        September 20, 09:06 Reply

        Pinky dearie…wait until you have it both ways: one has small dick & skill, another has big dick & skill…am sure you will come back & shout Hallleeeellllluuujjjaaaahhhhh to the big dick *thank me after the experiment*

        • pinkpanthertb
          September 20, 09:12 Reply

          That’s not what I’m saying, enigmous. What I’m saying is, big or small, what matters to me is the skill. And to be frank, the bigger the dick, the less enchanted I get with it. All these bottoms that gasp with delight over towers of babel… lol. Una too much abeg

      • enigmous
        September 20, 09:23 Reply

        Oh Pinky hun, I understood you from the word go. That’s why I used two people that both have great skills but with different dick sizes to cite an example for you. When the skill is assured, an accompanying good size is a recipe for good health, more like doctors’ prescription. Lol, do I want a tower of babel? Maybe not, but I won’t let any tower less than 9″ spell babel for me *evil grin*

    • daniel
      September 19, 05:58 Reply

      Lovely advertising from u King, I’m sure a whole lot of peeps will want to buy what u r selling..

      • king
        September 19, 07:57 Reply

        Hmmm I know luv that’s why Mrs King who happens to be looking at u all is as we read..filling up her gun with powder and ready to aim!!! #amoutahereo

    • JustJames
      September 19, 06:05 Reply

      Iono why well formed cakes are such a turn on for most gay guys. Lol. I joke. But I’m sure you see my point. Even in straight land if you’ve got big boobs and ass you’re a queen.

      I used to be freaked about size till I realised most of these huge guys just feel that sliding it in is the end of their work. That their size will compensate for their lack of skill. Some even proceed to pound you as if your yam. No thank you!!

      However it helps to have considerable girth. Just as it helps to have a smoking hot bod or we’ll formed cakes.

    • enigmous
      September 20, 08:59 Reply

      King darling let me be the judge of the pain…and yes there’s so much pleasure you can give with your dick that makes the pain a no-story *kneels to give u head*

  2. shuga chocolata
    September 19, 04:39 Reply

    That’s a little too harsh naw!!! Well I have seen one with my KORO KORO EYES oooooo. We kinda had a groupie and the dude was all faking it with the fake moaning and I laughed so hard that my partner looked kinda dumb. #have said too much *running*

    • trystham
      September 19, 08:51 Reply

      A GROUPIE??? Na wah sha. To get past this self conscious me tho.

      Small dicks cause indigestion for me abeg. They be always pumping air into me. I’m sure nobody likes tomato juice ejected under pressure. Pinkie, this had me ROTFL

      • Mart
        September 19, 11:37 Reply

        Pumping air? Choooi, I haf die

  3. Metrosexual
    September 19, 06:08 Reply

    It all boils down to the million dollar question..: ‘Does Size Matter’…?

  4. lluvmua
    September 19, 06:42 Reply

    *faints* *tears* why evuls pinkie

  5. #TeamKizito
    September 19, 06:44 Reply

    Hmm. It does, it doesn’t. Depends on the taste of the consumer; consumer’s choice.

    • king
      September 19, 08:04 Reply

      Lol!!! True too true….it does matter to some i mean I just got a pick from a friend who said he wanted to go visit lagos cause of a pic of a dick he sent to me…..can u imagine does he even know whether that guy can work his stuff or not!!! Well for others e.g. Pumply pinky …it matters on the SKILLS honey!!!!

  6. maxonex
    September 19, 09:42 Reply

    Biko it matters oh…a lot….the big ones just feel better in hand and other places it might find itself (mouth etc)…small ones are a huge turn off for me…

    • king
      September 19, 14:34 Reply

      Oh max my dear….things and places that our SCHLONG is subjected too….hmmm

  7. Brian Collins
    September 20, 19:55 Reply

    Sorry i had to post here. Just couldn’t figure out a way to contact Pinky, i hope i can call you that. I want to send you my kito story. How do i go about it?

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