That Weird Moment

That Weird Moment

This is a true story. Incredible, but true.

I’ve always been quiet and reserved, except around very close friends, then I’d be the silly one who would say witty things to make them laugh.

I moved into a neighbourhood in Surulere I didn’t quite like. So I kept to myself all the time. I’d say hello to people on my way out to work and back, but I never stopped to say more than two sentences to anyone. Kept me out of trouble.

One hot Sunday afternoon, a few months after I had moved there, I fell asleep after doing my routine push-ups and planks, and having a cool bath. I forgot to lock the steel protector gate and left my glass sliding door wide open for air to come in, but my curtains were closed, so people couldn’t look in. There was no light, I didn’t intend to sleep, but I enjoyed the cool touch of the afternoon breeze way too much to get up and secure my house. I’d taken a bath earlier, and so after lying on my bed awake for a few moments, I slept off, nude.

And then, I had a dream.

In the dream, I was having sex with the most beautiful creature. I still am not sure if it was a he or a she, but it was beautiful, and the experience was equally wonderful. However, despite how good I felt in my privates, I couldn’t feel the touch of this creature I was holding. It was in my arms, and yet, it wasn’t. In the dream, its skin seemed to be satiny-smooth but it felt like I was touching air. But my dick felt good, so that didn’t matter.

However, whatever that creature was doing was getting me closer and closer to a climax. I could feel the orgasm rushing toward me with a speed that was heightening my senses in a way that seemed way too ACTUAL. And then it came, the climax, making me draw in a long breath of the suddenly still afternoon air and I woke with a start, my eyes blinking open–

To see him sucking my dick like his life depended on it.

He was a young bright-eyed lad from my neighbourhood. He told me he loved the fit of my suit one time. I did not suspect a thing.

However, in that moment, I didn’t recoil from him. I didn’t shove him away. I simply laid back there, stayed still, watching him, aghast, horror, surprise and pleasure intermingling and bombarding my senses as I watched him mouth-in the end-products of my orgasmic wet dream. The boy kissed the crown of my still-throbbing dick and looked up at me. Then he murmured something, got up off me, went to the bathroom to spit out my cum, came back, sat down pristinely on the chair and tried to make small talk. That didn’t quite work. My brain was too busy being in post-climax shock to let me engage in a meaningful conversation.

The weirdness must have gotten to him, because then, he said something about having chores to do, rose from my chair and left. I got up after him, still in awe of his guts, and shut my door behind him.

I’m still not quite sure if I should have felt like a stud after that, or violated.

And in the days that followed, I took a different route out of the neighbourhood to work, and always, ALWAYS kept my door locked. Everytime.

Written by Chuks Bass

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  1. Anonymous
    November 24, 05:02 Reply

    Please let this story be false (ò.̯Ó) … I would so freak out.

    • pinkpanthertb
      November 24, 05:09 Reply

      I think the writer already answered your question in the beginning.
      So…well, freak on out then. 🙂

  2. Deola
    November 24, 05:13 Reply

    Stud or violated…definitely violated.
    I would so freak out if this happened to me. Its so inappropriate, I guess thats what makes it hot.

  3. Max
    November 24, 05:24 Reply

    Trust me, this is true… So true… Happened in my neighborhood too.. To a friend of mine.. I wouldnt have believed it if I haven’t experienced it b4…

    • Dennis Macauley
      November 24, 05:29 Reply

      Stuff like this happens in my boarding school! We called it “darkness cover”! LOL

      The stuff that went down at that Federal Govt College eh!


      • pinkpanthertb
        November 24, 05:31 Reply

        Aswear! I have stories of those days that will burn the ears that hear them. lol

      • enigmous
        November 24, 05:58 Reply

        Well Dennis, at least yours happened in a non-religious environment. Mine was in a mission environment and boy was it cool, it was simply “wow”.

        I looked forward to it everytime that I intentionally sleep nude while covering myself with coverlet. It would soon graduate to something more than someone sucking you off till you see the light.

        And today, I would say it graduated to happily ever after. Oh, how I miss those days.

      • Khaleesi
        November 24, 15:23 Reply

        @Dennis, you’re so on point! We would have nocturnal trysts and the next day i would pretend it never happened – looking back, i realise it was my mind’s way of living in denial, you see, i was too young and too steeped in internalized homophobia and religious crap guilt issues, am sure i wouldn’t have been able to bear the psycho-emotional burden of accepting that i was gay, so my mind simply denied it fiercely. I even went as far as deluding myself that it wasnt really me doing those things, but that it was some weird alter ego of mine that sucked abd smooched those guys during the night. It was several years before I could dare to accept within me that i was gay .. and then since a good number if Nigerian gay guys had their first gay experiences in boarding secondary school, doesn’t this give some credibility to the homophobes assertion that being gay is learned behaviour to a large extent? I dont know sha, just thinking ….

      • Lothario
        November 24, 21:42 Reply

        Enigmous, I see we have employed ‘seeing the light’……..lmao

  4. Dennis Macauley
    November 24, 05:27 Reply

    Well DM isn’t the only one with an “over reaching imagination”

    This was funny and awkward! I’d feel violated! Isn’t this rape?


    • pinkpanthertb
      November 24, 05:32 Reply

      Seriously tho, some people gats balls. how attracted can you be for a guy to sneak into his room and suck him off while he’s sleeping.
      In this current Nigerian gay clime… *shudder*

  5. simba
    November 24, 05:45 Reply

    It’s weird, but pls check if the guy is above 18. The age will decide wht I will do, if am in ur position. If he is less than 18, I ll go talk to his parents, cus I wouldn’t wanna be blackmailed or something. I may not be specific tho, But if above 18, I may take more time surreptitiously to study him, if he is nice, I ll have a long talk with him, educating him on dangers of such acts, he could be killed, raped or outed. I may take him as a younger brother, since am not into kids..

    • pinkpanthertb
      November 24, 05:47 Reply

      That’s actually quite sound. You’re right simba. Especially about the talking to him part. And that ought to happen whether he’s above 18 or not.

    • gad
      November 25, 03:14 Reply

      I wonder why you will report a 17yrs old 2 his parents and mentor an 18yrs the ability or urge to blackmailed restricted to 17yrs below? I experienced the same from an ex-student of mine who when I woke up broke down in tears apologizing. All I did was ask him why he did it. I later sat him down and talked sense into him. Its over 10yrs now and my family and his are still friends to the point that his father told me @ my Dad,s funeral that he will always be a father to me recounting how I have impacted positively on his son. I told us this so that we will always think twice when faced with the urge to report an errant

      • pinkpanthertb
        November 25, 03:40 Reply

        Absolutely right. At whatever age, a juvenile can be corrected with words from the right person

  6. Kryss S
    November 24, 05:53 Reply

    That boy was bold! E le yi gidi gan(this one is strong!)! The amount of thirst that would make me do that now(I said “now” bcos I did worst in my Federal Govt. Boarding school days) is not yet born! Choi!!!
    I wouldn’t know what I would feel like or do in dat situation till I find myself in it. C’est fini!

    • Dennis Macauley
      November 24, 05:58 Reply

      You went to a Federal Govt College ba?

      I take it you did “darkness cover too”


      • Kryss S
        November 24, 07:16 Reply

        Hmmn! Sadly, yes oh! I shudder just imagining what I did then. Those days of finding oneself nd raging testosterone *sigh*! Lights out did a lot of harm oh. Even d fool I called a school father who violated me @ age 13 did it after lights out. Maybe I would send my story to Pinky, but its just dat am not a good writer like y’all.

    • simba
      November 24, 06:07 Reply

      @kryss thts why non of us is judging the kid, cus we all did the ‘Darkness Cover’ or worse in boarding school.. at age 15-18 the testosterone drives us crazy and no adult to educate us and no serious academic syllables for such things.. so we act out… I implore the writer to help this kid, before he sucks a dick tht ll remove his head or scar him..

      • chestnut
        November 24, 06:28 Reply

        Not all of us know what a “darkness cover” is o!
        This story was creepy…the boldness! Creeping into a stranger’s house to suck them off? He could have done ANYTHING he wanted in that house.
        Someone once walked into my flat wen I fell asleep one nyte without locking up…but it was an honest mistake;he was looking for some (runs)girl that lived in d same building.but I was scared shitless,I practically shoved him out,lol.

      • trystham
        November 24, 07:06 Reply

        I aint judging, but if what was obtainable in boarding house is wat is available now, we wouldn’t be missing it so. That’s too much guts for one kid. C’etais tres dangereux.

        Oh well, no risk, no reward. I’ll bet this writer will be going to look for this boy…soon

  7. Dominic
    November 24, 06:29 Reply

    Jupiter’s cock! I. Still dey fear

  8. #TeamKizito
    November 24, 06:31 Reply

    Hmm, darkness cover kwa. Oh Chi’m. (All
    these Boarders..)


    • Dennis Macauley
      November 24, 06:38 Reply

      My dear you missed! Boarding school rocked!

      Once it’s lights out, you get under the covers with people! The funny part is that you can walk past them the following day without saying a word to them, and lights out again you tryst in the dark!


  9. chestnut
    November 24, 06:33 Reply

    OAN: pinky,how do u find pictures to go with these stories? The match is always dead-on!lol

    • pinkpanthertb
      November 24, 08:06 Reply

      Lol. My dear, its due to my longstanding relationship with Google

    • Ace
      November 24, 23:01 Reply

      Word! My thoughts exactly. The pictures are spot on. Good job.

  10. trystham
    November 24, 07:00 Reply

    The boy shud just give a teensy bit of his guts. Just bit

    • pinkpanthertb
      November 24, 08:04 Reply

      Would you like to share something with the class? 😀

      • Colossus
        November 24, 11:01 Reply

        No Arabian coffee? No English muffin? How do you want me to tell my story?

        • pinkpanthertb
          November 24, 11:04 Reply

          *placing orders for all that* Looks like its going to be a long teatime

    • simba
      November 24, 08:04 Reply

      @ colossus.. gbam..all dis saints abi virginias… make them all deh claim, innocent..abeg which gay has not touched somebody inadvertently, even so called innocent touch and feign ignorant.. the kid did bad, yah, we all know, I have sucked dicks,yah, but friends own, while they were sleeping and no alarm,cus my friends knows me but I dint have the courage to attack LOL while they were awake.. PS tht was ages ago in my teens.. now money making and career is de focus..

    • Dennis Macauley
      November 24, 13:42 Reply


      This is one story I will looooooove to hear

      *turns on coffee machine*

      • Colossus
        November 24, 17:37 Reply

        Dennis eh, all these coffee that you are drinking, you too like aproko oooo. Oya, siddon make we drink that coffee

  11. Bobby
    November 24, 08:39 Reply

    Pls pinky i need ur email address. Tnx

  12. Peak
    November 24, 10:02 Reply

    *kicking myself right now and wishing I went to boarding school

    • Colossus
      November 24, 10:59 Reply

      Oh brother, you don’t need boarding school to be naughty. You can do bad all by yourself

  13. Mr Kassy
    November 24, 12:05 Reply

    I did something like that too,I had a fair,cute,sexy roommate/cornermate at the seminary.Oboy! you need to see Emmanuel’s golden,succulent,redheaded fair dick.I normally couldn’t help it dt I usually wank him while he is sleeping.Buh I think he usually knew but kept quiet.I was so inlove with Him*if one could get all he wants though*

  14. #TeamKizito
    November 24, 12:42 Reply

    Boarding school, tsk!! They’d have raped the living cuteness out of …


  15. Dennis Macauley
    November 24, 13:45 Reply

    And then we “shared” the newbies at the beginning of the term!

    The prefects got to pick first!

    ***Lascivious smile***

    • Khaleesi
      November 24, 16:03 Reply

      Heiiiii!!!!! ***reaches back in time and sprinkles you all with holy water and anointing oil*** y’all were running a full fledged ‘tb conversion factory’ over there!!! Dayum!!

  16. posh666
    November 24, 13:46 Reply

    Gud ole secondry skul.i rememba afta lights out d tinz boys did to eachoda coz in my own skul seniors took our beds so we have to put d ones we have on d floor to share dats wen boiz start touching n suckin dem selves d next mornin on block u wih see dem toasting girls like nothing hapund i olwaiz laffed at d girls in my mind.deres diz particular night me and my frndz dojd nite prep d skul mosque wuz olwaiz our escape as muslim students dere wuz no light so i slept aswer i woke up to discover my frnd ahmad wuz suckin d life out of my cock we both played with eachoda anytym i rememba i shiver and beg God for forgivness

  17. posh666
    November 24, 14:13 Reply

    In order news just read on linda now dat denrele waz robbed over d weeknd and among d tinz he listed wuz stolen in hiz “handbag”wuz hiz mac powder lmaooo which man goes around with powder in hiz bag..this woman sha just wen i tot derz notin more she can do to surprise me who admits such on d internet

  18. ray ray
    November 24, 14:47 Reply

    D kid was pretty courages can only imagine d weirdness….d kid would always hide 4rm Ɣ☺υ̲̣̥….Ɣ☺υ̲̣̥ kinda need to talk to him so he doesn’t make d same mistake

  19. Khaleesi
    November 24, 15:25 Reply

    Ps: Cornelius Kubwa, where are you, you promised to bring some more Kenyan sistas to come gossip with us … we miss you! !!

  20. Williams
    November 24, 21:35 Reply

    Thankyou Pinky for creating this blog,and working hard @ putting up what we read and share here daily.You’re doing a great job.

  21. JUsTME
    November 24, 22:10 Reply

    Lolzzz…its really a weird moment ooo….Talking to d boy will really make a big difference so he doesn’t repeat such to any1 else

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