What heteronormative nonsense is this?

What heteronormative nonsense is this?

It still boggles my mind when people feminize themselves or their partners based on the sexual roles they play. Women are attempting to unshackle themselves from sexism, and gay men are helping themselves to the chains to shackle themselves with instead. Tsk tsk.

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This Is What Toxic Masculinity Looks Like

I wonder what his poisoned mind would have to say about gay men and effeminate men.

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  1. Quinn
    February 14, 09:21 Reply

    To each his own! Just as long as you both understand each other…but I completely disagree with this guy.

  2. Johnny
    February 14, 10:12 Reply

    Hian! You have prick, I have prick.

  3. Kenny
    February 14, 12:57 Reply

    Lol…. Opinions like this don’t bother me anymore. Once I hear them I just laugh it off and weep silently for the ignorance the person is stewing in. That’s how one dude told me recently, ‘a top shouldn’t take too many pictures or upload many pics on social media, it’s a bottom thing’. I shook my head, laughed and ignored him. I don’t have strength to argue again abeg

    • Pink Panther
      February 14, 13:46 Reply

      ?????? Good Lord! And he said this with a straight face?

      • Kenny
        February 14, 14:28 Reply

        He was really serious and irritated when he said it. You know how certain peeps upload tons of pics on their WhatsApp status, that’s what pissed him off, the guy who uploaded is a top.

    • Lorde
      February 14, 21:07 Reply

      Someone told me this thing once…. that if a man puts plenty pictures on social media…. ” he’s A GAY”

  4. Jinchiriki
    February 14, 15:23 Reply

    This is some bdsm master slave shit. Don’t bother yourself.

  5. Delle
    February 14, 19:31 Reply

    Look at the guy saying this. It’s all to butter his insecurities.
    B. S.

  6. Eddie
    February 14, 23:04 Reply

    What an insecure man! Let him get an inflatable sex doll and a nanny na… What a piece of work!

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