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  1. Ivy
    March 20, 08:32 Reply

    Gardasil is a vaccine to prevent HPV, and are administered to girls and women between the ages of 15-26 in order to prevent cervical cancers.

    While this might be a good idea, there is a likelihood that this vaccine has not been administered to men before.

    Having made enquiries, i’m yet to see documentation on the use of Gardasil by the menfolk in Nigeria, but let’s see how this goes anyways.

    • Oludayo
      March 21, 07:13 Reply

      It has been used on men before, maybe not Nigerian men but it is safe for men too

  2. Mandy
    March 20, 09:25 Reply

    Prevention of warts and cancers…? How exactly does this work? Sounds like a revolutionary drug.

  3. Dimkpa
    March 20, 09:28 Reply

    It’s a vaccine against some strains of HPV virus, which is the virus that causes warts and some cancers.

  4. Cocent
    March 20, 12:28 Reply

    It’s been available in Nigeria for a while but it’s very expensive compared to our other free and cheap vaccines. It’s good news only to those who haven’t had sex yet because it prevents against Cervical cancer, Penile Cancer, Oropharyngeal Cancer and Genital warts all of which are caused by the HPV (with its different serotypes causing different diseases) which is acquired through sexual intercourse. If you have already had sex, there’s very little it can do for you. Would have explained more, but for time and length…

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