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I have to say, a lot of people are hating on the male G-Spot. Some say it doesn’t exist, others say it’s as real as apple pie. To those who are nonbelievers, I hope they and their vanilla sex live a long and happy life together. I have seen the Promised Land, and let me tell you, I’m never going back again!

It’s easy for people to say that the G-spot is an urban legend; after all, it’s not exactly a scientific term. Most likely it was discovered by gay men in the early days, proving that gay men are always ahead of their time.

Despite the stigma it has, many people still don’t know exactly what it is and how to achieve what they call an “anal orgasm.” Lucky for you, I happen to be an expert on this particular topic. I don’t mean to brag, but my G-Spot and I have a very close intimate relationship. Because of this, I jump at any opportunity to spread my knowledge around.

What Exactly IS The Male G-Spot?

The G-Spot, in reality, is your prostate gland. It’s located below the bladder and next to the rectum, usually about two inches inside the anus. The only way you can actually reach it is through penetration.

Here’s where it gets interesting: the prostate’s job is to secrete prostatic fluid to advance the sperm. In other words, if the sperm is riding an invisible bus to make their way to a female egg, prostatic fluid will act as the gasoline which gets them there.

So in retrospect, by stimulating the prostate gland, you’re filling up the gas tank which increases the body’s urge to ejaculate. Your sperm will be fighting to get out due to all the fuel they’re getting fed, and when it happens, it will be one of unequivocal proportions to any other orgasm you might ever have in your life.

Pleasure Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

The sphincter (which is basically the outer visual of the anus, or what I like to call, the “portal”) is supplied with tons of nerve endings. The prostate itself is just a nut-sized structure inside the rectum (or the inner tubing of your ass).

The higher a penis or toy goes inside the rectum, the less nerve endings there are. The prostate itself is only two inches inside the anus on the belly side. For those who like deeper penetration, it’s easy to assume that the real pleasure one enjoys is the feeling of fullness or intensity, which might ultimately turn them on much more heavily.

To find what works for you, all it takes is experimentation. Personally, I don’t like it too deep. It takes away from the nerve endings which create that “tickling” sensation right at the edge of the anus. That, combined with G-spot stimulation takes me all the way to heaven.

How Can I Reach This Heavenly Spot?

A good idea is to practice on yourself with a sex toy (preferably one that’s bent at the tip so you can stimulate the prostate). The best way, however, is for your man to act as a GPS location system by fingering you while you’re on all fours trying to locate the spot. When he does, you’ll feel a little pinching sensation which will turn into a body “chill.” Have him massage it, and try to memorize the location for when he’s ready to penetrate you.NubianNewYorkers_is_the_shit (7)

Make sure whatever is penetrating you, be it a penis or a toy, hits the top of the prostate. Gently pull it down and out. Some like it intense, others like it slow and gentle, but as long as the prostate is getting stimulated, it’s nearly impossible for the prostatic fluid not to be released at a faster rate.

The key here is to give your body a chance to react and respond, and be patient! You might not find any of it pleasurable the first time. This can be for many reasons, the main being that you’re not letting yourself be relaxed enough. The sphincter muscles must be 100% relaxed; otherwise the clenching pain will take you away from focusing on real pleasure.

Are Anal Orgasms Real?

Abso-freaking-lutely, they are! Trust me. Though many people claim it’s impossible, there are too many people who say otherwise (gay and straight alike). To be classified an “anal orgasm,” you need to have a full-out body orgasm (or even ejaculation) with very little to no involvement from your genitals, i.e. penis, testicles, and anything around.

Anal orgasms are vastly different from a typical ejaculation. The biggest difference is that there’s no refractory period. Meaning, you don’t “come down” and quite often experience multiple orgasms one after the other. Doctors have said this type of orgasm possibly involves the muscles of the pubo-rectal sling and the nerves of the autonomous nervous system. Either way, I’m happy to help them to their rightful place.

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    I’m a living witness ??

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    Now, the final ingredient. A MAN!

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    Living witness here, anal orgasms are literally like a million light bulbs blowing up in your head and you can feel each electric current travel through your whole body…

    Sorry, I get carried away, something like that. ???

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    i honestly dont know much about this. But i know the prostate to be very sensitive, and some journals have written, observing some sort of erection during rectal examination even among unconscious or subconscious individuals.

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