After graduating from high school, I got admitted into an Eastern university to study Theatre Arts, a course I didn’t even apply for. This was in 2014. And my friend, Josh, accompanied me to the cybercafe where I went to check my admission status. Josh was already doing his OND and was both my friend and partner in crime. We go way back to 2004.

My admission filled me with mixed feelings of surprise and bafflement. Surprise because after hearing stories of those who take JAMB more than once before gaining admission, I couldn’t believe I’d gotten admission after one try. And bafflement because I was given admission to study Theatre Arts instead of Religion and Human Relations I initially applied for.

“Not a bad offer,” Josh said.

I printed out my admission letter, and when I got home, dropped it on my mum’s bed while still unsure about how to feel about the next phase of my life as a university student.

Mum returned from work that day at about 5 PM with her usual raised voice. She is uniformed personnel with the military parastatal. As she was getting into the house, she was hollering, “GT, have you checked your admission status?”

“Yes,” I said as I emerged from my room to welcome her. “I was given admission to study –”

“Where is the admission letter?” she asked, not hearing anything I said after my first response.

I went to her room to fetch the slip, and handed it to her.

“Oh! Nice course,” she said.

The immense lightness I immediately felt made me realise how anxious I’d been, waiting for her reaction to my course of study.

“Your school session resumes by November for the freshmen,” she said, “but you’ll be leaving by January.”

“OK, ma,” I responded.

That night, I logged into my 2go account with my Blackberry Bold 5, which was all the rave then, and I went straight to the universities room. And as expected, I met a roomful of would-be freshers chatting about their admissions and all the problems they were already anticipating, one of which was majorly accommodation.

After exchanging pleasantries with some of the group members and contributing a bit to the ongoing conversation, I got three message requests almost at the same time. One of the messages got my attention. I read: Congratulations on your admission into this citadel of academic excellence.

The person who sent the message was a girl, who I soon got to know, as we began chatting, was Uchechi. It was a long chatversation, by the end of which it felt like we were fast friends. We eventually exchanged contacts.

Uchechi was a 400 Level Philosophy student in my school; we were going to be in the same faculty. I checked her out on Facebook and she checked out okay. By the time she extended an invitation for me to stay with her during my first visit to the school when I come to check things out, it felt like the most natural thing in the world for me to accept.

A week later, on a Saturday morning, I took up my bag which contained all I would need for my two-day stay at her place in school, and headed to AKTC, Uyo Terminal. And I was soon on a roughly six-hour journey to Awka.

I got into the dusty city of Awka some minutes past 4 PM, and thank goodness, Uchechi’s lodge was not very far from where I was told to alight. In fact, following the directions she’d earlier sent me, I was able to walk the rest of the way to her lodge.

Finding her room wasn’t that hard, and I was soon knocking on the door. It was opened by a guy, a little taller than I am at five feet nine. Fair complexioned with red lips, thick eyebrows and a Mohawk hairstyle. He was an attractive young man.

“I’ve been expecting you,” he said when he saw me.

“Excuse you,” I said, a bit startled.

He chuckled. “GT, right? Uchechi told me you’d be coming around.” He extended his hand and I took it in a handshake, as the mixed fragrance of Malizia and Brut assailed my nose from him.

He gestured for me to come on inside, but I am my mother’s son. I preferred to call Uchechi first. She answered my call and soon after, emerged from another room in the lodge. She rushed toward me and engulfed me in a hug. With how effusive we were in our reacquaintance, one would think we’d known each other all our lives.

She introduced the guy as Duncan, her boyfriend. So, of course I knew he was immediately out of bounds.

Later in the evening, we went out to have dinner. The three of us were bonding quite nicely, and Duncan was a really cool and easygoing guy. It was Uchechi’s room, but Duncan, as her boyfriend, was almost practically living with her. The entire weekend was a really great one, with Uchechi and Duncan being the perfect hosts. When it was Monday and they saw me off to the bus terminal, Duncan paid for my bus ticket with a big smile.

“I’m sure there’s a way I’ll be able to pay you back for this kindness,” I said.

“I’m sure there will,” he said and winked. His smile became broader as he took my hand in a handshake. As we shook hands, he moved his middle finger inward and scratched the middle of my palm with it. And just like that, I knew of the way I would be able to pay him back.

I stared at him with wide eyes, surprised by what he’d communicated to me, and he simply kept on smiling. And all the while, Uchechi stood there, oblivious of the transmission. Or so I thought. We bade our goodbyes and they left. Duncan and I didn’t bother to exchange contacts because we all knew I’d be back.


January 2015 couldn’t have come any faster than it did. I’d already packed my things and was ready for life in the university before the end of the seasonal festivities. Uchechi had offered to accommodate me until I got settled in school and had my own accommodation; the arrangement was only going to be for the first semester. I’d talked about it with my mum and she had spoken severally with Uchechi, and it was all good.

The day I was going to go to school, my elder brother was to drive me to school. the plan was for him to use the opportunity to meet Uchechi in person, on behalf of my mum. During the early part of the drive, my brother was doing what he was wont to do as a big brother, advising me on how to be mindful about the friends I make in the university and the guys I “run package with”. I didn’t know what to make of those last words of his, but I just sat there beside him, staring into the future.

I called Uchechi when we got into Awka, but Duncan picked up, informing me that she wasn’t around. From the sound of his voice, I could tell that my call had woken him up from sleep. He offered to wait for me at the park, but I told him my brother was driving me and would bring me to the lodge.

Minutes later, we got to the lodge to meet Duncan waiting. I introduced him to my brother, and he helped me to transfer my things from the car to the room. After which, my brother, now sure that I was in good hands, drove off, intending to go see his ex-girlfriend first in Onitsha before going home.

Duncan asked if I would eat anything and I declined. I had a bath and laid down, immediately sleeping off from exhaustion. When I woke up, it was to notice that Duncan had already unpacked my things and arranged them where they should be. I was grateful for that.

“How long was I out?” I asked him with a yawn.

“Nearly two hours,” he said.

“Where’s Uchechi?”

“I’m right here, boo. Come give me a hug!” her voice sang out from the direction of the kitchen.

I laughed as I moved to the kitchen to hug and kiss her. I wasn’t shy about the show of affection; it wasn’t my first time kissing a girl. But this wasn’t sexual in nature. We had simply grown to love and be affectionate toward each other.

“I’ve missed you, boo,” she said as she broke the kiss.

“Same here, pumpkin.”

I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t called to inform my mum of my safe arrival. So, I called her. She spoke with me and then with Uchechi, before ringing off.

That night turned out to be the turning point in my relationship with Uchechi and Duncan. Happened in ways I never imagined coming. I woke up in the middle of the night to sex sounds. Moaning. Skin slapping against naked skin. And a Ciara track playing in a low volume from the stereo. The room was dark, but through the illumination of the security lights from outside, I could make out the naked forms of Uchechi and Duncan as they made love. This was the first time I was seeing them be intimate, and I suddenly realized that I hadn’t had any in eight months. I was sex starved.

I felt like I was violating their privacy and tried to move my body so I wouldn’t be facing them. But that was a mistake. I instead alerted them to my wakefulness.

“GT…” Uchechi softly called out my name.

“Yes…” I answered.

“Would you like to join us?”

At first, I wasn’t sure I’d heard right. Had she really just asked me to join them? She was aware that I am into boys – and she had, with koro-koro eyes, invited me to come rub naked bodies with her gorgeous boyfriend?

“Well…” she prompted.

I hadn’t ever had a threesome that involved a girl before. I was at first reluctant because of that. But the appeal of touching Duncan, of having him touch me, was too much for me to ignore. I began to move closer to them.

Just then, Uchechi rose from the bed, saying she wanted to use the toilet, and with a light laugh, she told me to “make Duncan happy”. I was there like: Wow!

I didn’t have much time to contemplate what had just happened before Duncan pulled me to him and claimed my lips. I shimmied out of my boxers as our kiss caught fire. God bless Moses, but this guy’s foreplay was so European. So on-point. He had me tingling and trembling all over with desire as we kissed and groped at and caressed each other. And when he went down to eat my ass, Heaven can only be the one-word description for where I was transported to. I’d often heard of guys who rim with honey; Duncan did that to me, lapping up the honey he’d spread all over my ass as he ate me out.

We were so into each other that we didn’t even notice that Uchechi had returned to the room. She was seated, watching us. It was a tiny giggle from her that made me aware of her presence in the room. Even then, it was just barely. Her boyfriend had me too firmly placed in Cloud Five to be fully aware of anything else but his tongue and hands on my body.

My boy-pussy had become way too lubricated with a mixture of honey, Duncan’s saliva and my need to even require the services of KY Jelly. I was so ready for Duncan’s dick.

I first sat on the D, and after riding him for some time, we flipped around to missionary. We tried several other positions – with absolutely no interruption from Uchechi – except doggy, which I consider quite painful. It was several minutes before we exhausted each other and orgasmed. Sweet Lord! I flopped onto that bed next to Duncan, thinking about how eight months of celibacy had been worth it for this to be the way to break the fast.

Duncan also turned his ministrations to his girlfriend, and after a few rounds, we were all spent, and proceeded to the bathroom to wash up. Except we returned to the bedroom to reignite the passion, so that while Uchechi worked my lips and earlobes and nipples, Duncan laid claim to my ass.

That night was the perfect way for me to step into life as a university student.

Written by GT

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  1. Alonso
    June 04, 08:28 Reply

    Dis tew much. Tell me say na fiction. Dis tew much

  2. Nobility
    June 04, 08:53 Reply

    Interesting story. I however have never been with a couple. Having sex with a friend (female or male) does change things.

  3. Thor
    June 04, 09:03 Reply

    Lol. Seriously this sounds like a story someone told me. Or could this be molahs inimeke

  4. Higwe
    June 04, 10:31 Reply

    This early morning ! ?‍♂️
    Damn !
    What a story ??

  5. No
    June 04, 10:51 Reply

    This is basically all my weekends in Lagos…

    • Q
      June 04, 12:21 Reply

      How can I get this kind of weekend in lagos

        June 04, 14:04 Reply

        Lmaooo. Thirsty much? Beht pls, how do these weekends work biko?

  6. Delle
    June 04, 11:31 Reply

    What a relationship cycle!!!???

  7. Joe
    June 04, 11:56 Reply

    This couldn’t have been real ???

  8. Audrey
    June 04, 15:33 Reply

    Who could this be from 2015 Theatre art Freshers set and who is this Uchechi that was in 400level Philosophy because that would mean she graduated in 2016 and narrowing it down I think I know two Uchechis from that set that lived in tempsite.

    I’m sure you didn’t go unnoticed by the likes of Soma dem and Chizzy so deciphering who you are shouldn’t be a Problem(Yes I was quite a force to reckon with back then in school).From your story you should be in your finals now and that’s a plus in getting who this person that wants to disgrace me in this bus is.

    Quite a story and Yes Unizik was a school filled with a lot of fun.Nice story dear and I’m waiting for the next episode.

    Is Prof. Tracie Ezeajugh still the Hod?

    • Pink Panther
      June 04, 15:42 Reply

      Lol. You do realise that names used in these stories aren’t real, right? And as such Uchechi isn’t really Uchechi.

      • Audrey
        June 04, 16:17 Reply

        Except that but that said I’ll do a little investigative journalism#Smiles#

    • Higwe
      June 04, 16:57 Reply

      Na unizik boys full kitodiaries ??? ?‍♂️

      I bet we all know each other …it’s even possible that some of us don screw come here dey form strangers .

      You shouldn’t really be mentioning names though especially that one with the big S …let gullible Nigerians keep believing what they want.

      I laugh in Ex ????

      • Audrey
        June 04, 17:30 Reply

        You are also a Giant….Wow!

        Come and take a warm hug brova…What class did you graduate with(I bet I know you Nna)…
        Can all the Zikites in the house come to this corner for a selfie#ShinesTeeth#

        • Higwe
          June 04, 18:53 Reply

          Yes na ….lol
          I don mention am here tire say I school for east .
          Make I no reveal too much but the time I got admission was the time that fair sexy ex mr unizik ,the one that did advert for tummy tummy and had his face on one billboard at the gate that was the time his set were about to pass out.

          *I think he’s now an actor , I saw one poster of him and zubby Michael *

          Why do I feel I probably knew you ???

          That S guy you mentioned graduated a year before me .
          One of my guys back then carry this boy go Queen suite , come lash am tire .
          Naso I enter instablog dey hear EX chromosome ??

          I jejely shut my mouth , nobi me go carry bad belle .
          Minding business is importanter . ??

          • Audrey
            June 04, 19:32 Reply

            I graduated same year as the S guy nah.We used to see but didn’t talk until he had one scandal with Anticult guys(They set him up to a sex romp in his room back then at his hostel in ifite and dude fell for it) Naso dem open office for em head.I interevened when I overheard one of the Top Anticult guys I was shagging back then asking for his cut of the largesse because they milked him that period oh.

            I told my Anticult bed warmer to get his guys to stop and now used another junior one that had eyes on me to calm the younger ones but I told them not let him know that I was his saviour but I suspect he found out because he later became overly friendly.Funny thing is that dude was always broke sef

            He converted Mr Unizik 2016 set then self and that one now tore eyes and became wild.That one would come to my friends place and be begging him for some action to the point of him shedding tears oh(I found out because one of the times he was at it we hid by the window listening to all of their conservatios) and funny thing is that my friend was straight oh.

            I’m sure he’s enjoying the unnecessary hype instagram is giving him.

            We gats hook up Higwe let me confirm if you are who I think you are.Can you drop A contact with PP.I miss that school and it’s drama I swear

            • Don
              June 05, 10:45 Reply

              I can relate with all these stories. Wow, Giants.
              He is now an actor, studied English. Awka then.

              • Audrey
                June 05, 11:30 Reply

                Yes he studied English and was called Van Vicker back in the day I think he graduated in 2013.

                Who has anything on that 12geez guy that graduated from CEM and I don’t know why my mind keeps telling me Higwe and 12geez could be the same person

                • Don
                  June 06, 01:37 Reply

                  He graduated in 2014. We lived in the school hostel in year one and two. When he won that title in year 2. He was over happy. Unizik then


          • Don
            June 05, 10:50 Reply

            Great Zikite….. Giant

        • Fabuluz
          June 08, 13:05 Reply

          Plenty giants here…. I missed out of the fun. Unizik Nnewi campus is dry.

    • Slim
      June 08, 03:28 Reply

      Why do I feel that I Know most of you guys.. for that Mr unizik 2016, pikin wet dey stay for onitsha come awka come dey form lasgidi pikin..

      I didn’t go to unizik thou, open University but I stayed at temp site during the period..

      Fed theatre, stecjecy, slam theatre, slimshaddy, johntel Peter’s…

      Chaii I miss awka thou, I didn’t get much time to flirt very well before leaving that town, I didn’t do my hoeing very well but I am still open to visit and travel…

      Higwe my love, you know we can still hook up????

    • GT
      June 10, 00:24 Reply

      Prof Alex is still the HOD
      I rof Tracie’s tenure as a Dean expired last year
      U seem to know much about The department
      And yes Chizzy and soma were real pals

  9. Kvng
    June 04, 17:55 Reply

    Oh how i wish we could switch lives for that night only. Pple kip having all these good stories abt sex and all, nd am kinda left out of stories. Na wa o

    • Cedar
      June 05, 08:06 Reply

      Singing Michael Jackson’s You are not alone on my way to Eke Awka.??

  10. Kvng
    June 04, 17:57 Reply

    No sexcapades, nothing, just dey here dey look as pple dey tell stories here and there. Oh God abeg, give me my own sex story so PP can post it here soon. *Sighs* ?

  11. Bells
    June 04, 21:47 Reply

    This post na Unizik reunion. Una weh done oooo

  12. DavidClint
    June 05, 00:50 Reply

    Oh gay Lord…!
    I’m literally squirting..??
    Pls Unizik Alumni where can i get the action.? Been here for a while yet nothing..

    • Don
      June 06, 01:44 Reply

      Audrey, Higwe kindly attend to him

    • Carlos
      June 07, 06:04 Reply

      No way. No one is attending to you?
      Audrey sashay away from this space.
      I’m here naw

  13. Rex
    June 05, 01:45 Reply

    Mbok who is this Uyo dude….. PP mbok Lerrus talk in za oza room. ….so u can do the connect abeg….

    • Dave
      July 22, 01:09 Reply

      LOOL Mbok when you find out link me abeg!?

  14. Mandy
    June 05, 10:21 Reply

    Talk about starting with a bang. Damn, GT! This your story is everything! Made me want to coman join you to get some Duncan loving. By the way, I know this happened in 2014. Are you still in touch with Duncan? What about Uchechi — who, by the way, is the most sexually progressive woman I’ve ever known to exist in Nigeria.

    • GT
      June 10, 00:35 Reply

      Calm down the story is unfolding

  15. Mama of the Universe
    June 05, 11:23 Reply

    We rep UNIZIK 2016 set
    We were the movers and shakers of UNIZIK , royals/ UNIZIK pageantry,Tempsite, permsite , queens suit , geo gold , white view, pearls suit , western mellock hotel just to mention a few. We were the classy Elmada babes, if u know u know.

    • Audrey
      June 05, 17:31 Reply

      My dear, I was enjoying all the hype until you got to the Elmada part…Nne you were nothing but an overgrown baby if you lived in Elmada or Holy family.

      I’m sure the most fun you got was from diploma and prescience students.You really missed out on the real fun cos what you had was a preamble.Ehugs

    • Slim
      June 08, 03:33 Reply


      I had a boyfriend at elmada that year that I chopped that year..

      Holy family children be acting like assistant Jesus Christ

  16. Tristan
    June 05, 11:53 Reply

    I like the humour in your writing style. Very engaging.

    Seems UNIZIK alumni are preponderant on this blog. Only spent a year in Awka. I had my own fair share of fun in the other campus.

  17. Gif
    June 05, 13:19 Reply

    This is too good to “not be fiction”
    Nyc read by the way

  18. Slim
    June 08, 04:35 Reply

    Anybody in awka, we can meet at the AGHI anniversary on the 22nd of June.. it’s a community dinner for LGBTQ… that’s were we will celebrate our own pride month…


    You can hit me up for more info..


  19. Jinchuriki
    June 12, 20:55 Reply

    I don’t even know how to feel about this. ?
    Its not even fiction. I feel too many things at once.

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