Tweet: About Gay Men And Other Men’s Sexuality

A friend interpreted the Twitter user’s intent as: “…he is saying was that we shouldn’t be looking for verification from other people’s homosexuality. Most gay men actually feel better about themselves knowing other people are gay. Your own homosexuality should be enough; another person doesn’t have to be gay for you to feel comfortable about your sexuality.”

While another thinks this: “I sense the point he wants to make, which I agree with. But right now, he’s just talking nonsense, which is what happens when gay folks take on this judge-and-executioner tone. Basically he’s saying we shouldn’t confirm or even wish that someone we like is gay. And what does he mean by: ‘Your own homosexuality should be enough for you?’ Does he think we all want to spend our lives jerking off?”

What do you think?

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  1. Mandy
    May 17, 05:41 Reply

    There’s nothing wrong with a healthy curiosity. It is when that curiosity turns you into a nuisance who makes it a mission to show or prove that someone else must be gay… That’s when it becomes a problem. And most gay men are guilty of this. Especially when the object of their desire is good looking.

  2. Eric
    May 18, 22:23 Reply

    I’ve never met another gay guy physically except guys here on kd (of which I’ve never met any in person). This makes d stories I read here not 100% relatable. Sometimes I wonder if it is in this same Nigeria we’re all in. Often times when I go through naija’s homophobia, I have this ‘na-only-me-waka-come’ feeling. So it would nice to find someone like me as a constant reminder that I am not alone in this. So NO! My homosexuality is not enough for me. It now becomes bad when you make it your life mission. You now turn to uncle FBI and start taking stalking classes.
    OAN, I only trip for guys that give me some ‘gay vibes’. I then do little research so as to know if I should keep my distance or flip my Looking for people like you is not wrong. Just don’t make it an obsession.

  3. Naijatgal
    May 20, 12:17 Reply

    Na wa oh!

    I thought I was the only one who didn’t like the constant need by some gay men to hound people for their sexuality.

    Let me run you through a conversation I had sometime ago; “Do you know that guy you just followed on IG?” “Not really, but I am sure he is verse of bottom…See the way he posed with his hips out in this picture…I will pass his picture around to find out if he is gay…”

    So the FBI antics continue and when these investigations don’t yield good news, they create all manner of fiction to fill the holes up.

    Same applies to all musicians and actors that people try to declare as gay in Nigeria…lol.
    I am tired of it and it seems like IHP and low self esteem, because when some gay people state the names of celebrities they suspect to be gay, they say it like its a bad thing and in a degrading way.

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