Dear Diary,

I zoned out of everything for some reason. I stayed offline, ignored messages and used every free time to read a book, watch a TV show or sleep.

This went on for about a month till I went back online to catch up on everything I left behind. My DMs and inboxes had a significant amount of messages which I responded to accordingly and slowly eased back into the flow of things.

On this very good Sunday morning, while I was getting ready for church, I decided to respond to a message from a guy whose picture was just his chest. I was turned off by his internet-type spelling of “good” as “gewd”, “cool” as “kewl”, and other cringe-worthy expressions that many people seem to take a liking to. But I indulged him because I was bored and had already started replying his messages prior to his spelling blunders.

The time came to get pictures exchanged and I was pretty impressed. He was a muscular, jock-type guy, slightly above 6 feet and had a good amount of ink on his body. He was Tim. He asked if I was willing to meet and I said yes, although I wasn’t that enthusiastic about meeting. I had become quite a bore and wanted to remain that way for a little while longer.

Now, Diary, I used to have this weird policy about not engaging in any hook-up on Sundays. I guess it was the little leftover of my religious mentality that Sundays were the day of the Lord, to be kept holy, and so I constantly avoided any sexual activity, even if it meant waiting till 12:01 am of Monday morning.

But that slowly began to change when I moved over here. Sundays turned out to be the only days I was available to meet or engage in anything. All the other days were tied up with different commitments. Sunday evenings became my only free time.

I went over to the gym later that day, totally forgetting about my promise to Tim till I received a message confirming if we were still going to meet. I thought hard about it, still feeling reluctant and still a little paranoid about him being a catfish; he was a pretty hot guy and he didn’t exactly give me his house address, instead he’d given me the address of a popular store. I replied that I was at the gym and would get back to him when I was done. He seemed okay with my reply and requested I inform him of any changes.

After my time at the gym, I sat in the car reviewing his pictures, checking the distance to his location and trying to understand why my guts kept telling me to go, that everything was fine. I tried so hard to find a reason not to go, but each excuse I told myself seemed illogical.

While I was still seated in the car, he called me. I answered and the voice on the other side matched his picture: white, brolic and masculine.

“Hello,” he said.

“Hello,” I replied.

“Are you gonna come?”

“Um… yeah, I’m currently on my way.”

“Cool, cool. When will you get here?” he inquired.

Okay, someone is really horny, I thought, and replied, “In about 20 minutes.”

“Ok, call or text me when you get here,” he said.

“The location you gave me is actually that of an electronics store,” I quickly added.

“Yeah,” he said. “Call me when you get there,” he repeated.

“Okay,” I muttered, half curious and half paranoid.

Then I started my car and started to drive.

It was a Sunday, so the roads were relatively free and I got there on time. Still paranoid, I didn’t park where he requested. Instead, I parked at a furniture store half a mile away and texted him where I was, half expecting him to be mad that I’d thwarted his evil plans.

Instead he replied with a text: Okay, cool, give me a minute.

And I said to myself, “Duke, stop being fucking paranoid!”

A few minutes later, my phone buzzed with a message: I’m here.

My heart skipped and began pounding off the charts. I stepped out of my car to see a white, super-clean Mercedes driving towards me.

Ah! He probably sells people’s organs or something! I screamed in my head.

He stopped in front of me and I could see he was just as the pictures he had sent. I stepped into his car and that was when it all started.

In the three-minute drive to his house, I got to know so much about him! How bad his week had been, how much it cost him to get his car tires fixed, how he couldn’t go to the gym today, how is brother was “high maintenance”, and so on and so on, all in the space of a few minutes. I was stuffed with so much personal information. I wasn’t surprised because this was something white people are known to do – share their life stories and experiences with strangers. But this? This one was off the charts!

I finally got to realize why he asked me to park at a store; he lived in a secured estate and one could only be granted access in with an access card. He continued talking endlessly till we walked into his room and as he took off his clothes. At this point, I zoned out and wanted this to end as soon as possible, and started taking off my clothes to reveal an erection.

This shut him up instantly like a mute button would do to a television. The only sound we heard in the room was the screaming and yelling of the actors on a reality show on the TV. (I wasn’t surprised he was into reality shows; he talked and behaved like someone who watched a lot of it. And oh…he has two Masters’ degrees, by the way!)

We started getting down, touching, kissing and groping each other, and it started getting exciting. He was a good kisser and still a talker in the bedroom. Though this time, his talk were moans and requests: “Touch me there”, “Don’t stop that”, “Oh, that feels good”. Normally, I would have considered all that talked corny, but there was something about the delivery of his requests that seemed genuine and sexy.

It started getting intense, the foreplay, and we had some amazing chemistry. Then he pulled out a small bottle and sniffed it and asked if I was interested. I was curious as to what it was, because I’d only ever seen it used in adult movies. He said it was poppers and was excited to have me try it. He demonstrated how to use it, and then I held it underneath my nose, closing one nostril while I sniffed with the other one. I sniffed once, and then again.

The effect I first got was like I was thrown to the bottom of a pool and every consciousness I had of my surrounding faded. He touched my erect dick and I felt every nerve and stroke in the most orgasmic way possible. Then he proceeded to sheathe my dick, lubricated it and sat on it like it was some gym equipment.

He was tight but resilient. He took another shot of the poppers, and started to ride my dick, pulling it in and out and tightening his ass muscles when I was in him. He continued with this tease till I couldn’t take it anymore. Still under the influence of the poppers, I flipped him around to his back and pushed harder in while his legs were over my shoulder.

“Slow down baby, I need to get used to you,” he murmured as he pushed me out from him.

He made a joke about not ever giving me poppers again and eased me slowly into him. He continued easing me in, then pushing me out, in and out. Then he picked up the pace.

The effect was mind-blowing!

We continued this way till we got to the highest pace, with me pounding deeper and him groaning and biting his lips while he stroked himself. I felt his ass tighten as he shot his hot load up on my chest, using his free hand to pull me close to him. He held me close and I could feel his hot, heavy breath against my face. I kept hitting, slowly this time, and pulled out just in time to strip off the condom and shoot my cum on his face. He pulled my dick into his mouth and swallowed, licking every drop and groaning like a hungry beast.

We continued kissing, and then he flipped me to my back and sat on my face. His ass was pink and still soft from the fucking. He stroked his dick and mine while riding my face with his muscular butt. My dick still felt a little sore but he had control of it, stroking it at varying speeds while my face was under him. Moments later, I was unbelievably shooting my load. He quickly put his mouth over my cum-spewing cock, while vigorously stroking himself until I felt warm liquid splash across my belly.

We both lay down, facing the ceiling and catching our breath.

“Wow,” he said, laughing. “That was fucking amazing!”

And this time, I knew this to be true, unlike other times I’ve hooked up with other guys; when they said this after sex, it didn’t feel just as honest.

Tim held my hands and pulled them to his mouth. He kissed the back of my hands and said again, “That was fucking  A!” He went on about how great the sex was, like the talker that he was. And then he said, “Where are you from?”

I lied and said the Caribbean.

“Oh, I would have thought you were Nigerian,” he said.

And instantly, I regretted lying.

He continued, “Where in the Caribbean?”

“Barbados,” I replied.

“Any chance you are related to Rihanna?” he joked.

We both laughed. Then he looked at me and said yet again, “That was amazing, bro. Let’s do that again soon.”

In my head, I said, “Hell yeah!” But to him, I said a simple OK.

“I love the way your skin glistens when we fuck,” he said. “It is hot.”

I knew this was a compliment, but for some reason, it felt wrong. I said thank you and proceeded to go have my bath.

After he showered, while he was still talking about how great the sex was, we proceeded out of the estate to where I parked my car. As we shook hands, he said, “Let’s do this again. We are fucking beasts, bro.”

I laughed louder than I’d intended. But yea, I felt the same way.

I got into my car happy that I hadn’t let my paranoia win. Happy that I’d just had what was arguably the best sex I’d ever had in a long time. And happy that all my organs were still intact.

Body Count: 4

Written by Duke

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  1. Mandy
    July 26, 06:23 Reply

    And so Duke had the best sex he’s ever had with a white dude, and he came back for more, and they fucked happily ever after. 😀

    Looks like you found the one, Duke. Hopefully, this went somewhere?

  2. KingBey
    July 26, 06:32 Reply

    All these fuck fuck stories and only 4 body counts? Lol. I see mostly Bottoms use Poppers though. They say it relaxes their ass muscles especially when they want to take a big dick. One Asian guy made me sniff Poppers three years back, I didn’t get high only that my dick went limp and all his efforts to resuscitate it was futile. Hehehehe. He swore never to make me sniff it again. Ndi ocha and recreational drugs, Poppers, Chem, Meth, Coke, Weed, etc…..SMH.

  3. DI-NAVY
    July 26, 07:18 Reply

    Yay! Duke just had a great sex. Poppers can make me porous . I don’t enjoy sex when I sniff that.

  4. Santa Diaba
    July 26, 07:22 Reply

    I still don’t understand why people use condoms but still swallow cum. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of protected sex?

      • Santa Diaba
        July 26, 08:37 Reply

        Actually I’m quite curious. I’ve always wondered. Shebi the point of only allowing wrapped sausages enter your domain is to not exchange body fluids, but then you’re swallowing said fluids again? It confuses me.

        • Pink Panther
          July 26, 08:44 Reply

          You can only get infected through your mouth when you swallow (possibly infected) semen if you have open cuts and sores in your mouth. Once semen gets past the mouth, stomach acid and enzymes in the esophagus kill the virus. So swallowing or spitting out semen (cum or precum) does not endanger you unless you let the cum sit in your mouth and there’s a sore or open cut in there.

        • Pink Panther
          July 26, 08:46 Reply

          I find your query intriguing, because not very long ago, a friend actually had these questions too. And I was baffled. I thought the awareness of HIV had put this enlightenment to rest. I took it for granted that people knew about this part of HIV infection.

          • Santa Diaba
            July 26, 08:53 Reply

            Oh! The enzymes in the throat and stomach are strong enough to kill the virus and other STIs? I never actually had any idea. From biology classes they always said viruses never really die cos their not really living or something. I need to read up on this.

            • Santa Diaba
              July 26, 09:14 Reply

              OK yes, stomach enzymes neutralize the virus, although gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia are still concerns. Yikes.

    • Francis
      July 26, 21:10 Reply

      You’re not alone Santa. I really don’t get the reason for condoms if you’re still going to come all over me or in my mouth. *I’m paranoid about micro tears*

  5. Too clean
    July 26, 08:20 Reply

    Chai….You don come over learn oooo

    btw,you didn’t give me the full gist as this one o

    Anyway,I forgive you!

    You just made me have an erection in court this morning now..


  6. Kenny
    July 26, 08:21 Reply

    LMAO @ the organ selling comment. The guy sounds like a keeper to me. I’m guessing you saw more of each other….

    July 26, 08:36 Reply

    I don’t think so pinky… m thinking same too

  8. Ringlana
    July 26, 09:24 Reply

    Haba Duke have you forgotten the saying “when you kiss,pls do it well cus you represent your nation” why lie about your identity, Tim said it all ,I thought you where a Nigeria …We Nigerians Rock ✊ deal with it .

    • KingBey
      July 26, 12:25 Reply

      My sentiments too. How is it just 4? All these fuckery going on?

      • Duke
        July 26, 17:02 Reply

        I am not working earnestly to increase that.

  9. Delle
    July 26, 09:43 Reply

    Best Sex Ever! (even to me).
    I want to try those poppers too.

    Umm…Duke, your paranoia made me a lil curious. Do they kito gay people over there?

  10. bain
    July 26, 09:56 Reply

    That’s d kinda guy I need mehn,someone that’s willing to talk.I’ll listen.

  11. Chandler B.
    July 26, 10:44 Reply

    Everybody is now calling Tim ‘the one’ because he is hot, rich, has two Master’s degrees and is ‘willing to talk’ (who talkative epp abeg?), but mostly because he is hot and rich.
    He has fuck buddy qualifications though: we are beasts indeed. Talk dirty to me.

  12. peaches
    July 26, 12:16 Reply

    all these going on somewhere n am stuck in oblivion?… How is my life legal in any goddamn way now??.

  13. Francis
    July 26, 21:12 Reply

    Lesson of the day: Tops get sore too.

    Drugs are so not my thing. Na so you go sniff something with hidden heart condition and na cardiac arrest get you one time. ???

    • Francis
      July 28, 23:30 Reply

      Not be paranoia oh. You never hear of peeps wey pack after drinking Viagra?

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