Would You Want To Know If Your Partner Was Cheating?

Would You Want To Know If Your Partner Was Cheating?

E!’s Nightly Pop recently touched on a subject that made me wonder about the responses from KDians. The hosts, Morgan Stewart, Nina Parker and Hunter March talked about singer Halsey being on actor Dax Shepard’s podcast, where she talked about shutting down guys who come to tell her that her boyfriend cheated on her with their girlfriends. To this, Dax Shepard, who has been married to The Good Place actress, Kristen Bell for seven years, said: “I’ll just make a public announcement right now: you ever see Kristen fucking someone, that’s fine. You guys enjoy that. I don’t ever need to know that. I’ve no interest. Doesn’t interest me.”

When the Nightly Pop hosts turned the question of ever wanting to know about a cheating partner on themselves, Nina said without any preamble that she would want to know. “I want to know,” she said. “I need to know. I gats to know. I need to know who I gotta kill.”


Morgan on the other hand said she wouldn’t want to know if her partner had a one-off random hookup. “That can live in their memories… As long as it doesn’t come to my front door and it doesn’t affect me, I don’t care,” she said.

But she would however want to know if her partner was carrying on an affair behind her back.

What bout you guys? Would you want to know if your partner was cheating on you?

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  1. Black Dynasty
    November 25, 08:17 Reply

    I would want to know as the impact and consequences of infidelity is something we would discuss before commitment.

    Cheating is hurtful enough but lying too is insult upon injury. I would also rather not be humiliated by having to hear it from someone else.

    @ Nina’s comment, my emotions would be purely directed @ my partner who made a commitment to me.

  2. Lopez
    November 25, 08:35 Reply

    What Morgan said. I can overlook a one night stand random hookup but not an affair. I definitely want to know if my partner is having an affair, an affair is heavier in cheating.

  3. Wiffey
    November 25, 09:15 Reply

    I’ll rather have a partner that hooks up with the entire community with my knowledge and complete approval. that much i can handle. But you see long calls, back and forth texting, hangouts or repeated sexual escapes, now that’s what I won’t tolerate from anyone.

    Sex is just a physical activity that can be as meaningless as sperm in a gay mans ass and it’s not something I would bother about as long as I know all the details so a bitch doesn’t throw shade my way without a comeback from me on how irrelevant the experience was to us. But once there is an emotional or mental attraction, then it’s decision time for us.

  4. Good ade
    November 25, 12:56 Reply

    Wow! Why am i not shocked? We are actually approving cheating like its nothing. So cheating is normal now? This is why relationship has lost its value. Many dont respect that commitment and their partner . If you dont see cheating as a bad thing you must definitely wont see breaking vows as anything .
    We are not even considering that you are exposing your partner to harm .
    I feel like ppl who are okay with their cheating partner are very capable of doing the same thing. So e no go pain them na. You do me i do you ojoro cancel.smh
    Fine some can make a mistake and cheat (if that even makes Sense) but when u don’t feel guilty for doing something wrong it becomes a big problem no redemption for u .
    Omo i dont understand this wokness again. oo o ti su mi.
    P.s. Its only cheating when you actually break some kind of ggrement

  5. Francis
    November 25, 14:28 Reply

    I’d very much like to know because one STDs and two I can’t be walking around looking like Bobo the Clown to some people

  6. Philip
    November 25, 19:11 Reply

    I want to know so I can make the right choice.
    If we agreed to be committed, then why you do that. It is not only about the STD’s or using an excuse about ‘I’ll take PrEP’ or it’s just sex it meant nothing or I’m addicted to sex!.
    When you get into a relationship there must be a clear understanding of what you both expect. Cheating now happens when you break that dream of expectation of promise you both made. Monogamy, especially in gay relationships is as rare as the Mammoth, and everyone has their need.
    When you find a lover, a partner, don’t lie just to satisfy selfishness.

  7. Reen
    November 27, 20:02 Reply

    I gats know please.

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