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Let’s Discuss…About Sexual Deviations

What you’ll read below is something a Kitodiariesian sent to me, an issue that warranted a discussion on this forum. His pseudonym is Ace. Read what he has to say

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Wives And Husbands in ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

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There are some days, no matter how comfortable you’ve gotten in your closet, no matter how many extra locks you’ve installed on the sturdy mahogany doors, the devil would just


  1. Quinn
    June 06, 05:59 Reply

    Travelled a v long long long distance! if that even counts. those days are over sha?

  2. Johnny
    June 06, 08:21 Reply

    I joined his church, moved ahead to join choir, them got close to his sister. Unfortunately, he isn’t out kind. (Not sure though).

  3. Delle
    June 06, 09:16 Reply

    I left my place of work (during my Industrial Training), went straight to Ikoyi and had sex with this guy in his office. We both left the office, went to a friend’s and had sex under a staircase.

    I go home, got out my HOE SASH and wore it.

  4. Jide
    June 06, 11:14 Reply

    Wrote jamb and got admitted to his school in the far east. While I was there, I made sure to invite him to come eat whenever I cooked and often went over to his place he shared with his sister to cook for him/us when he was hungry.
    Clearly, that was a waste of time as he was totally straight and only saw me as a friend. I changed schools after two years of that torture.

  5. mizta dee
    June 06, 11:37 Reply

    Delle #raisingbeyoncehandforyou#??? baba oh..

  6. Omiete
    June 06, 22:35 Reply

    in boarding school, during our night bath, after I had finished bathing, I told I felt like taking my bath again just so that I would see him naked and get close to him.

  7. naijatgal
    June 07, 09:48 Reply

    Faking burn out and stress…I left school with my most macho bisexual friend and travelled with him to spend the night at his mums house…we made love with his mum and sister in the next room. We slept naked with no covers and were almost busted when his mum stroled into the dark room…she apologised for the heat later thinking we stripped down because there wasnt an AC in the room…

  8. naijatgal
    June 07, 15:57 Reply

    Haha…another one.
    Please don’t throw stones at me.
    Hooked up with Yomi at his new apartment above a church…it was on a Sunday and service was ongoing…he was a bit reluctant to have sex, but once I turned him on, we went at it for over an hour till it was offering time down there…it felt so magical, best and most memorable sex till date!

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