I cannot say this enough. Please, guys, all you who are Lagosians: STAY AWAY FROM HOOKUPS IN OJO ENVIRONS! Mile 2, Satellite Town, Igando, Okokomaiko, Abule Ado, Maza-maza – anywhere remotely connected to the Ojo Local Government Area should never be a place to go to for a hookup. If whoever you are chatting with there wants to see you, encourage him to come to a public place that is your suggestion to meet.


That said, this kito alert is to expose the fact that these guys have become patient. Their M.O. is no longer often characterized by an urging to meet as soon as possible. The guy below, named Kevwe Rukky Max (aka Leo aka Olise) on both Facebook and Instagram, had been chatting for a very long time with his latest victim. A very long time. Long enough to make the victim feel like they were properly acquainted enough for him to go see him.

Their meeting point: a bar near Mobile Filling Station, at First Gate, en route Igando.

I believe I have made a post stating that bars are an illusion that these kito scum have employed to make potential hookups/victims feel like they are also concerned with security and safety. Listen, as long as that meet is happening anywhere – public or private – that is suggested by that person in Ojo, DO NOT GO!

Oh, and finally, these guys unsurprisingly now know about Kito Diaries. So as you are reading this, they too are reading this, trying to figure out a way to modify their game, to outwit us. They can change their manner of operation; however, one thing they can never change is their location. They need the familiarity of their location for their criminal acts to work. So again, if you are invited to Ojo, DO NOT GO!!!

And with through last victim, they sent a message to us: that he should tell “everyone on Kito Diaries that they are coming for us.”

LOL! I know. It’s the most idiotic, most unimaginative threat to make. And if you are reading this, Mr. Kito-from-Ojo, here’s my response: “Sure, mister. Sure. Come for us all. Are you going to step out from Ojo to get us all though?”

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  1. Mandy
    November 26, 06:59 Reply

    He’s coming for everyone on Kito Diaries? What does he think this is, a Nollywood movie? Ogbeni please shut up and stop overreaching. The only reason you even have mouth is because we don’t have law enforcement on our side. So quit sounding like a bad recast of Don Corleone

  2. Bee
    November 26, 07:09 Reply

    You are coming for us??? ?
    Abeg, when did stupidity reach this level?
    So you’re like God or … I confuse
    Goan find work ojere

  3. Chizzie
    November 26, 09:36 Reply

    It’s also safe to state that if they look poor, don’t visit them or indulge them. The conversation should never even begin, block and delete if you detect any form of struggle or poverty. This might not necessarily apply to all cases but the trademark of these Kito perpetuators is poverty, and I guess this is what motivates them seeing as they are hungry and do not know where their next meal will come from .

    Just be more selective.

    • Leon
      November 26, 10:29 Reply

      Chizzy I couldn’t agree more with you, especially if they have that kind of hungry ghetto look, just like the one pictures above….

    • Francis
      November 26, 13:41 Reply

      ? ? ? ? ? Biko is this the original Chizzie?

    • mike
      November 26, 14:32 Reply

      I assume yhu don’t know what a con is .
      Am guessing yhu don’t stay in Nigeria where the term packaging was invented.
      As far as kito is concerned when yhur day done come, yhur day done come.

      There are alot of reasons why a person would choose to kito another person, one is just the most common.
      Gest, pride, joke, show off, latent homesexuality, internal struggle, questioning the list goes on.

      Back then in while still in the straight herd, we would invite a guy, just to look at his face, make jest.yhu would see us buh we see yhu, we find effeminate guys to be very funny, and from the balcony we would discuss yhur matter while leaving yhu under the sun,when yhu tired of waiting yhu would leave.
      If I tell our gang leader is straight and bottom yhu won’t believe me, I guess that that why it never went too far.
      Why would a bunch of would be straight guys do that?, ego sweet heart, we feed off the idea that as guys another guy would find us attractive, its a teenage thing like the new kind of sex appeal, alpha male sex appeal or sumtin. The ability to appeal to both male n female.

      I believe in most many niggas r just too quick to show there wallet, vias kito, yhu can’t have a simple conversation without trying to pass how classy or rich yhu are, or trying to baita human being with how rich yhu are. Kito
      Its a game of luck and chance anyway.

      • IBK
        November 26, 15:29 Reply

        I need detol and hypo to clean my mind from this nonsense I just read.

        • Howdy
          November 26, 15:46 Reply

          Detol and hypo won’t be enough. I think Izal should be added…

          I’m shocked…

        • Bee
          November 27, 00:38 Reply

          ????? … f*ck, you read my mind!!!

        • Higwe
          November 27, 08:26 Reply

          I could say the same, everytime I read your journals ??

      • Ace
        November 26, 16:32 Reply

        A condescending con descending down the logic hole.
        P.s it is not “a teenage thing.” Don’t blame hormones or puberty for being a horrible person.

  4. Leon
    November 26, 10:46 Reply

    Am now so scared of even going out to meet/see anyone I encounter online,after seeing so many horrible kito encounter stories here..things are getting more scary everyday,am thinking I might remain very much single or lone for now…. devoid of any form of hookup,Meetup etc…lawd!!!!

  5. Anne
    November 26, 18:47 Reply

    It’s sad that in 2018 this still happens ..please let’s all try to employ safety measures ..these idiots feel invisible because the law is on their side ..please avoid meeting in bars ..a known eatery is better..every girl Iv met was online ..the first meeting is usually in a known eatery or mall. For now they have the advantage, hopefully they won’t for long..for now , your life is more important than any conji..straight men are devils ..we shall overcome some day ..

    • Jeova Sanctus Unus
      November 27, 01:52 Reply

      But the law isn’t on their side. They’re gay too. Fear is what they have going for them.

    • Pepper
      December 12, 09:13 Reply

      I refuse to believe that the law is on the side of these hoodlums and low life scoundrels.

      I don’t see why the victim can’t report these criminals to the police or a law enforcement agency and accuse them of theft, kidnapping and accusing him of being to cover up their criminal acts.

      If they can set us up why can’t we do same by setting them up with the authorities too.

      That’s just my 2 cents

  6. Quinn
    November 28, 17:42 Reply

    We should return the favor

  7. Kvng1862
    February 24, 13:21 Reply

    I think its high time we give these people a dose of their own medicine. Plan a hook up with them and beat the living daylight out of them (after fucking their ass in and out). They believe they can do this things and go scot free, let’s see how they will report it to the police should they ever wanna investigate it.
    Its bad enough that we can’t go to the police to complain or go to the hospital for proper check up, only a few open minded hospitals attend to people knowing they are queers. They rrason these kitos are getting high and more daring is bcos our community has not done anything to fight back, rather we avoid and dodge our problems like it doesn’t exist. Warnings are not enough, its high time we show these motherfuckers we re here to stay.

  8. Chris
    September 09, 08:42 Reply

    How can I forget that Sunday night…. 16 September,2018 when I fell a victim of this monster’s trap exactly inside that arranged bar. His accomplish was a fair tall and bearded idiot Igbo guy. Those guys beat me up,took away my new phone and wrist watch someone gave to me as a birthday gift?
    It took me months to heal from the trauma! I want them fucking burnt alive!!!!

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