Urgent Request For Temporary Accommodation II

Urgent Request For Temporary Accommodation II

Hello guys,

I have a pressing challenge which I am hoping someone here will help me out with.

I am a Second Class Upper degree graduate of Biochemistry. After my National Youth Service Corp Scheme, all efforts to secure a job here in Port Harcourt has been futile. On several occasions, I get slated for interviews in Lagos but due to distance as well as having no place to stay in Lagos, I let them slide. And so, I have watched many interviews get away from me because I can’t find a place to stay in Lagos, should I go there.

I would love to ask for the assistance of any kind individuals who can accommodate me from the month of January to June, while I secure a job as well as an apartment of my own in Lagos.

I would prefer someone on the Island as most firms I have sent my resumé to are situated there. Securing an accommodation of my own at this point in time is not feasible at the moment as I have spent the little I had on my younger siblings in the university.

I promise to be of excellent behavior as well as maintain cordial relationship with whoever I’m staying with if my request is granted. And also, I have no intention of carrying on with the accommodation beyond June; if by June, none of my goals have been met, I will stick to my word and move out.

For any interested persons who might be willing to help, kindly reach out to me via email at mykelubani@gmail.com.

Yours Sincerely,


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  1. FJ
    January 02, 19:26 Reply

    Only ppl on the island?…some parts of the mainland are easily accessible to the island especially outside the rush hours…don’t you think a half bread could be better than none?

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