The Lover With The Sperm Valve

The Lover With The Sperm Valve

During the conversation, he said to me:


“I was exhausted. It had gotten to that point where my body was adjusting to the aches and pains so that those parts of my body were feeling benumbed. I was sore and my bones felt like they were liquifying right beneath my skin.

We’d been going at it since 10 PM and it was now almost 3 AM in the morning! There was no sex style we’d seen in porn videos that we hadn’t tried and exhausted. We even went on to invent some others and I was ultimately fagged out (no pun intended).

I love my partner, and the Good Lord knows I love a guy that can give it to me till satisfaction sags our bodies. But this loving was becoming more of a nuisance than an actual good thing.

We had been at it for over five hours and he was yet to cum!

Totally fed up and needing rest, I decided to whip out my last trick which was to give him his most cherished sex style, one that was sure to get him to that point of no return, even if it meant disregarding my sore muscles and tired flesh.

I had my face buried in the pillow, my back arched so that my ass was well up in the air. I was grinding back against his dick and his moans held the timbre of one who was rushing headlong to his peak. I smiled, sensing victory, sensing the end of this marathon sex.

Then, all of a sudden, he was lying flat on my back. He brought his mouth to my left ear and whispered, “Should I cum now?”

I was confused and it showed in the way I turned towards him, a scowl on my face.

“Have you been waiting for me to give you the go-ahead before you cum?” I asked him, propping myself up on one elbow so I could get a proper look at the man I call Bae. My confusion was fast turning to incredulity.

He nodded. His features, the boyish looks that had endeared me to him from the very first time we met, appeared to gain sharp relief from that simple gesture.

I was flabbergasted now. A little bit of outraged anger. I was even thinking about shoving him off and stomping out of the room, to any place I would get the sleep I’d been denied all this time.

He had been waiting for me to tell him to cum?! For five hours?!

I looked at him, preparing myself to say something blistering. But damn! That face!

I took in a deep breath and reined in my irritation. I was even too exhausted to expend any energy on that. I simply nodded, a nod of approval, and before I could settle back into position, he had slid his pretty large cock back inside me and after a few rapid thrusts, started jerking and convulsing, signaling his orgasm.

This was when my feeling of irritation and incredulity was replaced by a huge wave of surprise.

He needed permission to cum? Most astonishingly, he could cum at will, whenever he wanted to? I was in the bathroom, asking myself these, while dabbing at my swollen chute with a cloth dampened by warm water.

I had previously taken down the mirror hung on the wall of our bedroom immediately we were done to get a view of my well-used hole, and I saw that it was gaping and totally dilated. The outer ring didn’t seem to hold as it should and when I pushed out, I could see a bit of what my anal walls looked like.

I should have felt apprehension, but no. I found this view sort of erotic and inserted a wet index finger inside the hole. It had burned a bit and the soreness of the hole throbbed dully. That was when I decided to settle for warm water therapy, hoping and praying quietly that my boy-pussy would regain its former tightness over time. I had heard it was possible for that to happen. That the boy-pussy has very similar characteristics as the vagina. At least according to my female bestie.

Our sex life has been tremendous ever since. Ever since discovering his control over his ejaculation, there have been times I used him, his dick, as a tool to pleasure myself, knowing he could turn off his sperm valve. LOL. I’d never known anyone like that before. There are serious perks to dating such a guy, one who can reach orgasm at will, and I’ve never been more glad.

Don’t worry. We never have gone past the five-hour mark of that memorable night. I know my limit and he does too. But it’s delicious knowing my man has such sexual restraint.

“And so, that’s it. What about you?”


He was done and looking expectantly at me.

And I am here, left with one question I have to ask you guys: Have you ever encountered someone like his Bae?

Written by Delle

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  1. KryxxX
    March 04, 08:01 Reply

    Category: Our Stories?

    E speakilekwe!

    You mean to tell me that this is no fiction and that there is one uncle out there probably in their office wearing suit and tie or kaftan or going to class who could hold back cum for 5hours till given permission to let go? ? ? ? ? ?


    And ka m gwakwa gị oh, you have two anal sphincters, an external and an internal. One is voluntary and the other isn’t. Once the involuntary one loses its elasticity, okwu agumago! Incontinence tí take over! ? ? ?. So tell unku 5hrs to behave! ???????????

    • Delle
      March 04, 09:10 Reply


      “Don’t worry. We never have gone past the five-hour mark of that memorable night. I know my limit and he does too.”

      Well it sure looks like he’s way ahead of incontinence. Hehehe.

    • Uzor
      March 05, 14:20 Reply

      Omg ????, this comment is mad!

  2. bamidele
    March 04, 10:20 Reply

    Mmmm… I really feel this guy. I’ve encountered those kind of guys a couple of time… maybe 3-5 times. In my case some the guys’ dicks were way bigger than average and with plenty of stamina, so that I could barely walking for the next 30 min thereafter. Such length requires training and is advisable to be practiced on weekends when one will not have to work the next day.

    • Delle
      March 04, 16:16 Reply

      Lol. From your comment, it’s safe to infer you have no qualms with guys like this.

      • bamidele
        March 04, 19:57 Reply

        Well, I’d say yes and no. I think it all depends: if it’S someone I really like/love, if he is very romantic and turns me on… And of course, there should be short breaks inbetween…. So it all depends…lol

  3. Kvng
    March 04, 13:07 Reply

    ???? LMAO
    Is unku digging borehole, for “5 hours”. I doubt i can take up to 2 hrs, if he kips digging like that, when will the pussy not slack. There re some certain boundaries i dare not cross if i like my walking posture.
    Tell unku to take it easy, he might not be the last person to taste it so he shud not suck all the honey out of it nd destroy the pot b4 the next honey sucker comes along, bcos that honey-pot has its limits

    • Delle
      March 04, 16:19 Reply

      HAHAHA. What if the person has no intentions of sharing his ‘honeypot’ with another?

  4. Babe
    March 04, 13:40 Reply

    There are also thise people who cum uncontrollably and still have the erect dick and stamina, basically saving the actual orgasm till later

    • Delle
      March 04, 16:21 Reply

      Oh yes! I had this friend who had sex with another friend of mine and I heard there was a total of seventeen orgasms in the 6-hour marathon sex they had (there were breaks in this 6-hour duration of course). Nna, people dey.

  5. Mandy
    March 04, 14:49 Reply

    If I was dating a guy like this, I’d give him very specific instructions. “Look, bae, at the most, 30 minutes after penetration, release your control over your ejaculation and cum. Please cum oooo!”
    I’d give him permission in advance. Biko.

    • Delle
      March 04, 16:24 Reply

      Okay iDied! Lmao.

      But even 30 mins thrust session is a long time for me biko. When I’m not an oil well.

      Ideal Sex: 2-hour foreplay, 15 mins thrust session, a shower and refreshments. Thank you very much.

    • Babe
      March 04, 17:11 Reply

      2 hour foreplay?! What the hell do youu guys do

  6. Peskyme
    March 04, 19:49 Reply

    Delle please can you help me ask this boyfriend of yours how he has been able to control his ejaculation or what he takes or maybe what he thinks he did or does that he is like that .. I cum really fast and it bothers me cause I am still very young??

    • Delle
      March 04, 22:56 Reply

      He isn’t my boyfriend o. I do not know the valve guy but I think it’s control and a bit of nature.

  7. Kvng
    March 04, 20:02 Reply

    @delle. One thing that is sure is dat he cannot comman die on that pussy, biko he shud have mercy on the ass. Na all this kind of fuck dey make the ass crack more obvious after several sessions of banging???.
    Lemme comman b going ??

  8. Kvng
    March 04, 20:08 Reply

    @peskyme. I heard that when u drink garri b4 sex, u won’t cum on time or when u want to cum u leave and drink water. Na hear i hear o, i never try am. But the water part, i no it works and try to take ur mind off the cumming part and think of something else wen u wanna cum. This way anytime u do it, it extends ur time of release and makes the orgasm more exciting.
    There re pills too that prolong sex duration.
    Only saying from my point of view sha.

  9. Shadow
    March 05, 12:02 Reply

    I know someone like this. I always have to beg him to cum, it’s so tiring and annoying. It makes me feel like my sex ain’t good enough and when i ask him he’ll be telling me he derives pleasure from making me cum instead.

    • Delle
      March 05, 13:45 Reply

      Someone derives pleasure from making you cum and that is something to complain about? *inserts most shocked reaction*

      Abeg, for lazy ass folks like me, I would rather a partner who’s more invested in making me cum than himself. Lol.

      • Shadow
        March 05, 16:46 Reply

        I don’t know about you but i feel fulfilled when my patner cums during sex. I don’t have a problem with him deriving pleasure from making me cum but i need him to cum too. Very simple stuff.
        BTW I feel like we are talking about the same person since you just mentioned that you are serving in F.C.T

        • Delle
          March 05, 20:03 Reply

          Abeg, I’m not the one that had the 5-hour sex. Would be a cold day in Venus before I let myself have such sex.

          So many FCT residents here. Nice.

  10. OMG? It’s Hypo?
    March 05, 12:18 Reply

    I have this “straight” school son whom we have done a few things together back in school……..I could blow him for an hour and he wouldn’t cum. I used to think it is because he has never had penetrative sex that’s why he was able to control himself all those days. Meanwhile, he could sit down and finish a pack of sugar at a sitting. Sitting back now, I wonder if he still cums that late……We are both serving in FCT, stay very close, talk everyday and see everyweek but we have never discussed our undergraduate days adventures ?

    • Delle
      March 05, 13:46 Reply

      I am serving in FCT as well. Holler when you can.

      • OMG?It’s Hypo?
        March 05, 16:19 Reply

        @PinkPanther, please help facilitate the exchange of our email addresses or phone contacts! I need friends of likemind☺️

        • Pink Panther
          March 06, 00:07 Reply

          Whoever wants this exchange of contacts should send me an email.

  11. Sleek Creamy
    March 05, 23:04 Reply

    Biko na who want die for there?
    Them dey give award ni after the five hrs @ a stretch?
    I met this guy who said he like to lick my stew for more than five hrs @ a stretch, hmmmm.
    All i did was to used my moist lub on myself and after 5mins i stood up n said to him thanks for coming…
    Me i can not come and kill myself.
    After all someone has been preaching about mono & polygamous relationship.
    So if he use his hands scatter the place abi he go run go meet the second bobo.
    I dont think i want that in my life right now.
    LMAO u need permission to cum abi??????????
    Weldon continue you hear.

  12. IJEM
    February 24, 15:16 Reply

    not me laughing so loud because i have heard my beinf say that question repeatedly. “do you want me to cum now?” but then, that’s the way some people are wired, they have control of themselves, and they can put on or put off the cum button

    but wait o! 10pm to 3am nonstop. whaaaaaaaaat! 🤣

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