Rapper MI slams Nigeria’s persecution of gay people, and someone else seeking relevance is responding

Rapper MI slams Nigeria’s persecution of gay people, and someone else seeking relevance is responding

Chocolate City Boss, MI Abaga, has shared his thought on the antigay law in Nigeria, which saw 40 alleged homosexuals get arrested and arraigned in the past week. M.I, who shared his thoughts in a podcast, said:

“I feel like I have a few friends with different sexual orientations and I think it’s stupid that we have that law in Nigeria. But now that we do, until the law is repealed, I feel it’s not safe to openly disclose your sexuality.”

However, MI who had a disagreement with one of his fans on the issue, tweeted:

“Cheating and adultery are wrong.. but they are not criminalized.. and no form of consensual adult expression of love should be.. my opinion’.

Following the expression of these opinions, TV personality and rapper, S-Dot reacted. S-Dot took to Twitter to react to the Chocolate City Boss’ tweet.

‘Dear popular person I believe to be a Christian, be careful about voicing an opinion against The Word. It’s better u r quiet instead. Homosexuality IS a sin. D bible clearly says so’.

He further tweeted:

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  1. trystham
    August 09, 06:23 Reply

    Well, when I had initially seen this, I applauded. But in these days that Nigerian ‘celebs’ breathe attention and just want oxygen, I am quite skeptical. I guess we av no choice, beggars that we are.

    The next day, one very useless moronic wannabe rapper (abi na producer/director?) replied him with the usual “God hates homosexuality, we are all born sinners” thoughtless argument. Maybe now heaven will support the nonentity’s music career for defending it.

    • Delle
      August 09, 08:30 Reply

      Nehh if it’s the MI I know, he isn’t one to seek undue attention. I mean, he is a decorated rapper. He has earned a name for himself yet you don’t see his name littered across headlines and all.

      I feel it’s all about exposure and a little audacity. There are a host of other celebrities that think in the same line as him but do not have the guts to be public about it lest their career takes a dive. MI earned my respect with this he wrote.
      And from the words, you can see that it comes from a sincere place and not just a gay man in the closet trying to defend his sexuality.

    • Malik
      August 09, 10:26 Reply

      You’re hilarious Trystham. But really, at this phase we must play the beggar, assuming every gift of sympathy is from a sincere place. We must also be grateful and profusely thankful.

  2. Mandy
    August 09, 07:05 Reply

    “…and someone else seeking relevance is responding.”
    ??? PP being salty AF

  3. Delle
    August 09, 08:27 Reply

    PP took care of this post from the caption. I’m done… ???

  4. Mitch
    August 09, 08:58 Reply

    PP has already handled the mofo.

  5. beejay
    August 09, 09:06 Reply

    It’s the boldness I like personally. If only more influential people could be as bold in preaching tolerance, the more simple minded would no doubt benefit from some sense.

  6. Gaia
    August 09, 10:18 Reply

    Exactly… Pink is never Merciful. But for MI, It’s my wish that other celebrities start talking too. Nigeria would be a better place.

  7. Foxydevil
    August 10, 04:02 Reply

    When you really look at it both men are almost saying the same thing .
    Why the other one is saying homosexuality is a sin that shouldn’t be tolerated, MI is saying it is a sin that should.
    My question now, why should the LGTB community allow themselves to be placed in a box?
    If approval is what you are seeking, the Bible isn’t where one would get it, the words of the Bible is clear and just like the second man who made a much more valiant point than MI, the Bible is totally and utterly against homosexuality and if we are to pass on whatever is written in that book as the word of the lord, then technically according to his argument homosexuals are sinners.
    My suggestion, live your life like you don’t care at the end of the day, the one thing that judges you is and will always be your conscience. If your life is right in your eyes, why would you let something as irrelevant as someone you are having consensual sex with make you feel like you are doing wrong?
    If we are so quick to take MI’s dim witted support then we must take the condemnation of the second man….. Both are acknowledging the said act as sin …..and the last time I checked, there was nothing normal about sin. Supports are low, I understand but let’s not be in haste to accept just about anyone’s. ?

    • Dimkpa
      August 10, 08:28 Reply

      Nice comment but I think in the second tweet MI was trying to differentiate between sin as in the holy books and crime as enshrined in law, a sort of separation of church and state. It is not disputable that the religions consider homosexuality a sin, however that doesn’t mean it should be criminalized. The example he made of infidelity and adultery was to show that they are sinful as well but are not crimes.
      The attitude of the idiot that responded always exasperates me. Religion is personal. Anyone can believe what they want but no one has a right to make or force someone else believe what he does. Furthermore no one’s belief should be elevated over another’s and made a law. If God says it is a sin, he should be allowed to punish the sinners, no one should do his work for him. That is what is too difficult for our lawmakers to understand.
      I applaud MI for speaking up, it is a lot more than others in his position have done. I remember when the law was passed, not one ‘celebrity’ was bold enough to condemn it.

  8. ken George
    August 10, 14:47 Reply

    well, i really dont see what the fuss is about. Both of them are expressing their views in a civil manner. This is how it should be. Yes one of them is living in ignorance, but it is ignorance that is born out of popular thinking and religion. Not necessarily hate

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